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to expect that my DP can get on with his work in clients house, without having to put up with their children

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lucyellensmum · 01/06/2007 15:03

or more to the point, not having to worry about 1 year olds hurting themselves on his tools because their lazy arse middle class parents cannot get off their lazy arses and occupy them whilst they have the builders in!

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Pixiefish · 01/06/2007 15:05

my painter told me of a woman once who used to pop out and leave her kids in his care


lucyellensmum · 01/06/2007 15:08

pixie, it doesn't surprise me. Apparently boy was eating shit out of cat litter tray this am, hmmm, should i say that, it might give it away, she seems the mumsnetting type.

Oh and i only make the lazy middle class comment because this woman is middle class AND lazy, not suggesting that middle class women are lazy, before i get pounced on.

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stealthsquiggle · 01/06/2007 15:14

I spend my entire time whenever we have builders/whoever in trying to stop DS talking at them and getting in the way - I am sure it must annoy them even though they always say "no, no, it's fine" every time I drag him away - but he is 4.5 - I would have confined him to the other end of the house at 1!


handlemecarefully · 01/06/2007 15:15


Nice for the mother though to think that the workman in her house is sitting in judgement of her parenting skills.


handlemecarefully · 01/06/2007 15:15

and in her own house to boot - is there no sanctuary


SoupDragon · 01/06/2007 15:19

Yes, you are being unreasonable. If working in a house with chldren, tools should be kept at a safe height or in a safe place.


Carmenere · 01/06/2007 15:21

I'm not sure if you are being unreasonable but you are definitely being judgemental. As a lazy middle class mother myself, I'm offended.


handlemecarefully · 01/06/2007 15:22

I'm not offended, I just put it down to


OrmIrian · 01/06/2007 15:22

Bit judgemental maybe .

But it's not always possible to keep tools out of reach. Where can you put them all? It really is up to the parents to keep the child away. Easier said than done I know, my littlest one would want to join in watching paint dry, but a job would take twice as long if every time he needed a drill for example he had to unpack it and plug it in.


CrispyNoodles · 01/06/2007 15:23

Why doesn't he just point out that he has brought dangerous tools with him, and his insurance doesn't cover children playing with them, so please could they keep the baby out of the room whilst he is working?


handlemecarefully · 01/06/2007 15:25

I think it's a bit of a two way street - the workman should be sensitive to the fact that it is the woman's house, and that it's often a pain in the arse having work done in your own living space...etc. He should take whatever reasonable precautions are possible to keep tools out of reach.

Similarly the lazy middle class mother (grrr - over priviledged bitch; string 'er up!) should not abdicate responsibility for keeping her children safe, and as far as possible should monitor them so that they aren't over 'bothering' the workman

Simple really.


Idobelieveinfairies · 01/06/2007 15:26

The parents should really keep the children out of the workmens way, but not sure about the comments.

How do you know they are lazy??


yaddayah · 01/06/2007 15:29

Having done a major renovation with builders/carpenters/plumbers/vicars/soothsayers and the like tramping in and out i let the dc's say hello, and then hurl them upstairs/downstairs wherever they are out of the way,i wouldn't expect a tradesman to be a rl version of bob the builder, friendly hello from them is fine , they're there to do a job, and the longer they're in my house the more money i have to shell out (and more tea they drink)

and the cat litter [boak]


yaddayah · 01/06/2007 15:30

and the judgemental comments



Mrbatters · 01/06/2007 15:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chugnuts · 01/06/2007 15:34

I agree with HMC. Both parties have a responsibility. It's not always possible to keep small children out of the way.


CrispyNoodles · 01/06/2007 15:34

LOL Mrbatters.


bookwormmum · 01/06/2007 15:39

I'd think that the builder/painter/plumber was being paid by me to build/paint/plumb, not child-mind. Supposing the child got injured?



lucyellensmum · 01/06/2007 15:41

oooh goody, just the responses i hoped for, firstly, i think i made the point that i do not think all middle class mums are lazy, just this one in particular, who i also should point out, i know personally. Secondly, if i can't be judgemental and smug on mumsnet where can i be!, thirdly, i am a lazy middle class mummy myself so ner ner ner.

Crispy, you are right, he should say something, but he, unlike me, is too nice!

But on a very serious note, if this child is hurt because he picks up one of my DPs power tools then it will obviously be seen as my DPs fault. I am sorry if i have offended people, my middle class comments were tongue in cheek and i consider myself chastened but it is not my DPs responisbility to keep their children out of his workspace.

To be fair, mostly peoples children are simply inquisitive and excited about having "bob" in their house. DP is always friendly and the children to tend to warm to him but most parents, middle class or otherwise recognise that he has a job to do and keep them safely out of the way.

OP posts:

handlemecarefully · 01/06/2007 15:42

Ok lucyellensmum - you have a partial reprieve


Idobelieveinfairies · 01/06/2007 15:43

ok..well if you know her personnally then fair


lucyellensmum · 01/06/2007 15:45

Clearly Mr Batters if these people were allowing thier children to watch TV then he would record the evidence on his mobile phone and call social services!

Actually, i feel bad now but honestly, most people would keep their one year old safely out of the way, wouldnt they?

you see, its very easy for me to comment, because im blatantly a perfect mother, yeah right.

OP posts:

CrispyNoodles · 01/06/2007 15:46

I like your style lucyellensmum!


Carmenere · 01/06/2007 15:46

Oh no I agree they should keep thier little darlingas away from your dh's tools. And of course mn is exactly the right place for judging


lucyellensmum · 01/06/2007 15:48

handlemecarefully, is my reprieve due to my claim of middle class status? hmmmm, actually not sure these people are middle class, rather middle class wannabes, is that anothen of worms.....

as for your comment re , too bloody right im jealous, these people have my DP in their house to make it all lovely, and my house is a shambles, never marry a builder, i should have listened to my mother and married a nice accountant!

Oh bugger, now i really do feel bad because these are nice people and they have always been really good to DP which is probably why their DC is allowed under his feet, see, the lesson being, never allow the bounderies between the blient and the employee be blurred.

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