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to think my DH is a running bore?

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FitbitAddict · 27/07/2017 19:24

Desired conversation:
DH: I went for a run today
Me: Ok

Actual conversation:
DH: I went for a really quick 5km round the park at lunchtime
Me: Mmm
DH: Just over 23 minutes, that's not bad, is it?
Me: silence
DH: Here's the lap times
Me: continued silence
DH reels off lap times
DH: Yes, I'm really pleased with that
Me Mmm
DH: It felt really good today

I run too, but I don't even mention it unless specifically asked! DH has to tell me every minute detail of his runs, and that can be as often as 5 times a week Hmm

OP posts:

CherryChasingDotMuncher · 27/07/2017 19:25

Oh god mine does this about what he does at the gym.

I. Don't. Care.


user1492877024 · 27/07/2017 19:27

5 km in 23 minutes is not really quick. It is indeed a respectable time but it really isn't really quick.


Blueemeraldagain · 27/07/2017 19:28

I have a running/fitness DP too. I can live with the first two statements/questions.
I don't care about lap times, number of reps etc and he doesn't tell me.


MajesticWhine · 27/07/2017 19:29

I feel your pain. I get the same from DH but cycling and swimming as well as running. I was a bit slower today I wonder if it was the weather. I was really fast today, I thought I was struggling but I beat my best time blah blah blah. Fucking get a life.


AuntieStella · 27/07/2017 19:29

Well, user that depends on how old he is and whether it's a true 5k.

What app does he use?

And was it hilly?


Whatsforu · 27/07/2017 19:29

I feel your pain. My DH is the same every detail and when I don't answer that's wrong. It's like needing constant feedback why is ok not enough!!!!arrrghhh


maras2 · 27/07/2017 19:30

I find 'SHUT UP YOU BORING BASTARD' works when DH bangs on about stuff like that. Grin
< lighthearted,obviously >


ButtMuncher · 27/07/2017 19:30

This is my not so dear (currently) partner. He thinks everyone gives a shit about the minutest detail of his life. They don't. I did used to, but when you're regaled with the same story again and again and again and whenever you achieve something it's dismissed or barely recognised, it becomes a bit tiresome Grin


CherryChasingDotMuncher · 27/07/2017 19:33

I find it very hard not to hear "blah blah blah, blah blah blah" when he talks about i, like you see in comedies. Then I have to stifle a giggle. Don't have the heart to tell him how boring he is.


MotherofPearl · 27/07/2017 19:35

I hear ya OP. My DP also expects me to take a keen interest in his running stats. This month he set himself a challenge of running at least 5km a day and has actually made himself what is effectively a giant star/sticker chart which is on the fridge, and where he records his daily stats.

I've drawn on a few stars and smiley faces to make fun of him but he takes it as genuine affirmation. Grin


FitbitAddict · 27/07/2017 19:36

user, he's 53.

OP posts:

PutItOnYourPancake · 27/07/2017 19:36

Ahh he just wants a bit of praise and validation from you! He clearly feels good about what he did - whether or not it is quick in the grander scheme of things - and it wouldn't hurt to show 30 seconds of interest in his lap times and give him a bit of support.


user1497435493 · 27/07/2017 19:37

It seems to be a thing in (some) men.

They get hold of one particular hobby, and they get fixated on it. Whether it's running, footie, golf, fishing, cars, bikes, computers yada yada. They get fixated on it, and in some cases spend shitloads of the family money on it, and think it's ok to fuck off and leave the wife with the kids while he gallivants off to his hobby/obsession.

DH is luckily not like this, but his mate 'Dan' is. (He is seperated from the woman he was with for 10 years and has 14 y.o. son.)

He is in a running group (coincidentally,) and all he does is go on and on about it. Every. Fucking. Day.

He has facebook, and out of the 150 or so pics he has posted on there in the past 2 and a half to 3 years; every last fucking one is of him running, him training, him exercising, his running group running, his running group posing. Blah blah blah. Even his SON has said 'dad, your pics are great, but it would be nice to see one that isn't related to your running hobby.' (YEP, he hasn't even put one up on facebook of his son - since 2014! Even then, there is only 3 on there!)

He is, by a country mile, definitely the dullest, most boring person I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Confused

Several other people who are obsessed with something - often a sport! (all men sorry!) are very similar. Dull and boring and consumed with their hobby/sport.

You have my deepest sympathy OP!


kalinkafoxtrot45 · 27/07/2017 19:38

We have a friend like this. Alas, none of us feel quite able to point out how dull this is.


Northernparent68 · 27/07/2017 19:39

Would it kill you to show some interest, do you think your husband finds every thing you say fascinating ?


FitbitAddict · 27/07/2017 19:41

Not at all Northern, but there's a limit, even so.

The other day I remarked that I often had to repeat myself as he would ask me the same question several times over a few days, and he replied that when I talk it's "just noise". So right now I don't really care, tbh.

OP posts:

Dentistlakes · 27/07/2017 19:42

He's just sharing something he's proud of with you. I get that you find it boring, but surely it wouldn't kill you to show a bit of interest?


user1492877024 · 27/07/2017 19:42

Then I apologise. That is quite impressive,


Dentistlakes · 27/07/2017 19:44

Ah just seen your latest comment op. If he's made that comment to you then I would just walk away when he starts talking.


Sexykitten2005 · 27/07/2017 19:44

user don't be a running snob.

I'm in the running community, we find if someone gets obsessed telling them to shut up works..... thankfully in quantity marathon circles time is less important but I do see people getting fixated on numbers and dropping times. My rule is if you pb'd or fell over I'm interested if not I don't care.


Tilapia · 27/07/2017 19:44

That was really rude of him to say you are just noise. YANBU!


GoldTippedFeather · 27/07/2017 19:46

There is a man at work just like this. We had a half marathon in our town a few months ago and he would trap people in the communal kitchen to talk at length about his training regime, diet, practice times. I was so pleased when the run actually happened, thinking it would be over but no I then had to hear him relive the race in excessive detail to each person in the office.

The thought of being married to him makes me shudder.


user1497435493 · 27/07/2017 19:47

PMSL hit a raw nerve did I @sexykitten2005

Sorry but you people generally find you boring I'm afraid.

No 'running snobbery' involved.


Intransige · 27/07/2017 19:48

He said you talking is "just noise"?? I'd have that out with him, that's really very rude and I would struggle to get past it.


user1497435493 · 27/07/2017 19:48

PMSL, hit a raw nerve did I @sexykitten2005

Sorry but people generally find you boring I'm afraid.

No 'running snobbery' involved.

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