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to hate the word "poorly"??

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allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 14:26

Just hate it. Its not a real word, its a made up one. Whats wrong with saying "ill"?

OP posts:
macmama73 · 15/05/2007 21:55

I love poorly. Our cousin in Dumfries used to say I am feeling awfy poorly today or I am awfy no weel

saltire · 15/05/2007 22:00

bobsmum - I use peel wally as well, and so does my mum. She also uses "hingin", or "hingy" if the DSes, or my neice are grizzly and obviously coming down with something

dancingtina · 15/05/2007 22:12

WOW - Love this thread title - I too totally HATE HATE HATE the word poorly along with 'tummy'.

I have serious irritable bowel syndrome and I am often curled up in agony with my stomach for hours and hours, it makes me depressed and housebound and I have a friend who texts me and says 'aww, have you got a poorly tummy again?' or 'how's your poorly tummy today' ARGH!! makes me want to punch her!

'poorly' is so wet and dithery and babyish, in fact I don't even like using it for my 3mth old baby who is my MIL described today as 'poorly' - he's not poorly, he's 'a bit off colour'

ooo don't set me off ranting about poorly and tummy....

(realise i obviously have 'issues' - lol!)

Spidermama · 15/05/2007 22:15

Oh I'm so refreshed and inspired to find people as grumpy and intolerant as I am about something this petty.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 15/05/2007 22:17

So what prompted this thread Bellyup? Are you having a dig at the husband of Jane Tomlinson, who was on FiveLive earlier on talking about her condition, by any chance?

(I am just asking by the way...)

Hulababy · 15/05/2007 22:20

Poorly used a plenty round here - Yorskhire.

However the word BELLY - now MIL will not allow this word at all, well not relating to people. She hates it and DH was not allowed to use it.

katelyle · 15/05/2007 22:25

My dp has said that in his childhood in Yorkshire , "poorly" could mean at death's door, but only when used in the sentence "Eeeeee, she were reet poorly"

MrsSchadenfreude · 15/05/2007 22:40

Oh yes. Conversation in an office I worked in.
"No, I'm sorry, you can't speak to Mr X, he's a bit poorly. No, I'm afraid we don't expect him in tomorrow. He's actually in a coma and unlikely to survive the week. Sorry."

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