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To hate people who take the piss out of antenatal threads

70 replies

LieselVentouse · 28/03/2007 22:46


OP posts:

LadyOfTheFlowers · 28/03/2007 22:46


what's funny?


VeniVidiVickiQV · 28/03/2007 22:46

Yes. Life's too short.


Molesworth · 28/03/2007 22:48

"Hate" is too strong a word


2shoesonanegghunt · 28/03/2007 22:48

hate is abit strong but don't bother me


bEllieK · 28/03/2007 22:48

ARRRGH! enough already


FrannyandZooey · 28/03/2007 22:49

ho ho


Califrau · 28/03/2007 22:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyOfTheFlowers · 28/03/2007 22:55

bless me, i missed all that!


misdee · 28/03/2007 22:57

life is far far too short.

full moon soon is it?


bEllieK · 28/03/2007 22:57

April 2nd so we're told!


Mossie · 28/03/2007 23:16

Oh don't tell me I've missed another thread along the lines of "I don't like such and such antenatal thread because its title is silly / is cheesy / has a slightly rude word in it"?

Having said that, bElliek (is that like "belly" k? Lol!) I'm getting cheesed off with you April lot! How dare so many of you queue jump like that, don't know know there are still some of us left on the March antenatal thread?


bEllieK · 28/03/2007 23:30

yes Mossie, you missed another one, aabout the last June thread this time. and oops, how many still waiting from March?


Mossie · 28/03/2007 23:31

Five of us!

I think. Or is it four? My brain's mush atm!

If someone doesn't log on for even half a day we assume they've gone into labour!

So how many of you have popped?


bEllieK · 28/03/2007 23:35

wcl was first, due today but had him sunday
then bramshott and bubblez yesterday am, due 8th and 9th april
1b3 had her c/s for twins yesterdaay too
then mammyjo today, due 1st April

tomorrow oooggs will be induced for her twins

so 5 have gone, buut 6 babies


ceolas · 28/03/2007 23:37

yes, you may hate the behaviour, but not the people


Mossie · 28/03/2007 23:37

So what are you lot on then? Is it the castor oil, the nipple stim or...

... is it the minty sperm? Lol!!!


bEllieK · 28/03/2007 23:40

it's OCTO

she was getting impatient for babies to be born, it appears they took it to heart


Mossie · 28/03/2007 23:42

Right she needs to start sending labour vibes my way ASAP please!!!


bEllieK · 28/03/2007 23:43

how far over are you?


Mossie · 28/03/2007 23:53

Only a day! But if feels like longer!

When are you due?


bEllieK · 29/03/2007 00:05

not til 9th

but them 2 having theirs early when due same time as me is just too scary


Mossie · 29/03/2007 00:07

Actually it's past midnight now. So he's two days over. Lol he isn't even born yet and he already has a problem with attendance and punctuality!

As long as I don't have to be induced, I don't really mind. Have people started calling / texting you all the time yet?


bEllieK · 29/03/2007 00:17

no, thankfully!

i got a text from a friend last week, told him that as he's dating my bessie mate i think she'll tell him when i have it

he said to keep him posted so told him i'll be calling him ever hour when in labour so he doesn't feel he's missing out


Mossie · 29/03/2007 00:21

Lol! Why does everyone think you'll forget to tell them?

Right I'm off to bed... night xx


bEllieK · 29/03/2007 00:24

night mossie, here's hoping for a night time delivery to you!

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