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PTA - AIBU to think it's a nightmare?

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yellowspottedwellies · 26/09/2018 15:41

I just had an email From the school asking for volunteers for the PTA.
Part of me is tempted, but the biggest part of me thinks that the PTA is just going to be a nightmare - full of pushy women with grand designs. My son is in year six but my daughter starts next September and I've always had a feeling that I perhaps I should be doing more - so what I'm asking is for your opinions on your PTA!

OP posts:

PecanPastry · 28/09/2018 07:51

I've recently got involved with my schools PTA, I haven't quite fully made my mind up about it yet, but you never know until you go along.

Thing is, every PTA will be different because different people will create a different dynamic, ours are all lovely, but very different personality types, which I think works well but you have to be confident in navigating the situations that this inevitably may give rise to and I think it may take me some time to make an in with them all but I just focus on the shared aim that we are all there for. (I daresay I probably get on their nerves with my overenthusiasm at times!)

As MatildatheCat has said, I think the PTA needs rebranding, there are probably lots of people out there who may join but don't owing to the stereotypes.

Interestingly OP, I thought about going to a meeting for about a year, before I actually did, I dipped my toe in with the volunteering first, which I suppose proves the stereotype right.


Kool4katz · 28/09/2018 08:18

Hugely cliquey. However, it's a Catholic school and I'm not Catholic, so I think it comes down to that in my case.
I got voted on to replace the treasurer who wanted to step down at an AGM, then the following week, the chair said a load of bull such as I'd struggle to understand the accounts (!) so they'd persuaded the treasurer to stay on. Obviously, bullshit as it's a tiny village school, so how hard could it be?
I work p/t as a freelance hairdresser as it's something I trained in after having DS as I fancied a change from my previous hugely stressful job. Plus I have 2 degrees (Law & PG in IT), but they don't know that.
I'm now involved with our local Coderdojo and it's great fun.


Monr0e · 28/09/2018 08:36

@PecanPastry the head sent out a letter yesterday morning quickly retracting the idea and apologising for any offence caused. She had obviously received a few complaints since the idea was put forward!


irregularegular · 28/09/2018 11:03

irregular usually the belief is based on experience. Not Al PTA members are like that in some schools nine are like that but it's definitely a phenomenon that exists.

It didn't sound like that in the OPs case. It sounded like she had little or no experience of PTAs and the belief was based almost entirely on stereotypes.


Miladymilord · 28/09/2018 11:07

My only experience with various PTAS is that they are always begging for help but in fact what they mean is that they want very specific people to join (usually sahms and gossips).


MsVestibule · 28/09/2018 13:43

in fact what they mean is that they want very specific people to join (usually sahms and gossips).

miladymilord what wording do they use that gives you that impression?


Holymolymackerel · 28/09/2018 14:27

I went to my dd's school pta meeting for the first time the other evening. I won't be joining. The reason being, the head doesn't want a pta, apparently has done everything to get them to give up, says no to most ideas, makes it difficult, never wants the proceeds. Apparently, over the last few years the relationship between the pta and staff has disintegrated.

Of course, this was only their opinion but even so I'm not getting involved in such politics and shenanigans.


adadsoz · 10/09/2019 20:54

I'm on the PTA (Treasurer), I'd say get involved with helping at events (disco's etc) as that is the fun bit, but my word it's a pain in the backside being on the committee.. If I have one more conversation about the ecological impact of fruitshoots vs impracticality of paper cups and squash I think I may go barmy!!!

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