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AIBU - BBC salaries

109 replies

Turvey94 · 19/07/2017 21:36

There is such anger at these salaries. I'm a bit conflicted tbh. Confused

I just don't think these salaries have any value when there's no benchmark? I have no idea what similar presenters get paid on competitor channels (I assume it's less). How can I judge?! Hmm

I do think the BBC provides real quality. Some of these journalists are really talented. I also love the dramas and documentaries the BBC produces... Blush

OP posts:
QueenLaBeefah · 19/07/2017 22:37

Tbh I think the BBC has really declined over the past 10yrs.

I only really watch it for the odd documentary (David Attenborough mainly).

The one show is unremitting shite and would take it off the air immediately.

mogulfield · 19/07/2017 22:38

I was annoyed how much Gary Linnekar gets compared to Claire Balding, and women literally doing the same job as men (presenting the same show for example), getting less.

RandomlyGenerated · 19/07/2017 22:49

How can Gabby Logan possibly earn more than Clare Balding? Logan's only entertainment value is that she makes a complete arse of herself on a regular basis.

ReesesPeanutButterCups · 19/07/2017 22:58

I couldn't give a shit. I care about the disparity between males and females doing similar jobs but at different rates of pay. But at the salaries themselves, not overly-interested except Chris Evans because I can't stand him

This. Other channels pay far high wages to far more people.

RiverTam · 20/07/2017 07:50

The top paid star is probably Graham Norton, they haven't included BBC Worldwide salaries in there, and what's quoted for GN is just his Radio 2 salary. I think. He must get a bomb for his chat show.

moutonfou · 20/07/2017 08:03

As I see it, the presenters aren't paid for what they do. What they do is read a script off a card, just like all footballers do is kick a ball around. But they are paid for the value they bring to the programme and to the BBC. If Chris Evans is (to me, inexplicably...) crucial to millions of listeners, perhaps the benefit to the BBC far outweighs his salary? Similarly, if the male presenters are (due to our society's preference for idolising men) bringing more value to the business, perhaps that is why they are paid more. Not that that justifies it, and it should certainly change and the BBC should lead by example.

Similarly, don't labour under any illusions that it's not the exact same situation - only with vastly higher figures - at any other broadcaster. Several ITV/C4/Sky execs went to bed very relieved that they aren't subject to this, IMO.

supermoon100 · 20/07/2017 08:05

Turned on the Today programme on radio 4 this morning as interested in how they were going to handle the story (and lusten to john humphries squirm), only to find its being presented by its two female presenters this morning! Great way to duck the controversy!

RiverTam · 20/07/2017 08:24

To be fair, John Humphreys was interviewed by Newsnight last night, and I think was perfectly accepting that the situation was poor. I think he said that he'd been given 3 pay rises without ever asking for them.

cluelessnewmum · 20/07/2017 08:26

I find it a joke that the BBC has the audacity to talk about "market forces" when they're not dictated by the same market forces as every other media outlet. They don't have to advertise and they don't have to raise their own subscription fees, these are forced out of people by law.

So I don't care what Thierry Henry is paid on Sky as that's their business. But I do care how much Gary Lineker is paid as it's public money.

As far as I'm concerned the BBC licence fee model has run its course and needs to be overhauled by a subscription or advertising model. I'm not saying that BBC doesn't produce a few good quality programmes, but it's not worth approx £12 a month to me when the likes of Netflix and Now TV is less than a tenner which I use much more, and don't have to put up with the political propaganda (which both ends of the political spectrum complain of).

cowgirlsareforever · 20/07/2017 08:31

Emily Maitliss, Clare Balding and Jane Garvey are all worth far more than they are being paid. It can only be down to sexism. I think there are issues of race too. The 6Music breakfast host is on the list but the Asian network host isn't.

redphonebox · 20/07/2017 08:31

I agree that more data is needed to fully understand the gender pay gap. But in this particular situation I don't think anything more is needed really - it's fairly obvious there's a big issue. There are male and female presenters on the same programme where the man is getting paid more!

I don't think the men should have their salaries cut though. Why not pay the women more instead?

I17neednumbers · 20/07/2017 08:32

"They don't have to advertise."

It would be interesting to know if they advertise externally for presenter-type positions. (Suspect if they do I don't read the relevant publications!)

JoshLymanJr · 20/07/2017 08:35

which both ends of the political spectrum complain of

They can't both be right - they can, however, both be wrong.

JoshLymanJr · 20/07/2017 08:41

There are male and female presenters on the same programme where the man is getting paid more!

But you have to compare like with like - for example, the Guardian illustrates the pay gap with a picture of Dan Walker and Louise Minchin from BBC Breakfast (he earns £250k-ish, she less than £150k), but it doesn't mention that he also hosts Football Focus, Final Score and fronts a lot of the BBC's football coverage.

The80sweregreat · 20/07/2017 08:45

I like the idea of being able to watch something without adverts all the time. They earn less than they would if they went to work for ITV and presenters and actors have always earned a lot , if they are top of their game, this is nothing new really.
The pay gap is appalling though - i can only think that their agents are rubbish at securing the women as good as deal as the men maybe?
That does need to be looked into.

The80sweregreat · 20/07/2017 08:47

I am sure they also earn a lot more than this in personal appearances, radio or voice over work, earnings from selling the shows abroad, plus money tends to make money. Makes me realise how poor i am in comparison!

bellasuewow · 20/07/2017 09:04

Not long ago the BBC appeared to be a haven for child sex abuse, is it that surprising that the salaries are shockingly sexist. Some posters are apologists and deniers, which I can appreciate when the truth is so awful, but there is clearly no coherent pay structure at play just an extremely outdated old boys club. I would love to hear a rationale from whoever heads up HR, Reward, Equality etc they knew gender pay reporting was coming they must have been worried surely...

DeleteOrDecay · 20/07/2017 09:07

I couldn't give a shit. I care about the disparity between males and females doing similar jobs but at different rates of pay

Same. I don't really understand why people are outraged at the actual wages.

The80sweregreat · 20/07/2017 09:11

bella, if they were worried, then they didnt say much before this report came out! I suppose they just knew it would be like that.

onwardsupwardsagain · 20/07/2017 09:17

It's so obviously a diversionary tactic by the Tories to create a backlash against the BBC to make Murdoch seem acceptable.

This thread is opening my eyes!

The80sweregreat · 20/07/2017 09:22

The Tories hate everything!
i remember Farage on five live saying he would close the BBC down! he works for LBC in the evenings.
I like the idea of no ads, so i do not begrudge my tv licence at all and i think its very good value, you get the radio too.
its certainly cheaper than Sky or other channels.

onwardsupwardsagain · 20/07/2017 09:23

Gender pay gap is an embarrassment! Jane Garvey Jenni Murray, Louise Michin and Laura K et al are doing pretty badly out of the situation... the BBC don't say they'll fix it til 2020 though!

Much more concerned regards the gender disparity than the actual figures earned.

I agree re context - hourly rate would have been more valuable information where there's no comparison available with what their Sky/itv equivalents earn...


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hackmum · 20/07/2017 09:30

I marvelled at that Casualty actor. He must have a bloody good agent.

On the whole, I think the BBC is very good value for money so I'm not really bothered, though the gender gap is shocking. I bet if all employers were forced to reveal their salaries you'd see that gender gap replicated everywhere.

The80sweregreat · 20/07/2017 09:33

Yes , why doesnt the government now pick on other employers and get them to reveal who gets what?
they wont, of course.. !

rockshandy · 20/07/2017 09:44

I couldn't give a shit about it if it was any other company.

But the BBC is funded by people who are hounded into paying and taken to court if they don't. Yes there are ways to prove you don't need to pay but only by cutting yourself off from all other TV.

Its bonkers and totally unacceptable tbh.

I have to pay the TV licence fee every year. I could really use that money tbh, we are only just getting by. So to hear the obscene amounts these people are getting paid...well it does annoy me.

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