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in being paranoid at my uncanny ability to kill threads???

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indiasmum · 29/06/2007 16:51

it seems recently that everytime i post something recently esp on otherwise active threads as soon as i post, i kill the thread (or else get ignored completely! what am i doing wrong? am i a complete online social imbecile?

OP posts:
TnOgu · 29/06/2007 22:31

Desi - I'm not posting on the other thread, but fwiw, I agree with you.

Compassion and empathy are important human qualities.

sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 22:35
AbRoller · 29/06/2007 22:38

Marymoo - I starved myself all day so I could have it. (will go check the thread to see how everyone is doing)

I'm liking the sound of this new game........

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 22:40

sounds intriguing desi...
sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 22:42

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 22:43
sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 22:45

was it inspired by wotz?

marymoocow · 29/06/2007 22:45

lol Ab's. wasn't stalking you honest . Infact it reminded me that i hadn't been over there for a couple of days. So i've been now.

Think i must be a bit slow on the uptake with these games, or its late at night

Will re-read the proposed rules in the morning i think.

sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 22:47
CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 22:48

ssshhh sparkles i don't think anyone's supposed to know about wotz....

sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 22:49


Desiderata · 29/06/2007 22:50

Thank you, T.

I know why you left that thread.

Any how, you would be a great instigator of the new game. As I say, going on hols for a week, but I'll put some thought into it while I'm relaxing. I think it could be big.

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 22:52

actually it sounds great desi...would obv have to be someone very clever doing OP (immediately ruling self out of equation)

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 22:53

Desi must be the instigator

AbRoller · 29/06/2007 22:54

ah you lot are confusing.........

.....take me drunk, I'm home!!!!

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 22:56

You're right T.
she has a whole week to plan it meticulously.
i think she'd be good at telling a story too.

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 22:56


TnOgu · 29/06/2007 22:57

I feel like a wilted flower tonight.

sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 22:57

whats the general idea then? i seem to have missed a bit

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 22:58

oh tnog!
why's that?
how can we help?

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 23:00

sparkles, a murder mystery guessing game, as desi put it:
"The OP already knows who the murderer is, and the rest have to guess.

So, the entire scenario will already be known to the instigator. My idea is a long OP, almost a short story, where all the clues are present.

Following on from the OP, only YES/NO answers are allowed. "

sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 23:00

whats wrong tnog?

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:01

I think I'm way to sensitive for MN.

I avoid certain threads, but the feelings of others count, sometimes, a little too much to me.

sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 23:01

that does sound rather good

did desi think of that per chance?

sparklesandwine · 29/06/2007 23:02

who been upsetting you tnog? tell me and i'll get um

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