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OTT Christmasses - let's fight back!

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consuelapipkin · 09/10/2018 09:50

I have discovered an interesting thing. If you tell the kids Santa has been and unleash them on their presents and chuck them a selection box they are just as happy (if not happier!) than the Christmasses when you grind yourself into the ground and end up in tears.

What can you drop from your Christmas to make life easier and enjoy the day more?

I DO love Christmas, but I think it should be more fun for Mums.

Who's with me?

OP posts:

HowCanThisBeRight · 10/10/2018 17:21

I've cut out all neice nephews and adults except GP's. Then that's a token gift. I. E mum wants a new top she likes, just in peacocks. In laws just want a photo of the kids.
I'll still buy a fair few treats but not the ones I always buy that never ever get eaten and dp takes to work. I. E tins of biscuits where most are disliked. I'm just gonna buy nice cookies and shortbread. The ones we actually eat,


MulticolourMophead · 10/10/2018 17:23

@Starlings27 Our local Rotary Club goes round the town in December over the space of a week, with a different residential section each night. They knock on doors collecting cash for charity, while Santa is riding his sleigh (slowly) which is belting out Xmas songs. It's actually sweet to see the little ones and their smiles as they come out the neighbouring houses.


PippaRabbit · 10/10/2018 17:31

DH and I have a simple Christmas these days. I spent FAR too many years feeding the 5000, socialising and being knackered. This year we've offered the DC and DGC if they'd like to come over on 22nd for a takeaway and to swap gifts. We're not the type of people to expect to visit our DC/DGC on Christmas Day or expect them to visit us - they have their own lives and not seeing them on Christmas Day isn't an issue. It's a welcome relief from having a houseful We also ask the DC what they like for gifts. They normally choose days out/a meal paid for them or some play equipment for the DCG. Children get so much at Christmas I'd rather they had something they need. I leave the other grandparents to buy the tat.

Christmas Day for us is normally a lie in, then fizz and gifts, a long walk and lunch followed by more fizz and Christmas films/tv. It's a very relaxed day for us as is Boxing Day.

We'll visit the DGC on 27th/28th to see what Santa brought them.


NotCitrus · 10/10/2018 17:38

After the one where the children cried because there wwre too many presents from ILs, we've done pretty well - my parents hate shopping so give the kids £20 or so to spend. And ILs are less carried away with stuff and less mobile so now it's one huge carrier bag per person of mystery items from charity shops /car boots, with a £20 in it somewhere. If you actually like any of the presents it's a bonus!
My mum always used to cry over Christmas cooking while also refusing to let me or dad help. I like cooking so I do what we like, but it's just one course then after a walk, ready made pudding and yule log.
The boys with ASD don't like doing out much so it's not worth the stress. Lots of telly and some board games. MrNC and I get a couple items online and from charity shops (books and DVDs especially), and neice/nephews get a book in the post. For the kids we try to have something fun to do on the day, plus a few books, and then some other stuff to unwrap, but it helps with the ASD meltdowns when they don't get something they had wanted but never mentioned, to say we can go shopping on 27th. Actually, they have created a tradition of hitting our nearby supermarket for bargains!

Basically we do the bits we like, real tree, nice food, friends over, eat leftovers until New year.


Starlings27 · 10/10/2018 17:58

@MulticolouredMophead, I wonder if we live in the same town!


MissShapesMissStakes · 10/10/2018 19:52

For the last couple of years we have had sandwiches for dinner and ‘Christmas pizza’ (home made - does that make it better?) for tea. So we can both spend time with the kids playing, eating chocolate and watching rubbish on tv.
Even if the in-laws come they have pizza. No one has complained (to my face). Grin


AgnesBrownsCat · 10/10/2018 19:57

I’ve never got in a panic over Christmas because I’m old and sensible with money . Also I detest waste and don’t spend money on tat for the sake of it . I buy my parents, my children , two friends and my children’s cub leaders . Sometimes I buy my husband something but not always .


ForalltheSaints · 10/10/2018 20:51

I read this thread on the way home from work and it is delightful.

The one thing we do as there are no young or school age children any more is going back to work on December 27th or 28th, so that Christmas doesn't become 10 day to a fortnight of eating too much and doing very little. Days off work not used then become a winter break in February (usually) and something to look forward to in the dark cold days after New Year.


AgnesBrownsCat · 10/10/2018 21:29

I do love the time with my family and friends though and you don’t need to spend obscene amounts of money to do that . Simple family Christmases are the best .


flowercrow · 10/10/2018 22:07

I love this thread.
I have a friend to stay Christmas (no DC). Having simple food eg homemade soup means neither of us feels bloated or uncomfortable, and less gaviscon all round
Boyfriend or mother may call on the day, dont know yet.
This year I have started planning and buying gifts early, hoping they are more thoughtful and less panic-buying for the sake of it.
I am also giving up any attempt at home-made cards - I'm rubbish at it tbh- and will just buy charity ones that are way nicer.
Hoping to get in a walk with the dogs on the beach, and to watch a good film, but not necessarily a Christmas one.
The hardest thing I find is getting a good night's sleep the night before as I still get overexcited.


frenchknitting · 10/10/2018 22:44

I do like to go a bit over board with Christmas. There will probably only be 4 or 5 years or so where both my children will be old enough to understand and young enough to still believe, and I want to make the most of it.

However, it is like everything else. People need to decide how much effort they want to make, and then do that and no more. No point doing more than you want and then moaning about it.

Personally, I couldn't care less about the food and drink, and make little effort on that front. I send cards to people that I think will value receiving them. But we do a few really good Xmas themed days out. And I do Xmas eve boxes, buy Xmas jumpers, make personalised advent calendars for the family... various OTT gift giving Blush. I do it for me as much as anyone else though.

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