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to hate the word "poorly"??

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allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 14:26

Just hate it. Its not a real word, its a made up one. Whats wrong with saying "ill"?

OP posts:
rabbleraiser · 15/05/2007 14:43

To set the record straight, it's settee that's the posh word. Sofa is common .

BarryScott · 15/05/2007 14:43

me too

I AM Sally Webster!!

BarryScott · 15/05/2007 14:44

Its a couch or a suite!!

expatinscotland · 15/05/2007 14:44

Who gives a flying &^%$ if it's 'posh' or 'common'?

Aimsmum · 15/05/2007 14:44

Message withdrawn

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 14:44

No, ask anyone, SETTEE is what people say when theyre TRYING to sound posh, but if you actually mix with middle class people they say SOFA, which is actually the right word.

OP posts:
allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 14:45

oh my god

ive turned into my mother

OP posts:
Aloha · 15/05/2007 14:45

No because he had eaten too many radishes and had a horrid time in Mr McGregor's garden.

scatterbrain · 15/05/2007 14:45

Settee is middle class.

Sofa is both upper and lower - as is burping and farting in public I think you'll find !

Aloha · 15/05/2007 14:46

I'm sorry to say that settee is not remotely posh.

Lact8 · 15/05/2007 14:46

eww mix with the middle classes?

scatterbrain · 15/05/2007 14:46

No and nor is couch or suite !!! How common !

J20BABY · 15/05/2007 14:47

what about couch??!!!

sorry expat

Aimsmum · 15/05/2007 14:47

Message withdrawn

Aloha · 15/05/2007 14:47

is couch American? It isn't posh. Only sofa is 'posh'.

BarryScott · 15/05/2007 14:47

Tis so a suite, mines is a corner suite so there.. and yes I am and and ??

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 14:47

"mix with the middle classes"!! haha i knew that sounded bloody awful!!

Hey maybe Xenia will be along soon??

OP posts:
J20BABY · 15/05/2007 14:48


oh well, i'm common, but does my face looked bothered?!

sorry, only kidding, feeling a little playful today

Lact8 · 15/05/2007 14:48

I'm northern and say poorly

Here in Wales they say I'm feeling baddy (pronounced Barrdee) very odd but the more I hear it the more it fits general under the weatherness

BarryScott · 15/05/2007 14:48

or a couch (my dad calls it this)

scatterbrain · 15/05/2007 14:48

A corner sofa I think you will find BS !!

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 14:49

Maybe poorly is just a northern thing then

OP posts:
BarryScott · 15/05/2007 14:49

Oh feck it!! Your prob right... I am always wrong.......

Lact8 · 15/05/2007 14:50


One of those that sounds alright in your head until you press Post Message and can't do anything to retrieve it?

scatterbrain · 15/05/2007 14:50

Shall I say it again ???

I am southern - born and bred and everyone I know uses poorly !!! It is definitely not a northern thing !

I think it si pretty universal anomgst -ahem - people who sit on sofas !

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