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to be p****d off with freecycle freeloaders?

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SillyMillysMummy · 26/03/2007 16:53

i know its a green website and that, to keep stuff out of landfill, but i find the wanted posts are getting out of hand. somebody has just posted - wanted - bugaboo cameleon buggy!!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:

misdee · 26/03/2007 16:56



staceym11 · 26/03/2007 16:56

bit excessive dont you think?!

the only wanted iv put on my freecycle is for nappy nippas, which i gratefully recived, and a few people offered some cloth nappy bits which were great for us! but wouldnt put a wanted for something that excessive!!! doesnt really fit with the spirit of it does it?


EllieK · 26/03/2007 16:57

no that is pushing it a bit!
the only wanted post i've placed was for chicken wire


moopymoo · 26/03/2007 16:59

i know - i think some people are taking the p*..ive just got rid of a 3 wheeler pram, its in good condition but a bit grubby, needs a clean, covered in sun cream but would be fine. woman turned up to collect (after no show twice) and moaned that it was not clean. i said condition on post - cost 180 quid a couple of years ago and was free ffs..and i have suspicion she was just going to sell it. think ill just put stuff in quids in now. or advertise that i want...a smeg fridge, er, new car er holiday....


2shoesonanegghunt · 26/03/2007 17:01

sorry for bit of a hijack. But I have just joined the local one. how long before you can post that you want something?


misdee · 26/03/2007 17:02

offer soemthing first 2 shoes.


staceym11 · 26/03/2007 17:02

moppymoo id have had a sun creamed buggy!

i got a small freezer a few weeks ago (much needed might i add) and it was dirty but that was stated and i brought it home and cleaned it up, thats what you do with free stuff! lol


staceym11 · 26/03/2007 17:02

2 shoes, yeah you have to offer something first before you can post a wanted


2shoesonanegghunt · 26/03/2007 17:05

shit I haven't got anything. oh well backt o buying from the local homelss place


SachaF · 26/03/2007 17:07

depends on your local rules - some say you must have offered first, others don't.


nappyaddict · 26/03/2007 17:08

i have seen expensive things offered on freecycle though. the other day there was a laptop and a car offered. i was very !


EllieK · 26/03/2007 17:09

i didn't have to offer before doing a 'wanted', and don't forget that anything can be useful 2shoes, i offered cardboard boxes and loads of people wanted them!


Mossie · 26/03/2007 17:09

I've only ever posted one "wanted" ad, for a book I couldn't find in the shops, no one had it but in the end I found a copy on ebay.

Have offered stuff and responded to offers on quite a few occasions; been lucky with no-shows in that I haven't had any, not been so lucky with responding to offers; I've only "won" twice.

I don't think you're being unreasonable - I think asking for a Bugaboo cameleon buggy is taking the p* a bit, because it's so specific.

Otoh, I think if someone posted just for a generic buggy, that would be fine. I think the idea of the wanted ads is that someone will see them and it'll jog their memory that they still have one in the attic / shed that they've been umming and ahhing about what to do with for ages.

2shoes I think you can post a wanted ad immediately, you can on ours anyway.


BadHair · 26/03/2007 17:24

My local Wanteds are hilarious - at the moment two people are asking for a roofbox for a Grand Jeep Cherokee and a "spare" laptop - must have Windows XP. WTF?

Having said that, I do love Freecycle as I've recently become the very happy new owner of a rocking chair (I've always wanted one, for as long as I can remember, so am very, very chuffed).

Am amazed at the distances people will travel, though, to collect stuff - someone drove a 60 mile round trip to my house last Saturday evening to collect a 10 year old telephone. She could have bought herself a better one for a tenner in Argos and saved herself the journey!


cece · 26/03/2007 17:33

I had people fighting over a couple of conifers I was digging out of my garden!


glassslipper · 26/03/2007 17:38

i've managed to get rid of old kids pc games and toys, a compost bin, cardboard boxes and a cot mattress. all went within half an hour of me posting.

i see the wanted ads and think it is just people being too lazy to reas the posts. i saw someone asking for a piano recently and if they had checked the same page lower down they'd have seen one offered.

you are being reasonable


SillyMillysMummy · 26/03/2007 17:38

lol at the laptop one, just as i was checking this thread, mine dumped the hard drive (for the second time this month) after me being so lovely and buying one from the paper, not just expecting someone to give it to me!!!!!! you can post wanted on ours straight away 2 shoes, what is it you are wanting, not a laptop is it????

OP posts:

staceym11 · 26/03/2007 17:43

have got rid of a load of stuff too a load of cushions we had no use for, baby clothes, an old tv, etc etc etc! love the website

still LOLing at a bugaboo tho!


Spidermama · 26/03/2007 17:46

I've freecycled several things recently and they've been taken so quickly by brusque, unfriendly people who I reckon are traders.

It's certainly not the fluffy hippy environment it used to be.

I've also seen people ask for amazing things. Playstations and digital cameras.

2shoes I'm in the Brighton one and I don't think you have to offer first.


honeybrown · 26/03/2007 17:47

I adore freecycle and have decluttered quite effectively via the site! Even two old bedside tables which I thought nobody would want - the woman taking them later emailed me and said she had customised them for her daughters who were thrilled. Just goes to show that one persons junk is another persons treasure!


TrinityRhino · 26/03/2007 17:47

never tried freecycle before, can I have a link? I tried some urls but canb't find it


glassslipper · 26/03/2007 17:48



staceym11 · 26/03/2007 17:48

here and find your area


staceym11 · 26/03/2007 17:48

great minds glassslipper!!


glassslipper · 26/03/2007 17:49

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