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Parents who don't dance at childrens birthday disco partys

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Ripeberry · 13/05/2007 19:08

Just got back from a 6yr old's birthday party and it had a DJ who spent ages trying to encourage the parents to drag themselves away from the bar and actually join in some games with their kids.
You could see some of the kids pleading with their mums and dads for them to join in but they just sat there with their pint and fag.
Me and about 5 other mums seemed to be the only ones actually joining in and there were about 30 children there.
One little kid was actually sobbing because their dad did not want to join in so we said he could join in with us.
Is it unreasonable for me to expect that if you go to a kids party you at least join in? or was it silly of the host to have a bar open?
This was all at 3pm this afternoon.

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lulumama · 13/05/2007 19:39

they always have mullets., always..and bad highlights quite often too

theUrbanDryad · 13/05/2007 19:40


ArcticRoll · 13/05/2007 19:41

Sounds like a sketch from The League of Gentlemen.

theUrbanDryad · 13/05/2007 19:41

i mean, nice

Mercy · 13/05/2007 19:43

Aloha, you are making me lol!

The whole thing sounds farcical tbh

Celia2 · 13/05/2007 19:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aloha · 13/05/2007 19:57

I am now re-reading this over a glass of wine and roffling like mad.

This prison party is a classic.

pointydog · 13/05/2007 20:02

A bar? At a children's party?

What a rubbish idea, especially if you want teh adults to join in party games.

fastforward · 13/05/2007 20:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

morningpaper · 13/05/2007 20:04


pointydog · 13/05/2007 20:05

I've just read the rest of the thread. You'll need to explain further, ripey

Hulababy · 13/05/2007 20:06

One of the local closed prison near to the one I work at has a function room - does weddings and all sorts. They actually do really good catering! I won't be using it for DD's next birthday party though, honest! Actually don't think you can at that one - I know the weddings they have done have been for offenders, not sure about anyone else yet.

I think the DJ wa sout of order getting the children to pressure their parents into joining in at what was a child's party. It was the DJ that caused the upset IMO.

AitchTwoOh · 13/05/2007 20:08

lololololol... this sounds an unlikely tale to me...

AitchTwoOh · 13/05/2007 20:10

pmsl hula, mrs and mrs stebson invite you to the wedding of their son gripper and daughter layteesha at the function rooms of the local prison. can you imagine them cutting the cake and finding a file inside?

FrannyandZooey · 13/05/2007 20:14

Apart from the prison bit which defeats me utterly, I think the confusion may be that this was not a children's party where the parents are expected to drop their children and go, but a party for family and friends (eg adults and children alike) to celebrate the child's birthday. It is possible to have a party where adults and children enjoy themselves together and there isn't a kind of segregation. This may have been what was being aimed for?

I think there is more to the story though, or at least I am assuming there is...

lemonaid · 13/05/2007 20:14

I would dance at a party if my DC really wanted me to.

But at children's disco parties I've been to the children have definitely not wanted their parents to dance, so I would be hacked off with the DJ for hanranguing them.

But on the other hand I don't think I would let my children go to a party in a smoking bar in a prison anyway.

Aloha · 13/05/2007 20:15

I am worried by the sibling marriage of Gripper and Layteesha!

LittleMouseWithCLogsOn · 13/05/2007 20:16

i cannot dance

dh BANS me

LittleMouseWithCLogsOn · 13/05/2007 20:17

sounds a dead rough party
smoking ? a prison?
whoawas it a party for fgs

i bet oyu there were a lot of tattoos there

batters · 13/05/2007 20:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AitchTwoOh · 13/05/2007 20:19

lol aloha, it's a complicated story. she's the daughter of the second mrs stebson. they are not related. in fact, with gripper having been in borstal and prison since getting kicked out of grange hill they've conducted their romance largely through email.

theUrbanDryad · 13/05/2007 20:20

maybe this guy was the DJ??

Spagblog · 13/05/2007 20:22

Surely it is hard to dance in leg irons?

powder28 · 13/05/2007 20:27

P*ssed up parents and crying children? Sounds like a cracking party to me!

Ripeberry · 13/05/2007 22:53

I'll elaborate on a few things, Yes the guy did have a type of mullet and he called himself "The Jester".
Towards the end of the party, he got all the kids to do the hokey kokey around the birthday girl and then the dad comes on the mike and says, sorry we don't have a cake for you.
But we have something better, can you guess what it was? It was a candle stuck in a ...... wait for it!..........Hot dog sausage!
He goes on to say, nobody else has ever had that for a birthday!
Sorry, but at that point i just wanted to burst out laughing.
Poor girl, must be used to it as she did not cry, bless her.
Glad, to leave by 5pm as the function room was getting full of fag smoke and the kids were far too energetic.
My DD1 and DD2 enjoyed themselves, until my DD1 managed to collide with a larger kid and got a bloody nose.
Love this small village life.. lol

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