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to be really annoyed that my kitchen's costing thousands while a friends having hers done free - AND she's moaning about it.

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Jamum · 25/03/2007 21:19


My friends has a HA house, and this years has had new double glazing and guttering - all paid for. And is now just had a lovely new kitchen fitted.

She chose the units and tiles. Has had a team of fitters, and is now waiting for the inspection team to check all the finishing touches.

AND then she's going to buy the house - but only once all the work has been completed for free.

Sorry but this makes my blood boil. We have had to save up for years to afford a new kitchen and certainly won't end up with a nice a one as she has got that my taxes have paid for.

(yes I know - it's jealousy and sour grapes)

Anyway - rant over.

OP posts:

misdee · 25/03/2007 21:22

i had a kicthen fitted by the council and a ibloody hate it. i didnt choose it or design itr and its bloody shit. can i moan or not?


WideWebWitch · 25/03/2007 21:23

Hang on, presumably she's been in a tough position to qualify for a HA place?


lulumama · 25/03/2007 21:24

erm i presume the reason she lives in a HA house is that she needs to?

i don;t like this ' i paid my taxes' therefore i can whine about anyone who receives benefits

sorry, you are being unreasonable


MrsSpoon · 25/03/2007 21:25

Surely though Jamum when she gets her valuation to buy the house it will take into account the value of the work that has been done recently?

It was years ago but when my parents bought their Council house they had to take the valuer round and tell them what improvements they had made themselves.


northerner · 25/03/2007 21:26

Well you sound like a nice friend to have


DeviousDaffodil · 25/03/2007 21:26

She's your friend, can't you be pleased for her?


VeniVidiVickiQV · 25/03/2007 21:27

Yes you are.

Its the same treatment you'd expect from any landlord. If she is buying her house afterwards - good on her. Less 'sponging' off 'our' taxes eh?


ThisEasterTime · 25/03/2007 21:27

Really surprised she has been able to choose. TBH HA houses usually have to be a pretty bad state before they get 'new'. My sister works for them.


misdee · 25/03/2007 21:27

pssst i cant never ever buy my place on 'right to buy' as its excluded from the scheme.

so can i moan? please.

god i hate it. i really really do. 2 double wall units, 2 double floor units, one single floor unit and a half one for a family of 5? really?


misdee · 25/03/2007 21:28

thiseastertime, here the council tenants can choose their new kitchens, it a new scheme.


bonkerz · 25/03/2007 21:29

Definately not unreasonable to be annoyed! I have the same with our neighbour. She is council house and so far this year has had new bathroom and kitchen fitted, new carpets throughout, new fascias and guttering and is currently having downstairs redecorated cos she is having new boiler system fitted. She boasts constantly about it. Claims she gets all this done cos she is epileptic BUT is not on medication and hasnt had a fit in 7 years. She doesnt work and has one DS who is 8 and at school. When asked why she doesnt work she says she is at college studying...spanish!!!!
Really annoying as we are currently spending £7000 having our very dated and drastically unhygenic kitchen refitted as well as new flooring etc.
Personnally i feel that if oyu rent from council or HA then maybe the maintenence of a property is your own responsibility.
Also peed with her cos she pleads poverty and we have had to replce fence panels that are her responsibilty at a cost to us of over £300 in 2 years, if we hadnt done this we wouldnt have been able to let kids use garden as it would have been open to road.


SparklyGothKat · 25/03/2007 21:29

But at least you can say that you paid for your kitchen. I have a HA house, which is a new build and I got to chose my floor and worktop, I didn't get a choice in the cupboards and handles etc. But I will never be in a postition to own my house,


fatbottomedgirl · 25/03/2007 21:29

i have exactly the same friend and i have been great mates for about 20 years,and she married a bloke a few years age, who is ok, but........and this is where my rant starts.....he has a child from a previous relationship, he doesn't pay fro, he gave up a perfectly good job, and now has a shitty badly paid job, so they get masses of benefits, and they don't have to pay child support.they have 2 children together now, and she comes to my house and moans that they don't have any money-and how "lucky" i am to have things,then she gets all these benefits, has even managed to clear their c/cards, and is set to inherit soon- a lot of money! and we are really skint- i just don't see anypoint in moaning about it. she had a new kitchen last year, and a holiday, we can't even afford to mot our car!!!!it's not just envy and sour grapes- she makes me feel guilty for having the meagre things we have,and i just want to tell her to grow up, and tell her husband to pay for his child- and get a life!- but shes been my mate for 20 years, so i just bite my lip!!!


ThisEasterTime · 25/03/2007 21:29

Thats so good and about time Misdee - in sunny Leeds (well it was today!) its normally the standard white with silver trim!


Jamum · 25/03/2007 21:32

I'm not out to offend anyone - but it seems so unfair.

She and her oh work (Her dp and my dh work together doing similair jobs), it's not as if they're on the breadline - she has far more disposable income than dh and I.

AND I know it's because she has a much nicer kitchen

OP posts:

misdee · 25/03/2007 21:33

thiseastertime, it was in my old place, ooooh those whiet with silvertrim is so retro you know, its cool

moved here and thought 'wow a new kitchen has been put in, fantastic!' but its so badly designed. if we decide to stay here after dh transplant (depends on his health) then redesigning the kitchen is on my list of things to do. dh dad can do all the fitting if we ask nicely and also the design, he did our old old old place and it was the best one we ever had and a good price too.


SparklyGothKat · 25/03/2007 21:33

never heard of a council paying for carpets!!??


misdee · 25/03/2007 21:37

neither have I sparkly.


PanicPants · 25/03/2007 21:39

Think I kindof know what you're saying. I'm having my kitchen done too, so I know it's very stressfull and that you secondguess every decision. So to see a lovely new kitchen in those circumstances could be annoying if you're not happy with yours.


VeniVidiVickiQV · 25/03/2007 21:41

As I said, councils and HA's are LANDLORDS. If you rented privately you'd expect the landlord to keep things in order. Crikey, some places you get furniture added in. Not unusual is it?

Anyway, the thing with buying your own HA/Council place is that it will never be worth as much as an average house of same dimensions on an average street. Simply because it is ex HA/Council. Worth bearing in mind?

Oh, and you really dont have to spend £7000 on a can be done far cheaper than that.


bonkerz · 25/03/2007 21:42

New bathroom meant new tiles which she got to choose (floor and walls) New kitchen meant new lino flooring and new carpet on stairs, hall and lounge due to damage caused by workmen! Decorating done because she is on benefits and is on long term sick.


bonkerz · 25/03/2007 21:44

havent spent £7000 pn kitchen BTW Kitchen costing £3400 with new cooker etc and flooring is £1500 as have 50sq ft area. Res is on luxuries like new furniture etc. I know its our choice but just annoyed that neighbour gets it for free and doesnt work BUT me and DH work hard for our money!


SparklyGothKat · 25/03/2007 21:45

I see, so they are just replacing her damaged carpets due to their mess up. If you had a carpet ruined by workmen, you could want someone to pay for new carpets yes??


fatbottomedgirl · 25/03/2007 21:46

we all work hard, whether for financial gain or unpaid at home. and i know benefits are there to help- iv'e had to live off them in the past, but we all know people who rip the system off, adn brag about it, its not selfish to be annoyed and hurt when others get a free ride beacause they can't be bothered to try harder, or make any sacrifice.begrudging people who rip off benefits is not the same as people who for one reason or another are in the position to have to live their lives at some point in receipt of benefits.jamum you are not being selfish, maybe your friend should be more thoughtful before she brags next time- if the shoe was on the other foot, would she be pleased fro you?


bonkerz · 25/03/2007 21:47

yes BUT they agreed to replace beofre work was done as as it was she sold her old carpets to neighbour the other side of me as there was no damage!

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