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to hate the word "poorly"??

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allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 14:26

Just hate it. Its not a real word, its a made up one. Whats wrong with saying "ill"?

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paulaplumpbottom · 15/05/2007 16:45

When I first moved here I thought people were complaining about being broke when they said they were poorly

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 16:46

Shabby is cool too

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 15/05/2007 16:47

Same here, paula.

I don't know what's 'common' or 'posh' to these people because I'm foreign, but I do find the whole debate about that rather amusing.

MrsCarrot · 15/05/2007 16:47

I think of poorly being applicable to a young child, although I don't say it, would probab;y say run-down, or not very well

MrsCarrot · 15/05/2007 16:47


paulaplumpbottom · 15/05/2007 16:51

It is very amusing. At home you are ok as long as you don't say "ain't"

unknownrebelbang · 15/05/2007 17:02

Hate is such a strong word......

Nowt wrong with poorly.

marthamoo · 15/05/2007 17:07

Well, ds2 is poorly today, and what's more, he's lying on the settee. And anybody who hates those words seriously needs to get a grip.

cathcart · 15/05/2007 17:07

I don't like this word either, it sounds a bit pathetic, and I don't think it sounds right when an adult uses it to describe how they are feeling. Like 'tummy'. My 29 year old dh says "Oh, I've got a bad tummy!" and I think "well go and tell your mummy then!". Childs word.

SpawnChorus · 15/05/2007 17:17

Peelie wallie! I'd forgotten that one. Great phrase. Will start using it again. [thrilled at having rediscovered long forgotten phrase emoticon]

Aloha · 15/05/2007 17:20

The joy of English is the variety and subtlety of the language. What's wrong with saying 'ill'? Nothing. But how much nicer and more interesting to have so many different words to use in different contexts. I like the limpness and need for cossetting that I think 'poorly' implies.
I also never understand why people get so aerated about using different words with children, say.
If poorly is good enough for Peter Rabbit, it's good enough for me!

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:24

what on earth is Peelie Wallie??

OP posts:
Hilllary · 15/05/2007 17:25

I much prefer poorly than sick or ill, poorly is a nice gentle word.

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:25

Poorly is yuk

OP posts:
Aloha · 15/05/2007 17:27

peelie-wallyis a fab Scottish phrase to mean sickly and pale - derived, apparently from the Indian (Hindi) phrase pila wallah - yellow ones - to describe the pallor of Scottish soldiers. (found that snippet on the internet btw - am v bored with work today!)

pointydog · 15/05/2007 17:28


Boco · 15/05/2007 17:29

I like the word poorly. I say it in a weak and barely audible voice.

'Deeeee Peeeee, i'm so pooorrrly. Please will you make me some tea and put a blanket over me, and give me some nice biscuits. Is that you dp? Mother? Why is it so cold in here dp?, Dp, go on without me, i'll only hold you back dp....[fade to black] etc etc.'

beckybrastraps · 15/05/2007 17:30

I say 'poorly' and 'settee'. I am middle class, but I have low origins .

I don't like 'tummy' though. It's too imprecise. When ds complains of a 'tummy ache' I have to ask him whether he means his stomach (ie is he going to be sick?) or his intestines (does he need to poo?).

In fact, I'm not keen on the word 'poo', but I can't find an alternative that I don't like even less.

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:32

i like to say : do you need to take a crap??
do you need to dump yer load?
dropping the kids off at the pool? etc

OP posts:
Hilllary · 15/05/2007 17:35

allgonebellyup I think that sort of expression is vial.

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:44

t'was said in mere jest.

OP posts:
ratclare · 15/05/2007 17:45

I hate it when people on the ward use it to describe someones relative ,'your grandmas really poorly' which in nurse speak means get here now she's on her last breath

Hilllary · 15/05/2007 17:46

Ah good

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:46

so "poorly" obviously cant just be used to describe someone under the weather, it means they are dying!

OP posts:
ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 15/05/2007 17:49

Settee = middle class! Oh how funny! (Can only assume you're joking).

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