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a pair of boxers has appeared on my bathroom floor

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ratfly · 15/06/2007 11:00

So, following on from my thread: aibu to expect dh to NOT leave his pants on the floor

The challenge has begun!

Any bets? How long will it take for HIM to put them IN THE WASH? Not elsewhere in the house, but actually in the washing basket or, god forbid, in the machine?

OP posts:

littlelapin · 15/06/2007 11:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BishyBarneyBee · 15/06/2007 11:03

or in his work bag


ELF1981 · 15/06/2007 11:04

never, you'll cave before he does


ratfly · 15/06/2007 11:05

I WILL NOT cave!
We are having visitors tomorrow too - I might even turn them inside out for full effect

OP posts:

Sixofone · 15/06/2007 11:06

Wasn't the whole entire thrust of your last thread on exactly the same subject, NO? (yanbu?)

But AYBU for starting a second thread on exactly the same subject as your last thread?


ratfly · 15/06/2007 11:15

Well, the subject is the same, but I mentioned a competition for whose dh whould leave pants for the longest.

It thought mine could lead by example.

OP posts:

Smutti · 15/06/2007 11:27

ratfly - my dh could easily compete with yours! He once left a pair of gloves on our newly-recarpeted landing. They stayed there for 3 weeks and were only moved when he realised I was emailing photos of them to my friends with a note in a similar vein to your thread!

We have recently had a new loo seat delivered; he talked about fixing it. However, it arrived 4 weeks ago and is still in the hallway. I usually end up moving stuff like this, but for once (like the gloves instance), am prepared to see how long it takes....

My bet for your dh's pants is - 2 weeks min.


Lio · 15/06/2007 11:33

i say they will multiply


Smutti · 15/06/2007 11:45

Of course Lio! Never thought of that one!!


NineUnlikelyTales · 15/06/2007 11:45

Get your DC to collect insects from the garden and deposit them in the pants, before the visitors come


Bouncingturtle · 15/06/2007 11:46

Don't budge, leave them!! I reckon you will end up with a pile of pants, and your DH will be complaining he hasn't got any clean ones!


BettySpaghetti · 15/06/2007 11:48

Sprinkle them with cress seeds, water them daily and see how long it takes him to notice that his boxers have something growing in them


Smutti · 15/06/2007 11:51

ROFL Betty. I may try that sometime~!


aquababe · 15/06/2007 11:51

oh betty that's brilliant I'm going to use that one next time!


ratfly · 15/06/2007 11:55

actually he complained about that this morning.
That's because he still hadn't unpacked from our holiday (2 weeks ago), where his clean pants were..

OP posts:

MrsWho · 15/06/2007 19:30

LOL Betty thats a great idea


ScottishMummy · 15/06/2007 20:05

set them free let 'em run wild with the feral cats


ratfly · 15/06/2007 20:42

they are still there...

OP posts:

Bouncingturtle · 15/06/2007 20:48

Don't give in stay strong....


BettySpaghetti · 15/06/2007 20:49

Did you buy the cress seeds? Go on........ you know its got to be done


NikkiBFG · 15/06/2007 20:51

Put chocolate spread in them so that visitors tmw will think he's got he won't do it again!


ScottishMummy · 15/06/2007 21:05

LOL chocolate sauce mistaken for skitters


SofiaAmes · 16/06/2007 04:02

Ladies....could I make a suggestion...PICK YOUR BATTLES!!! No point in fighting losing ones. Your dh's will never pick up their underwear and even worse, they will never notice that you have left their unpicked up underwear all over the house or on their pillow or in their cereal. They are men (sorry to the male mumsnetters). Just pick up their underwear for them, save yourself the agro and spend the energy something else. Enjoy what they are good at and if they aren't good at anything then divorce them.


Bouncingturtle · 16/06/2007 06:49

True, but we are having fun here lol.

Maybe the OP could print this out for a while and show it to her DH


FrannyandZooey · 16/06/2007 07:11

My dp always picks up his pants [smug]

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