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To ask if you make a 'big deal' about 1st December?

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mumof2sarah · 10/10/2018 13:41

So this year, after having so many years of struggling with my mental health and illnesses I'm excited for Christmas.

I want to make Saturday 1st December a really special day. I'm going to have the tree up and all the baubles lined up ready with the advent calendars and a nice breakfast with Christmas songs on. I literally want to make the most exciting start to December for my girls.

Do you have any traditions or things you always do on 1st December?x

OP posts:

Titsywoo · 11/10/2018 09:48

I really don't like the xmas boxes thing - it's just wasteful to me and I don't think kids should be bought so much "stuff" unless they need it. Xmas pj's and books aren't necessary in my book. If you want to make xmas a big deal fine but I'd fill it with family experiences like watching a film together, going ice skating, xmas crafts to make decorations. Personally I don't go OTT but each to their own. Advent is the lead up to xmas not xmas itself so a calender is what mine get. This year we got the fill them yourself ones from Dunelm and DS is finding sweets and chocs DD likes to fill it and vice versa.


ShatnersWig · 11/10/2018 09:51

@Titsy Tend to agree with you. It's increasing the commercialism of the whole thing. People spend ridiculous amounts of money on Xmas, very often getting into debt, or just spending money they don't need to.


ProfessorMoody · 11/10/2018 09:55

We can't really do family experiences as I'm disabled and it's extremely difficult to find accessible grottos, ice skating and the like.

I'd ather spend a fiver on some Primark pjs that are needed anyway, plus a book for DS to enjoy on Christmas Eve, than £30+ per "experience".

I've never heard of anyone say that books are unnecessary before. A very unusual concept.


PodgeBod · 11/10/2018 09:58

We will put up our tree and get the advent calendars out. Last year the Elf brought the calendars but I found a month of him too much so he's not going to appear until the middle of December. Probably watch a Christmas movie.


Marmite27 · 11/10/2018 10:12

Tree goes up, this year Christmas bedding goes on, mince pies front and centre with hot chocolates.

I can’t wait. DC1 is 3 this year and just starting to get it.

Of course this means that I can’t think of a thing to get her for Christmas Confused


Marmite27 · 11/10/2018 10:13

Oh and Advent calendars & candle of course!


SisterOfDonFrancisco · 11/10/2018 10:27

I used to put Christmas stuff on on the 1St December but this year I might wait a bit longer, make Christmas the start of the festive period, not the end.


Titsywoo · 11/10/2018 10:38

Just giving my opinion professor, people can do what they like (although two of the experiences I mentioned are accessible to anyone). The book thing agreed but Xmas books in particular are only going to be read a couple of months a year? I wouldn't read a Xmas book to my kids in the summer. That's what I mean by unnecessary.


SerenDippyEggs · 11/10/2018 10:53

Some of my fondest memories are reading Christmas stories to get us all excited with my grandparentsGrin the same books every year but we still have them and I plan on reading them to my children and grandchildren in the same tradition!


mumof2sarah · 11/10/2018 11:02

Hi everyone, I really do appreciate everyone's comments whether they be for or against how I do Christmas (and advent).

I've loved reading everyone's take on the thread whether it be like go a bit OTT like myself on the 1st or wait til later. Everyone's traditions and opinions are valued xx

I also appreciate those that feel this thread is too early, I wanted an opinion on something I was thinking about at the time and so I posted. I wouldn't have wrote this post in say July etc it's just once autumn hits that's it for me, I need something to focus on and that's what I choose.

I love the Christmas box idea and my daughters do have Christmas stories that they have out but again that's each to their own and if someone doesn't agree with them or doesn't like them in their own home then so be it and they're entitled to share that thought just as much as we are about having them.

I loved the comment about the family who have the Christmas song battle going on. That's an absolutely fantastic tradition. So lovely x

Lots of love and respect to everyone who has taken time to share their ideas/thoughts/opinions with me I have read and appreciate them all x

OP posts:

Powerless · 11/10/2018 16:11

Is after 10th Dec for my family.

My DD is nearly 4 and this year will be the first where she's actually been fully aware of what is going on :)


mumof2sarah · 11/10/2018 17:06

Awww @Powerless that sounds lovely, I loved the first year my kids fully understood x

OP posts:

Tillylantern · 11/10/2018 17:14

On the 1st Dec we wake up to an elf christmas breakfast which our elf brings. its magically served on the christmas delph which he has unpacked out of the attic. Each year he brings a new piece. Last year it was chrisymas cutlery. Breakfast is kisses from the elves ( a jar of cheerios), snow covered donuts, chrustmas pretzels, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Then later in the day all the kids rooms are decorated. So christmas duvets on, all teddies taken out and christmas teddies put in and Christmas tree for each room plus few odd bits of tinsel,snow globes etc.


ChasingGhosts · 11/10/2018 17:22

I take my two Ds to the local garden centre for hot chocolate and let them pick some new baubles for the tree (posh ones) then we go home and get the decorations up Smile


RainyAfternoon · 21/10/2018 09:40

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