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women, a question.

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amen · 10/07/2007 10:55

not sure if it's the right place for this thread.but do women really complain about men leaving the toilet seat up?
having lived with only one woman (outside of family) i believed this to just be a stereotype from crappy american sitcoms. now a mates missuss is giving him an ear full about it. i reckon it's something she has picked up off tv but she is claiming that it's a legitimate complaint that women have and my mate is being unreasonable in not putting the seat down.
what say you?

OP posts:

GameGirly · 10/07/2007 10:56

I complain 'cos he leaves it down and wees all over it, the lazy sod.


zubb · 10/07/2007 10:58

I have 3 sons, so being outnumbered 4 to 1 means it's not worth fighting it - I just put it down myself when they forget.


LittleLupin · 10/07/2007 10:58

I complain because he's got dreadful aim when he's half asleep and I get wet feet .

If a man leaves the seat up, the woman has to touch the seat. But then if a woman leaves the seat down, the man has to touch it!

Personally I close the lid as well.


obimomkanobi · 10/07/2007 11:02

It's annoying if you wake up in the middle of the night for a wee, stumble to the bathroom, sit down on the toilet and nearly fall in.

But it's not something that would make me annoyed or wind me up.


rhubarb90 · 10/07/2007 11:02

My DP never ever puts the seat back down. Ever. I used to complain about it but it didn't get me anywhere so I gave up and accepted it. We have a DS too so I'm outnumbered and may as well live with it.


Cappuccino · 10/07/2007 11:07

I don't see why it's an issue

he doesn't complain if I leave it down

I never give it any thought at all


amen · 10/07/2007 11:08

right, so she's not THAT crazy, just a little bit crazy.

OP posts:

theressomethingaboutmarie · 10/07/2007 11:08

I'd rather the seat was left up than peed all over...


nailpolish · 10/07/2007 11:10

my dh doesnt lift the seat up

we all close the lid


IAmAwenSoNobOffIWasHereFirst · 10/07/2007 11:10

more likely to complain if someone has a very similar nickname to them

And yes men shouldnt leave toilet seat up as when toilet flushes piss gets sprayed everywhere. Simple hygiene


thehairybabysmum · 10/07/2007 11:10

personally no...surely he could equally complain that i leave it down!!


LittleBoot · 10/07/2007 11:11

I think the lid should be left down as well.

And no wee left anywhere visible. Or smellable.

It's like closing cupboard doors isn't it?


kslatts · 10/07/2007 11:12

I don't care whether dh leaves the seat up or down.


Listmaker · 10/07/2007 11:16

It just looks ugly when it's left up so if it was being left up I would say something.

My dh usually puts it down and we both put the lid down too but the 5 dds don't do the lid thing so fighting a bit of a losing battle!


eleusis · 10/07/2007 11:19

Men: Leave it down.

Men and Women: put the bloomin' lid down too.

This debate has nothing to do with who should have the conveinence of not haveing to lift it / lower it. Toilets are icky. Plain and simple. And I don't want to look inside so put the fricken' seat AND lid down when you are finished.


thequeenofcontradiction · 10/07/2007 11:21

I'm not bothered. He has to lift it, sometimes I have to put it down. It's no big deal.

I'm sure it's more hygienic to close the lit before flushing, but we always forget.


SpongebobControlpants · 10/07/2007 11:25

Have you seen that ad for a 'soft-closing' toilet seat? From MFI or somewhere.

Now that's asking for trouble - blokes will love to race the seat to see if they can finish peeing before it closes - well my DH said HE would, anyway!


Beelliesebub · 10/07/2007 12:32

I must admit that I do get a tad anal about the bog seat being left up, simply because I think it looks neater when the lid's down but living in a house with 5 males, I'm pretty much fighting a losing battle.
Having said that what really, really, REALLY rubs me up the wrong way is when they piss all over the porcelain bit and then just walk away... No really, it makes me really, really mad... It's SOOOOO disgusting!


Speccy · 10/07/2007 12:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoodleStroodle · 10/07/2007 12:35

Tell her to put cling film over the loo with the lid up - just for fun obviously...

My boys in my house have to put down the lid because the flush button is on the wall - so when you flush you have to put the seat down - hurrah - intelligent design!


MamaMaiasaura · 10/07/2007 12:36

Speccy ds& sits to go wee bless him.


Blu · 10/07/2007 12:40

It is considered uncouth to leave it up.

But no logic in it, in a post-femist age.


MamaMaiasaura · 10/07/2007 12:42

there is logic. logic being that I dont was piss sprayed all over bathroom


OrmIrian · 10/07/2007 12:45

It's an aesthetic issue. A raised toilet seat looks like a car with it's bonnet open - wrong, incomplete.

However now that I have 3 males in the house - one of who is 4 and insists on weeing standing up and another is 10 and generally can't be bothered to lift the seat, it's usually preferable to leave it up permanently or risk a wet ar*e when you sit down


MamaMaiasaura · 10/07/2007 12:45

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