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in being paranoid at my uncanny ability to kill threads???

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indiasmum · 29/06/2007 16:51

it seems recently that everytime i post something recently esp on otherwise active threads as soon as i post, i kill the thread (or else get ignored completely! what am i doing wrong? am i a complete online social imbecile?

OP posts:
uberalice · 29/06/2007 16:55

ROFL. I feel like that too. Why don't we Billy-No-Mates just stay here and chat together?

ginnedupmummy · 29/06/2007 16:56

Message withdrawn

uberalice · 29/06/2007 16:57

Hi ginnedup. We're just too cool for the others. They just don't get us at all.

flibbertyjibbet · 29/06/2007 16:57

Thought it was just me!

dassie · 29/06/2007 16:58

i was just thinking that.

i must be a social imbeccile too!

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 16:58

Tell someone to eff off! That always works!

indiasmum · 29/06/2007 17:08

lol! i have tried being 'controversial' and i just get ignored.... people must think i am joking

OP posts:
OrmIrian · 29/06/2007 17:10

You are not alone.

It just seems that way

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 17:12

sometimes threads just die.
it's all been said...
it's their time to die, and every thread must be killed by somebody.
(and yes i've killed a few too )

matildax · 29/06/2007 17:14

yep, me too, indiasmum, probably doesnt help that the first few threads i added to, were about really controversial topics, and i am quite opinionated so probably pissed a few of the clicky m"netters off........ however couldnt really give a toss i will carry on posting regardless lol

matildax · 29/06/2007 17:17

.............. have i killed this one off also lol

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 17:19


CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 17:20

shall i do it?

sockmonkey · 29/06/2007 17:20

MAybe we should start a thread killers anonymous? Some threads deserve to be killed though. Bum sex anyone?

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 17:23

Damn you, Cat. You're onto my game

Did anyone find out who the bum thread killer was?

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 17:25

at desi
shall we have a fight? everyone else on MN seems to be doing it...

actually i think the bum sex thread might just have got too big and died a natural death. RIP.

Oblomov · 29/06/2007 17:26

Fight . Fight. It must be a full moon. There was a right bitchfest, on one of the bank holidays recently - it was a full moon then - today seems like just one of those days.

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 17:27

Ooh, no. There was a thread killer par excellence on that thread. She called herself something like 'shutupyougrottypeople,', and just kept bumping her name until it slipped over the 1000 mark.

Any how, what shall we fight about?

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 17:32

full moon eh? thought i was getting a bit twitchy.
hmm. not good at fighting actually. let's see. should i say something contraversial?
i like cheese.......ya bitch

[actually i think my computer is going to make it hard for me to have a fight anyway. it's being veeeeeeeeryyyyyy sloooooooooooooooooooow]

indiasmum · 29/06/2007 17:33

apparently this month its a blue moon where theres 2 full moons!!!!

OP posts:
CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 17:36

oh so that's what blue moon means....thank you indiasmum

OrmIrian · 29/06/2007 17:37

Wellll I was listening to the radio this morning and they said it was when it was a really bright moon - so that it looked blue (apparently )

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 17:40

OK, we'll ditch the fight. I keep losing my internet connection anyway.

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 17:41

you trying to start a fight OrmIrian?

SaintGeorge · 29/06/2007 17:41

No, indiasmum is right.

A Blue Moon is when there are 13 full moons in a year, 2 in one month. The 2nd full moon of the month is the Blue Moon, so it is due tomorrow night.

The last one was July 2004, the next one is Dec 2009.

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