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To remind you how fabulous Boris Johnson is

255 replies

Snowy111 · 16/11/2019 11:48

OP posts:

Snowy111 · 16/11/2019 11:49

OP posts:

Pumperthepumper · 16/11/2019 11:54

I doubt there are many people who haven’t seen that clip. Here’s a nice concise list too:


EnFinale · 16/11/2019 11:55

I thought he was a great mayor.


Snowy111 · 16/11/2019 13:39

That’s a good list pumper!

OP posts:

Aridane · 16/11/2019 13:44




BillywilliamV · 16/11/2019 13:46

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Boom45 · 16/11/2019 13:47

What did you like best when he was Mayor EnFinale? Closing all the fire stations or wasting all the money on the (non-existent) garden bridge?


Lifecraft · 16/11/2019 13:49

I thought he was a great mayor

Thanks for your input Jennifer Acuri.


MrsMaiselsMuff · 16/11/2019 13:50

Billy, do you have a habit of wishing death on people?


BillywilliamV · 16/11/2019 13:52

Sometimes, when my husband loses his job because of fucking Brexit.

He’s an arse and only arses could possibly vote for him!


Tootyfilou · 16/11/2019 13:58

Anyone contemplating voting Tory is either an idiot or evil


DippyAvocado · 16/11/2019 13:59

Billy, the title is tongue-in-cheek.


PaisleyPrintz · 16/11/2019 14:01

@Tootyfilou what utter crap. The Tories are no worse than Labour.


Rachelsfatarse · 16/11/2019 14:01

Boris Johnston and his ilk are selling us up the river because fundamentally they don’t care about us. They will be protected from the worst of Brexit because they are super rich. They don’t use the NHS, they don’t use schools or are dependant in public transport.
Boris can go boil his and Rees-Moggs head.


Inliverpool1 · 16/11/2019 14:01

Fuck me that’ll keep me warm at night as 16 small business that we’re my customers closed their doors last month, all owing me money due to Brexit eityer not happening or might be happening.


Frownette · 16/11/2019 14:04

I don't think that link proves he is 'fabulous', how odd. Quite the reverse. Why do you think that, @Snowy111?


Selfsettlingat3 · 16/11/2019 14:09

Have you seen his debate with Mary Beard? Where as someone with an undergraduate degree he thought he could take on a professor. Unsurprisingly she is much better than him.


InsertFunnyUsername · 16/11/2019 14:11

Jeez what a list Pumper

The man is a clown.


YouTheCat · 16/11/2019 14:14

Don't forget those wonderful water cannons he bought to dowse the masses that it turned out would be illegal to use.


CactusSmactus · 16/11/2019 14:16

@Tootyfilou what utter crap. The Tories are no worse than Labour.

THIS is utter crap. The tories are callous, self serving, destructive bastards.


Inliverpool1 · 16/11/2019 14:18

That list again :
The life and times of Boris Johnson, actual Prime Minister

  1. Sacked from The Times for inventing a quote then lying about having invented it

2. Sacked from Tory front-bench for lying about an affair

3. Had police called to his house during his actual job interview as PM

Topseyt · 16/11/2019 14:25

Boris is an arse. The only thing he is any good for is providing material for "Mock the Week" or "Have I got News for You".


Starfish28 · 16/11/2019 15:15

Oh for fuck sakes. This is why Christmas is going to horrific. How can anyone believe they are no better than Labour? They are the nastiest most self serving arseholes. Student accommodation with flammable cladding burnt down yesterday - we learnt nothing from Grenfell.


fedup21 · 16/11/2019 15:17

Oh do go and stick your head up your bum and suffocate yourself to death!

That sounds like something one of our Y5s would say. Are you 10!?


Snowy111 · 16/11/2019 15:36

The full list

  1. Sacked from The Times for inventing a quote then lying about having invented it

2. Sacked from Tory front-bench for lying about an affair

3. Had police called to his house during his actual job interview as PM

4. Invented the lie about EU law on straight bananas

5. Invented the lie about EU banning prawn cocktails

6. Invented the lie about EU introducing mandatory smaller coffins

7. Broke the record for the most parliamentary defeats (5)

8. Next day, broke it again (6)

9. Blamed Hillsborough on Liverpool fans, then described the victims as "whingeing scousers"

10. Promised £350m a week for NHS (at time of writing, owes NHS £57.7 billion)

11. Blew £46m on a garden bridge that has never had a single brick laid

12. Referred to investigations into sexual abuse as "spaffing up the wall"

13. Referred to Islamic women as looking like "bank robbers" and "post-boxes"

14. Lied repeatedly that 80 million people from Turkey would come to UK if we didn't leave EU

15. Wasted £500,000 on a cable-car - the most expensive ever built - that has an average of 4 daily users

16. Doubled rough-sleeping during his tenure as Mayor of London

17. Refused to take part in a press conference because he might be jeered at

18. Lied, on camera, about there being no press present when confronted by a distraught father in a hospital

19. Said "fuck business" when presented with concerns about Brexit

20. Got a British Citizen, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, jailed in Iran because he mistakenly called her a spy

21. Found guilty of misrepresenting facts by IPSO

22. Found to have broken the Ministerial Code by failing to declare income

23. As a journalist, questioned the repeal of the ban on promoting homosexuality

24. Refuses to admit how many children he has

25. Forced by Telegraph to apologise for describing the people of Papua New Guinea as "cannibals"

26. As Foreign Secretary, said Libya could be the new Dubai if "they clear the dead bodies away"

27. Bought water cannon that are illegal to use in the UK at a cost of £333,000. They were sold for scrap, unused

28. Recorded helping a friend to find a journalist he (the friend) had a quarrel with, even after Boris was told the friend wanted to "break his ribs"

29. Referred to Commonweath citizens as "picaninnies" (racist term for black children)

30. Suggested reinstating British control over former colonies - essentially restarting The Empire

31. And, of course, illegally prorogued parliament, and lied about it to parliament, the public, the queen, and the Supreme Court.

I could add more to this list - he’s still building up the lies eg last week about no customs checks between NI and UK. He is a pathological liar of dubious character. Why are the Tory party and voters not bothered by this?

A PM to be proud of! - not
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