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Facebook Bridezilla? Rude or Understandable?

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Everyonelovesabridezillathread · 09/10/2018 21:53

AIBU to think this is pretty rude? Yes it probably is annoying when people ask questions about your engagement or wedding, but most of the time they are just making polite small talk?

Facebook Bridezilla? Rude or Understandable?
OP posts:
Everyonelovesabridezillathread · 09/10/2018 23:04

If I was invited, I'd turn up in a kilt Grin

OP posts:
annikin · 09/10/2018 23:05

Wow, incredibly rude and unnecessary. Surprised she has anyone who would want to go to her wedding.

Fundays12 · 09/10/2018 23:21

Very rude I would be politely declining an invitation to the wedding of someone who posted that. Reality is most people don’t care about her wedding but are being polite and making small (probably boring for them ) talk with her.

mooncuplanding · 09/10/2018 23:23

I would fucking love to go to that wedding

Free drama entertainment guaranteed

WatsonCat · 09/10/2018 23:30

What a cow! I bet she's been defriended many a time on FB today!

SinisterBumFacedCat · 09/10/2018 23:39

She spelt arse wrong

KC225 · 09/10/2018 23:46

And on the day, she'll have a veil, she'll have natural make up, with just the hint of a blush. When all her guests are thinking .........

Bloody hell - bring back the poem. All is forgiven.

Alaaya · 09/10/2018 23:49

Stunningly rude. Also, since when did she get to be the kilt police?

Squidgee · 09/10/2018 23:53

doesn't bother me. if one of my friends posted that i'd chuckle, then send her a message and ask if she was ok.

littlemisscomper · 09/10/2018 23:54

It's a really good way of making sure she's not overwhelmed with too many wedding presents anyway!

dinosaurkisses · 10/10/2018 00:01

What a cow! I bet she's been defriended many a time on FB today!

It would be amateur to de friend her, when clearly she is a volcano of mental Facebook drama just waiting to explode.

Celebelly · 10/10/2018 00:02

What a load of nonsense, especially the kilt stuff.

We have been to plenty of Scottish weddings and my English DH has always been welcome to wear a kilt (and encouraged!)

Graphista · 10/10/2018 00:06


As a Scot, yes strictly speaking etiquette wise only scots should wear the kilt BUT nobody really fusses if non scots do and honestly in response to a tirade like that I can well imagine it being arranged among guests either EVERYONE wearing kilts or NONE! Frankly she'd be lucky to get accepting rsvp's!

Someone send her a grip ASAP!

Celebelly · 10/10/2018 00:10

I'm a Scot too and no one at any wedding I've been to would dream of saying anything about a non-Scot wearing a kilt. My DP took a while to work up the courage after moving here but now he rocks a kilt with the best of them! In fact, everyone has been delighted he has made the effort. I do love a man in a kilt wistful sigh

Koalablue · 10/10/2018 00:41

What an attention seeking gob-shite. Imagine the whining she,d do if no one cared enough fo ask about her wedding.

dinosaurkisses · 10/10/2018 00:43

Did your mate find this on the Reddit wedding planning boards? It seems like the sort of shit that some posters there think is totally reasonable.

Jux · 10/10/2018 00:46

Can't you become friends with one of her friends and then see the comments?! Surely it's worth a go!

Olderbyaminute · 10/10/2018 01:03

Maybe she’ll unwrap Dake Carnegie’s book “How to win friends and influence people” at her reception? Good luck to anyone marrying into that hot mess!

Olderbyaminute · 10/10/2018 01:03

Dale ugh

agnurse · 10/10/2018 01:08

"Only selected children." I can't even.

Then again, I may be a bit biased. My dad is the youngest of four and my mum is the oldest of 10. At the time of our wedding I had over 40 cousins ranging in age from mid-50s to a year old. Plus Mum's siblings had invited my parents and all of us kids to their weddings. We couldn't just not invite the kids. Also my husband has a daughter who was 6 at the time. She and my husband's godparents' young son were in our wedding party.

1forAll74 · 10/10/2018 01:20

Very rude I would say,,, and glad the woman has managed to find some guy to marry her, !

KevinTheYuccaPlant · 10/10/2018 07:22

I went to a wedding this summer where our Scottish niece was marrying a Welshman at a venue in Scotland - the groom, his family and best man all turned up in Welsh tartan kilts with Welsh dragons on their epaulettes, everyone thought it was fabulous.

NWQM · 10/10/2018 07:28

I’m loving be idea that it’s Eugenia....Duke of Edinburgh put in his place about a kilt. How dare Anne ask about glasses. Will’s three upstage me - never cries the bride.

Sarahjconnor · 10/10/2018 08:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

londonrach · 10/10/2018 08:14

Wow, no onesinterested in her wedding..its small talk like asking about the weather. Vvv rude.

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