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I don't want to think about silly things like that

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WashedOutFromWork · 16/07/2017 11:39

We have a problem in our relationship, dp seems to think he's super intelligent and can't be thinking about "silly things" like what time to have dinner tonight.

So as not to dripfeed I have done all the cooking for the past 4 weeks! He hasn't done any.

The conversation went like this

Me "I'll make dinner and you make breakfast"

Him "ok, what're you going to make?"

Me "a roast"

Him "as long as it doesn't take over the time for our game"

Me "well, shall I make it for 5:30?"

Him snapping and getting angry "oh I don't know, I don't want to think about silly things like that"

Me "what do you mean? We were just discussing it..."

Him "I mean me, I don't want to think about those silly things"

I'm so annoyed, he is so self centred, anything I say is usually ignored and sighed off until he's ready to have a long lecture about some political thing and all these ideas he's had! I'm so fed up of it, like he's too important and smart to do anything around here or to even think about any of it!

Aibu to feel this way? Given what he said there, or did I read it wrong...

OP posts:
StarryCorpulentCunt · 16/07/2017 16:33

If he's so clever that he is above thinking about day to day stuff like dinner then he should be smart enough to sort his own bloody computer. If he isn't then what exactly is he good for? Tell him to fuck off and don't you dare cook for him. He makes you feel undervalued, unappreciated and acts like he is better than you. If he doesn't mean it like that then he needs to stop doing it, step up and be a fucking partner. If he does intend to sound like that then he can get the fuck out because you can do so much better OP and that is what you need to tell him.

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