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To ask what your Come Dine With Me menu would be?

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HelloThursday · 30/09/2018 17:38

Mine would be

Prawn saganaki
Chicken and lamb skewers with tzatziki and flatbreads, salad hummus etc
Desert would be something chocolatey maybe a brownie or one of those warm cookie dough desserts

OP posts:
Bearfrills · 30/09/2018 17:39

Can of Fosters.
Pot Noodle.
Angel Delight (butterscotch).

£1000 in the bag.

HildaZelda · 30/09/2018 17:39

I'll have to have a think, but definitely NOT bloomin' scallops. They must be the most overcooked food ever on CDWM.

MsOliphant · 30/09/2018 17:40

Lobster bisque

Beef wellington

Lemon syllabub

TomHardysNextWife · 30/09/2018 17:42

Hmm mine would be

Red pepper, harissa and lentil soup to start with warm soda bread

Roasted salmon, hollandaise sauce, dauphinoise potatoes and veg

Plum and cinnamon crumble with lashings of custard/clotted cream

Stormwhale · 30/09/2018 17:45

Garlic and chilli prawns with a salad garnish.
Sweet chilli grilled salmon with pad Thai and spicy brocolli.
Chocolate cake with cherry compote and chocolate ganache served with cream.

SallySangFroid · 30/09/2018 17:48

Oh good idea for a thread!

I actually did a couples ‘come dine with me’; not for tv, but just among friends. Ours was at Halloween, so we did;

Devils on horseback (canapés) with cocktails called devils brew (nicer than it sounds)

Pumpkin soup with gruyere

Steak & Guinness pie with colcannon (a nod to the traditional Irish all saints day meal)

Fallen chocolate soufflé with prunes & Armagnac with creme fraiche

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 30/09/2018 18:10

Waldorf Salad

Duck with orange
Duck with Cherries
Duck Surpise


Think I win hands downWink

yawning801 · 30/09/2018 18:12

I get the reference spider Wink I think we need a gin and orange, a lemon squash and a scotch and water with that PLEASE

Mine always changes, but currently it would be...

Homemade roasted tomato and basil soup
Spaghetti carbonara
Biscoff cheesecake/devil's food cake

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 30/09/2018 18:15
whatwouldkeithRichardsdo2 · 30/09/2018 18:17

Seasoned white crab meat with avocado and dressing and thin toast
Basil and tomato galette from The Ivy cook book for veggies

Beef Wellington
A veg Wellington alternative
Serve yourself veg

Cheese Board and port

Lemon tart with homemade ice cream or custard


I am on a diet. I want all of this now.

sexnotgender · 30/09/2018 18:19

Butternut squash and chilli soup with homemade bread.

Butter chicken

Nectarine and mint pavlova

Cheese board

ThisIsNotARealAvo · 30/09/2018 18:20

I don't know but I would definitely not try to make the plates look like restaurant plates because it always looks shit. I hate getting a meal served up on a plate unless I'm out.

Eliza9917 · 30/09/2018 18:21

Prawn cocktail in a glass

Steak & chips

Black forest gateux

Justtheoneplease · 30/09/2018 18:29

Following this as looking for inspiration for a dinner party next week.

sittingonacornflake · 30/09/2018 18:33

Ooooh some of this food sounds ace.

Mine changes but mood I'm in today:

Chicken liver pate, chutney, toast - all homemade.

Cajun salmon with lemon creme fraiche sweet potato chips and veg

Chocolate mousse cake with frangelico

Earlywalker · 30/09/2018 18:34

I’d do:

  • tempura prawn and squid with chipotle mayonnaise
  • meat paella with a Spanish side salad
  • pistachio soufflé
HolidayHelpPlease · 30/09/2018 20:38

Baked Camembert with toast

Tapas (paella, potatoes braved, pulled pork, chorizo etc)


Not even for the sake of the money, just because it’s tasty! My winning trick would be putting gin in champagne a la AbFab Grin

MsOliphant · 30/09/2018 23:45

I LOVE idea of pistachio soufflé!

Sparklesocks · 30/09/2018 23:50

I’m not sure (I think about this often!) but I know it would be something I’ve made plenty of times before and know it goes down well, always feel shocked when they’re cooking and say ‘this is my first time making this..’

charge282 · 01/10/2018 00:19

Starter: Freshly baked bloomer with red pepper hummus dip

Main: Stuffed peppers with cheese, honey roasted ham. Served with herby mash

Dessert: Homemade Mars bar cake and mint ice cream

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 01/10/2018 00:27

I’m going round Bearfrills gaff, the perfect evening 😊

Dontletthebastardsgrindyoudown · 01/10/2018 00:28

Starter: Warmed goats, topped with walnuts and drizzled with honey, served on bed of rocket.

Main: fried duck breast, caramelised and sweet pickled onion, creamy mash.

Dessert: Creme Brûlée topped with a raspberry

^Coffee & homemade tablet



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Dontletthebastardsgrindyoudown · 01/10/2018 00:28

*goats cheese

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 01/10/2018 00:29

Eliza 1976 just called, they’re wondering where you are😂

Didsomeonesaybunny · 01/10/2018 00:31

Starter: Lobster poached in chilli butter with roasted fennel

Main: Wild sea bass with samphire, artichoke and ginger. Accompanied with asparagus and dauphinoise potatoes

Dessert: chocolate fondant with raspberries and popping candy

I’ve recently been attending cooking classes to start hosting more fancy dinner parties and so far so good I’ve had quite a bit of success!

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