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To ask if you make a 'big deal' about 1st December?

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mumof2sarah · 10/10/2018 13:41

So this year, after having so many years of struggling with my mental health and illnesses I'm excited for Christmas.

I want to make Saturday 1st December a really special day. I'm going to have the tree up and all the baubles lined up ready with the advent calendars and a nice breakfast with Christmas songs on. I literally want to make the most exciting start to December for my girls.

Do you have any traditions or things you always do on 1st December?x

OP posts:
TubbyTubster · 10/10/2018 13:44

We do a December 1st box for children with Christmas pyjamas, Christmas jumpers, advent calendars, tickets to a Christmas activity, books, Father Christmas letter writing kit etc for them to enjoy throughout December.

mumof2sarah · 10/10/2018 13:46

@TubbyTubster I love that idea. I've bought some new pjs for Christmas Eve but I might just find out last years and put them out for the month of December. That's such a lovely idea x

OP posts:
blackteasplease · 10/10/2018 13:47

1st December box is a fab idea!

TubbyTubster · 10/10/2018 13:48

Check out the mumsnet Christmas talk board and Pinterest, some great ideas there. Enjoy!

Elliss2018 · 10/10/2018 13:48

Ooh love the Christmas box idea!

Changedtoprotect · 10/10/2018 13:48

The advent calander come out. First sat of the month we do decorations and I think that's the first this year so it's going to be decorations and first Christmas party of the year

mumof2sarah · 10/10/2018 13:49

Thanks @TubbyTubster I will have a look there x

OP posts:
cardibach · 10/10/2018 13:50

1st December is way to easy to start making a big deal about Christmas I think. I tend to feel Christmas Eve boxes are a bit OTT (I’d say ‘unnecessary ‘ but obviously all the Christmas stuff is, that’s the point!) so a 1st December box sounds awful I’m afraid.
1st December has no real link to Christmas.
Glad you are feeling well this year though!

implantsandaDyson · 10/10/2018 13:53

I crack open the Christmas jammies too Grin. I also change the beds to the Christmas duvet covers. We don't do the actual tree that early but we do put out some of the Christmassy bowls, beakers etc (Poundlands best!). We also plan a cinema trip or stick a Christmas film on - Home Alone is a big fave with one of mine.

KurriKurri · 10/10/2018 13:53

Well I live with my adult DD and I still get her an advent calendar which i get excited about giveing her and she gets excited about receiving Smile

We normally wait until it is nearly Christmas to put up our tree - but this year we are having an artificial one (because we have a young dog and last year he spend his whole time trying to eat pine needles !) so we can put all our deorations up early - and 1st Dec sounds as good a day as any.
Although I have german friends who celebrate St Lucia's day in December, with special food etc, and that day also happens to be my birthday, so I might put the decorations up then.

I start wearing my Christmas jumpers and my Christmas earings once December begins.

KurriKurri · 10/10/2018 13:54

Oh yes - and we watch our Christmas films (Holiday Inn and White Christmas) - but usually about mid Dec for those.

Friolero · 10/10/2018 13:58

We put the advent calendars up and, thanks to a moment of insanity a few years ago when I thought it would be a lovely idea, the bloody elf on the shelf arrives. Usually wait until a week or so later to put the tree up.

TheSteakBakeOfAwesome · 10/10/2018 14:00

It's one of the family members' birthdays... oh you mean Christmas stuff?! Nah - the kids get manic enough by the 25th so we tend to hold back a bit.

emmeyebea · 10/10/2018 14:04

Advent calendars come out, and so too does the Advent candle.

When the dc were little, I would also bring out the necessary craft items, glitter, shiny paper etc so they could start making cards and decorations.

Oh, and 1st December is officially the start of Mince Pie season in our house Grin

SerenDippyEggs · 10/10/2018 14:16

Tree goes up and gets covered in glittery shit listening to songs, gingerbread men get baked, Bailey's hot chocolate is consumed, Love Actually gets put on the telly, we each get a little stocking - jamas, bath bomb, Christmas chocs, etc! And most importantly, the Christmas candles are burning away! Star[santa]HaloStar

PhilomenaButterfly · 10/10/2018 14:18

Only put the advent calendars up.

TeenTimesTwo · 10/10/2018 14:19

Outside lights up end Nov.
Advent calendars out 1st Dec.
Nothing else until the end of term. I can't cope with Christmas hype and homework simultaneously.

PhilomenaButterfly · 10/10/2018 14:21

emmeyebea I'm afraid I've already started on the spelt and fig flatbreads and lebkuchen stars. Blush🐷

Shednik · 10/10/2018 14:21

I had no idea this was a thing. We've had a shit year too and I might just join in.

Purpleartichoke · 10/10/2018 14:22

We give new pajamas on the 1st

TheThirdOfHerName · 10/10/2018 14:23

I normally just get out the advent calendars, but my children are older and the whole Christmas pyjama thing was after their time.

DS1 has recently left to go to university, so I'll be sending him a parcel with a funny Christmas t-shirt, an advent calendar that's a string of little numbered felt stockings (he has a noticeboard he can hang this on) and enough individually wrapped chocolates to put one in each day.

Glumglowworm · 10/10/2018 14:24

I live on my own but I bloody love Christmas!

1st December the Christmas bedding goes on (it does get changed and washed during December!) and the tree goes up and I get excited!


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BiddyPop · 10/10/2018 14:25

We start a few things at the start of advent.
I get some stuff out from storage - DD's Christmas fleece blanket, her Christmas duvet set, the advent calendar (fabric one with pockets), and a favourite snowglobe.
I usually also take out a Christmas mug each (only 1 each, I don't want to lose DH to the Christmas Grinch so early on!), DD's old Santa plastic plate, bowl and tumbler, and the Christmas storybooks and movies.
They don't come out in a hamper, just the plastic tub they are stored in.
I keep saying I will do an advent wreath as well, but never get around to it so the candles are still unused 6 years after I bought them.

DD usually needs things like tinsel to decorate her boat for the last training day of the season in mid-December, and tacky/festive hair clips or jewellery for various parties/last matches/end of school events etc. So an old Christmas pudding shaped hat and a snowman scarf and candy cane decorated sports socks are usually rooted out again for those types of things as they come up.

We don't usually put the tree up until later in the month - about 2 or 3 weekends before Christmas itself. Some years, I will put up DD's santa "spinner" or some window clings in her room. But it only slowly creeps into the rest of the house - maybe some paper chains that DD has made, cards we receive on the mantle, the crib on the hall table, and maybe some bits and pieces (another snowglobe, some more Christmassy mugs etc) appearing in the kitchen.

There are some things that literally only come out the weekend before Christmas - a couple of festive handtowels I got as gifts years ago, my little cream jug and a serving plate, Christmas scented oil in the burner or a festive yankee candle.

And new PJs (whether festive designed or plain) and the Christmas candle and the old family copy of "Twas the Night before Christmas" only arrive on Christmas Eve itself.

wijjy · 10/10/2018 14:26

1st December is the day when panic fully sets in.

Ohluckyme · 10/10/2018 14:28

I didn’t think this was a thing either but if you’re excited and it’s making you happy go for it! Enjoy 😁👍

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