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To think there is very little stock in Tesco

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Galwaygirl · 05/11/2018 20:46

Has anybody else noticed the lack of stock in tesco and out of stock issues? Online shopping is so frustrating as there are no substitution offered which defeats the purpose of online shopping when you have to go to another store to get items? 27/29/of my usual items ate out of stock today

OP posts:
CandyCreeper · 05/11/2018 20:48

im noticing lack of home delivery slots! i use to be able to book a same day slot but now there never is any. and i signed up for delivery “saver” yet the slots arent even available anymore Hmm

happysunr1se · 05/11/2018 21:27

I don't know about Tesco online shopping, I've never done it, but in the tesco stores I've noticed a dwindling lack of choice.

I'm sure I read a while ago that they are trying to simplify their product range by cutting out a lot of brands. Unfortunately it's the nearest big supermarket to me so where I do the bulk of my main shop.

I suppose it's good for the purse strings and the waist line, but over the years many of the treat type things that tempted me they've stopped selling.

If I don't feel like cooking, the family sized readymeals on offer (like lasagne/shepherds pie) are so boring I don't bother. Now I come away with the bare minimum of basics.

flatpack1 · 05/11/2018 22:10

It's the things that just disappear overnight that annoy me. Warburton's brown bread, the tiny concentrate squash which is so handy for work, Tesco pump bottle shower gel disappears for months at a time, the packs of fresh burgers with buns and cheese suddenly gone even though I buy these to grill at home not for barbecues, the replacement toothbrush heads section has been completely empty for the last three weeks, Mackays three fruit marmalade.........gone, spaghetti hoops in short supply for two weeks, vege freezer items disappeared for three weeks recently and this week a whole aisle of freezers empty. We don't have much else here just a tiny Sainsbury and a medium sized Morrisons.

Whitney168 · 05/11/2018 22:15

Definitely noticing lack of both stock and delivery slots.

Delivery slots are driving me mad, chock a block until Thursday when I looked this morning. Perhaps that isn’t unreasonable, but it is certainly not how it’s been for the years I’ve used delivery saver, and it’s very frustrating.

The lack of stock often seems to be real bog standard stuff too - bananas and plain old white sugar this week.

I wonder what is afoot. I may give Ocado a try.

Whitney168 · 05/11/2018 22:20

You have just prompted me to send them a snotogram 😆

MyGuideJools · 05/11/2018 22:26

I was in my local Tesco this morning. It was absolutely heaving. There were only about 4 tills out of 10 open, and the self serve tills had a mile long queue.
The cashier at my till said Tesco had banned all over time in November so there were no staffConfused
She said they can't afford to pay overtime as they pay out so much in overtime wages in December. Flippin nuts or what?!

tillytrotter21 · 05/11/2018 22:28

We noticed a similar thing in Morrisons, almost the same as during the bad weather when the deliveries have problems, we're on Norfolk so snow blocking the trunk roads can cause difficulties.

Nunyabusiness · 05/11/2018 22:28

I noticed a few of my staples were unavailable for an online shop, then when they were available the branding had been changed even though it was the same product, maybe that's a reason?

EG the own brand toothpaste has been rebranded as Tesco essentials and the anti perspirant rebranded as XPert satin

SaucyJack · 05/11/2018 22:30

Yes! No dinosaur cheese in ours any more.

It’s a great big fuck-off one that has millions of iPads and tellies for sale as well, so no real excuse to stop selling normal family food.

anniehm · 05/11/2018 22:31

Ive notices stock problems in other supermarkets especially Asda of late. Morrison's had quite a few gaps this week too

Clionba · 05/11/2018 22:33

In our local Tesco, many of the shelves were bare on Friday afternoon. There was no butter or margarine, little yogurt, small pots of cream only. Literally shelves with absolutely nothing on them.

YearBook2923 · 05/11/2018 22:33

Taste of what's to come if no deal brexit.

PositivelyPERF · 05/11/2018 22:34

Funny enough, I’ve been discussing the empty spaces on Tesco shelves, with friends. It’s very odd. I’m in NI.

Clionba · 05/11/2018 22:34

But we haven't had Brexit. This must be a Tesco problem. M&S food hall was well stocked when I went there.

Floralnomad · 05/11/2018 22:36

I live near a fairly large Tesco and the shelves are perfectly well stocked , the only thing I wanted that was out of stock was plain GF flour

user139328237 · 05/11/2018 22:37

If the whole freezer was empty its likely its either broken or has just been repaired and is awaiting fresh stock (as everything in it when it broke will have been dumped).

planechocolate · 05/11/2018 22:42

Makes you wonder, doesn't it - another one?

flatpack1 · 05/11/2018 22:46

If the whole freezer was empty its likely its either broken or has just been repaired and is awaiting fresh stock (as everything in it when it broke will have been dumped).

True I hadn't thought of that. Just had a txt from Asda about their rollbacks. Haha 'big brother' watching us

MsLexic · 05/11/2018 22:48

Tesco is always out of everything... we live near a superstore.
They had no frozen vegetables the other day.
Their stock control is lamentable. Vegetables lie rotting in their packets.
My friend and I used go round with a marker pen marking boxes 'past sell by date' but it became too onerous.
I fear to send him indoors shopping because he doesn't microscopically inspect the fruit for putrefaction. I do.

LoafEater · 05/11/2018 22:50

My local sainsburys has been half empty recently. Or, the shelves are empty but blocked with cages full of stock waiting someone to put them out.

Apparently they recently sacked most of the managers and are now reliant on students and other part time staff, no permanent full timers.

MissLadyM · 05/11/2018 22:52

I've noticed that Morrison and Tesco have lots of empty spaces and are out of stock on many things. I'm in a major city

Jason118 · 05/11/2018 22:53

It could be a Brexit issue - overseas suppliers could be looking to move away from UK sales to insulate themselves from the oncoming shitstorm. Selling more to other Global markets maybe?


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greendale17 · 05/11/2018 22:54

Never had an issue in my local Tesco store

flatpack1 · 05/11/2018 22:54

I used to shop Sundays for toms, cucumber, lettuce or leaves etc for weekday lunches but the dates were only ever next day or the Tuesday and lettuces were always already brown at the stalk end

Nomorechickens · 05/11/2018 22:57

I shop with Ocado and top up at Lidl, haven't noticed any shortages at either (except shortage of self service tills accepting cash at Lidl)

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