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Parents who don't dance at childrens birthday disco partys

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Ripeberry · 13/05/2007 19:08

Just got back from a 6yr old's birthday party and it had a DJ who spent ages trying to encourage the parents to drag themselves away from the bar and actually join in some games with their kids.
You could see some of the kids pleading with their mums and dads for them to join in but they just sat there with their pint and fag.
Me and about 5 other mums seemed to be the only ones actually joining in and there were about 30 children there.
One little kid was actually sobbing because their dad did not want to join in so we said he could join in with us.
Is it unreasonable for me to expect that if you go to a kids party you at least join in? or was it silly of the host to have a bar open?
This was all at 3pm this afternoon.

OP posts:
fireflyfairy2 · 13/05/2007 22:55

No cake???

What bastards

Poor kid

islandofsodor · 13/05/2007 22:57

My Fridays and Saturdays are spent with 15 singing, dancing, drama gaming 4 - 6 year olds.

On my rare Saturdays off if I take dd to a party I definately do NOT want to be singing, dancing, playing games etc!!!!!!!

Someone elses job that day lol!

handlemecarefully · 13/05/2007 22:57

I would resent the dj exhorting me to dance (hate it, hate it, hate it unless the DJ was playing the Prodigy or Chemical Brothers which I think unlikely) - however I would get on the dance floor and shake my skanky ass if my dd or ds wanted me to join them. I certainly wouldn't refuse whilst steadfastly downing a pint whilst my disappointed child sobbed in despair. That is utterly crap parenting.

edam · 13/05/2007 23:00

Do you live in Royston Vasey, by any chance?

handlemecarefully · 13/05/2007 23:02

I'm afraid that you'll have to explain that cultural reference to me.

Skribble · 13/05/2007 23:02


Aloha · 13/05/2007 23:04

Lol - the sausage is very Royston Vasey. And the dj sounds postively sinister!

This must be the worst ever six year old's party.

edam · 13/05/2007 23:04

Not you HMC, the OP!

Just that the bizarre prison/bar/kid's party thing sounded a bit League of Gentlemen.

handlemecarefully · 13/05/2007 23:04


handlemecarefully · 13/05/2007 23:05

it's late...this is all going way over my head

edam · 13/05/2007 23:05

DJ was probably that circus bloke who stole all the women away and called them Dave...

handlemecarefully · 13/05/2007 23:05

(never watched the League of Gentleman )

Skribble · 13/05/2007 23:07

Personaly I would have objected to the smoke, not too worried about other parents dancing and their kids getting upset, enough to worry about with my own kids and blushes. Don't feel the need to watch other parents every move (or lack of moves .)

edam · 13/05/2007 23:07

Then you are clearly ill-prepared for attending children's parties held in the function room of the local nick, with a pay bar for adults. Tsk, tsk.

Blondilocks · 13/05/2007 23:08

I'd dance, but I like dancing!

Aloha · 13/05/2007 23:08

You are my wife now!

Blondilocks · 13/05/2007 23:10

Who? Me? Confused now

Did he play the new lollipop song? ... "I'll lick your ice cream, and you can lick my lollipop"

nightowl · 13/05/2007 23:12

finally! some people who know about royston vasey. sorry, no opinion on the thread..just passing through..

Skribble · 13/05/2007 23:17

Kids party????? I think not, let the kids get on with it.

Clary · 13/05/2007 23:19

What a bizarre party it sounds.

I would be extremely unwilling to take my DCs anywhere where people were smoking

On the general point, I certainly don't expect any staying parents (like at DS2's last party) to do much more than what Aloha describes.

prufrock · 13/05/2007 23:22

Btters you are so not doreen. morfe like Queen Bee. (BUt significantlybete dressed) Mybe we xould make the new, strict version of www into vinegar tits.

I've just had a kids aparty, and whilsx I would never dreanm of haviong it at a prison or wit a pay bar, i did, serve copiuos amounts of cave to my friendss whlst billy banana entertainedur kids. Whole point iof gettinmg him was os that I didn't have ti entertain kids

stinkletsmum · 14/05/2007 04:10

I don't think it would have done the parents any harm to get up and dance for a couple of minutes with their kids.

I'll never forget my Dad getting up to do a dance routine to Flashdance with the reps when we were on holiday as a kid, and how delighted and proud I was when he rollypollied across the dance floor!! Yes he looked and felt like a right wally, but isn't that a little bit what being a parent is all about?

twentypence · 14/05/2007 05:08

And to think that some people want AIBU threads banned - this has been the most entertaining for a while.

wheresmysuntan · 14/05/2007 09:31

Totally shocked at selfish ba**ds smoking at a kids' party

heifer · 14/05/2007 10:16

Ripeberry, you still haven't explained why the party was as an open prison....

Surely this is a p*ss take, a bloody funny one I might add...

Waiting for next installment....

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