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AIBU to be sick of privileged, older white men - join my tiny rant!

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windygallows · 04/11/2018 10:29

Yup I'm probably unreasonable but I just want to put out there how sick I am of working with privileged, older white men - 40 plus and often 'posh'.

They dominate the upper echelons of the organization I work in as well as all the organizations I liaise with. Some are very good but many aren't due their seniority nor are they that smart - but they are well spoken and confident so whatever they say comes across as read. Their smuggery is driven by their high self regard and knowledge that they are 'where they belong'.

And despite their seniority they are often mollycoddled and supported by (usually female) PAs and completely enabled by wives at home who have been supporting them for 20+ years to the point that they take all the support for granted. They are so enabled that all they have to do is go to work and everything else is sorted for them - it's kind of a carefree oblivion they hold and thus they are completely oblivious to the challenges that others (e.g. women) face in their day to day lives.

I see this male privilege everywhere and everyday. In my boss who is completely self absorbed and with a family set up that enables and supports the fact that he is Number one. In other work scenarios, like when I was interviewed last week by a panel of important men + one woman from HR brought in to balance out the panel. I see 'important white men' driving fast in their cars, beeping up behind me in the fast lane as they need to go to their important meeting. Male privilege is everywhere and am sick of it.

From age 50 (my age) the number of women in the workforce starts to drop significantly and I'm wondering if it's because they're just sick of working with the men I describe!

I can't be the only person to feel this way. Please join me in this tiny rant!

OP posts:

thehorseandhisboy · 07/11/2018 18:33

Yes, it's trying to get the everyday sexism acknowledged that's so draining.

People don't even realise that they regard a man's cock up as a 'mistake' and exactly the same cock up by a woman as evidence of her incompetency.

Trying to point this out opens one to allegations of pettiness imvhe.


EBearhug · 08/11/2018 01:35

People don't even realise that they regard a man's cock up as a 'mistake' and exactly the same cock up by a woman as evidence of her incompetency.

And the unsuitability for all other women in that role. Men don't have to represent their entire sex.


PebbleDashed · 10/11/2018 12:17

"Men don't have to represent their entire sex." Quite. In fact we're positively discouraged from doing so. NAMALT. Look at the number of current 'safeguarding' programs specifically designed to address the issue that women can be violent and dangerous too, in the face of the statistical known truth that men are much much more so.


Quietrebel · 10/11/2018 12:28

I applaud your lucidity.


Quietrebel · 10/11/2018 12:30

I'm appalled at the casual way that these privileges are ingrained in every day life. An actual male adult is a rare sight.

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