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in being paranoid at my uncanny ability to kill threads???

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indiasmum · 29/06/2007 16:51

it seems recently that everytime i post something recently esp on otherwise active threads as soon as i post, i kill the thread (or else get ignored completely! what am i doing wrong? am i a complete online social imbecile?

OP posts:
CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 20:18

ah there you are tnog-where you been?

SeamonstEr · 29/06/2007 20:19

is this what is technically known as a hijacking?

i'm watching you kitty cat.

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 20:19

I have been navel-gazing.

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 20:22

ooh am i a hijacker now? cool

hope you found something interesting in there to gaze at tnog...

AbRoller · 29/06/2007 20:23
TnOgu · 29/06/2007 20:23

Not really.

There never is.

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 20:25

Ooh nooo.

It's us again, isn't it?

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 20:26

MwAAAAhhhhaaa ha

SeamonstEr · 29/06/2007 20:27

[in a brazen attempt to lure kitty cat away]


there's another bum sex thread.

evening nog, how's your painting

MrsFish · 29/06/2007 20:27
TnOgu · 29/06/2007 20:28

what is that smell?

SeamonstEr · 29/06/2007 20:29

its either a litter tray, fish or {whispers] bottoms

AbRoller · 29/06/2007 20:29

It's desi's pea

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 20:30

I like that little play on words, Ab.

Any how, fuck it, it does look like it's us again.


MrsFish · 29/06/2007 20:31

slopes off to another thread

AbRoller · 29/06/2007 20:32

me please

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 20:32

can a fish slope?

clever fish!

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 20:33

Get back here, fish!!

The Seamonster gets hungry about now.

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 20:33

I want whiskey - neat

MrsFish · 29/06/2007 20:33

I have many talents...

SeamonstEr · 29/06/2007 20:34

in my considerable experience fish do indeed slope.
i hope she shuffles back in again.

[settles down for the long haul]

AbRoller · 29/06/2007 20:35

yeah fish stay, I don't mind beating you too, the more the merrier

SeamonstEr · 29/06/2007 20:36

i prefer chinese to MrsFish and chips.

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 20:36

MrsFish you are very pretty

and your son is adorable.

SomethingIncrediblyWitty · 29/06/2007 20:39

You can not be The Threadkiller, cos i am.
I think it's my uncanny ability to go on MN and join threads when everyone else has gone for tea or something...or say something stupid like

Has anyone ever heard the expression "it goes like hot snot" before? Heard this today referring to a new bike. Grrrrross!

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