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Cheeky neighbours?

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LittleBlackHat · 04/11/2018 20:53

My neighbour has just called my DP and asked if he could take his children and mother to the airport next week as they (neighbours) will already be away. It's a 120 mile round trip. However the neighbour has asked to use the 7 seater. Which is my new car I've had less than 2 weeks. It's not brand new but it's new to me and it cost me a lot of money. He agreed to this on the phone and then came to ask me and I've said no. I don't want my family car being used a taxi. My partner thinks I'm being unreasonable. Do you?

OP posts:
ineedabagformyhippo · 04/11/2018 20:59

What?! Of course you should say no!!

Singlenotsingle · 04/11/2018 21:01

Totally UNreasonable! CF should get a taxi.

DrinkFeckArseGirls · 04/11/2018 21:01

120 mile trip? Grin jokers. Ant your DP a mug

Singlenotsingle · 04/11/2018 21:02

You've already got plans anyway, haven't you?

SimplyPut · 04/11/2018 21:02

Utterly ridiculous.

ScoobyGangMember · 04/11/2018 21:03

No way. They must sort out their own transport. What was your Dp thinking?

missymayhemsmum · 04/11/2018 21:35

Depends. Do they do favours for you? If your dh is happy to spend half a day helping your neighbours out, why would you embarrass him by vetoing it?

CottonTailRabbit · 04/11/2018 21:41

Taxis exist. Very useful they are too.

Parisbun · 04/11/2018 21:45

Why does the neighbour care which car is used to transport his mother and children? Im presuming there are fewer than 6 of them altogether.

Its a pity but you are already very busy driving your new car to very important places and it cant possibly be used for an airport run.

Angrybird345 · 04/11/2018 22:01

Wtf! Why would they ask?! Why would your dh say yes!!! Just no, no, no!!!

Onemorefireball · 04/11/2018 22:37

It depends on the relationship you have with your neighbours really, which I am assuming is ok given they have your number.

How many of them are there to transport? Maybe it wasn't so much a "you must use your big new car" as a "there's quite a few of them and lots of bags, so it would need to be the 7 seater"?

makeitalargegin · 04/11/2018 22:42

Just to add I'm  at them asking you, it's not 'oh can I borrow the strimmer' type ask.
120 miles, nope, not a chance

KC225 · 04/11/2018 22:45

Bloody hell. That is cheeky. Are you close to these neighbours?

lynzpynz · 04/11/2018 22:52

Oh DH... in hindsight he should have stalled to ask you first in case you have any plans that day and get back to them at least. If you want a non-awkward random excuse you could say the garage has called and said the car has a manufacturers recall notice and you need to take it in to have seatbelts replaced. They cant do it till after next week and its not safe to take passengers till then...

MrsStrowman · 04/11/2018 22:52

Do people not drive much? 120 miles isn't far to me. This all depends on the relationship with the neighbours of you do each other favours YABU, also is it a family owned car that you drive? If so why do you get to veto?

ImHudsonHesHicks · 04/11/2018 22:55

There is a recall on certain Zafira's if the helps OP! A long trip of 170 miles would probably be too risky as you're currently waiting for it's recall appointment, isn't that right OP?

Seriously, why the hell did your DH agree to that?

I'm a bit fucking complete of a soft touch and I wouldn't have said yes to that.

Armchairanarchist · 04/11/2018 22:56

Depends if they're great neighbours and favours are reciprocated. 120 miles isn't that far and it's your partner driving, not the neighbour. If the neighbours are good friends I'd do it.

ImHudsonHesHicks · 04/11/2018 22:59

@MrsStrowman it's really far for me and I've been driving daily for 15 years now. I don't drive much further than a 30 mile radius. The 200 mile trip back to my old home town is a huge deal to undertake, so much so that neither DH nor I ever want to go and I've been back just a handful of times in 11 years. And only because I have to (weddings, births and funerals)

MovingOn1y · 04/11/2018 23:00


Tistheseason17 · 04/11/2018 23:02

Just a quick, "so sorry, DH was not aware of plans Id made meaning we are already out so we can't let you use our car".

phantomofthenorthlaine · 04/11/2018 23:03

Say you checked your insurance and you would not be covered.. ;)

1CantPickAName · 04/11/2018 23:03

Oh dear. I’m all for good relations with neighbours, but that’s a bit cheeky


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HoleyCoMoley · 04/11/2018 23:04

How much will they pay you for this. I hope they are not expecting a free trip. If I had a good relationship I might do if they were paying and I had no other plans. Are they expecting a lift home when they get back too.

InfiniteVariety · 04/11/2018 23:07

Unless they are good friends, with whom you have some sort of reciprocal arrangement, the answer is no. This is what taxis are for.

GabriellaMontez · 04/11/2018 23:09

Shock "No we're busy...."

Unless you owe your neighbours a massive favour?

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