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Baby bump too big

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Worriednearlymum · 07/07/2017 13:51

Posting for traffic and a hand hold.

First baby and I'm 37 weeks. So far all straightforward and I've been lucky. My normal midwife has been very supportive and not concerned with my raised bmi of over 30 as otherwise healthy and baby doing well.

Saw another midwife yesterday and she's referred me for a growth scan as bump is too big. She says it's hard to measure accurately as I'm fat and that she wants to have a check. Previously checked for DM and all ok.

Whilst I'm grateful for the NHS and availability of additional checks I'm petrified I've harmed the baby or I'm going to have a huge 12lb baby. I feel like I've let everyone down and I'm not cut out to be a mum. I've been upset since I saw her yesterday and still have until middle of next week before scan.

Has anyone else been here and it's been ok. Sorry for the long post.

OP posts:
QueenAmongstMen · 19/12/2017 09:56

My BMI was 20 when I fell pregnant sbf my bump was huge - off the scale.

I was sent for a growth scan and they predicted a 9-10lb baby but when he came he was was only 8lb 8oz.

In my second pregnancy I was huge again but the midwife sent me for a scan because she said I was too small?! That baby came out at 8lb 13.

It's all very hit and miss - don't worry yourself.

AnonymousToday2 · 19/12/2017 09:58

Growth scans seem to be the new 'thing'. I had to have two earlier this year with Ds3 as I was measuring too big.

I know four other women who've had babies this year (and are normal weight) and they've all had to go back for a growth scan due to apparently measuring too big or small. I don't know anyone that had extra scans a few years ago though.

Joinourclub · 19/12/2017 10:02

Bump measuring is inaccurate. In the area where I had my first baby they didn't even do bump measuring.

Roomba · 19/12/2017 10:04

My friend's bump was enormous! She got so sick of people asking if she was having twins and had several growth scans as she was measuring way above. Scans said her baby would be approx 9.5 lbs - He was 8lb 4oz. I think with her it was the position he was wedged in - it made her bump stick way out and look bigger than it was iyswim.

I do have a 5'3" friend who was told to expect a ten pounder though - he was 12lb 10oz! Her bump wasn't actually that big actually, it was scans which picked up the baby was big.

theimportanceofbeinghappy · 19/12/2017 10:04

I was pretty neat and had a 9lb baby.

Roomba · 19/12/2017 10:05

Oh FFS just noticed the baby is probably at preschool by now...

BonfiresOfInsanity · 19/12/2017 10:08

I measured big with DS2 and was referred for a scan at about 37-38 weeks. The radiographer said normal size baby about 7lbs he turned out to be over 10lbs. BUT I had a normal delivery with him and we're all fine, he was very long rather than massive head! Good luck, genuinely try to stay calm if you can, getting yourself stressed out won't help you or anyone else. Flowers

Didntcomeheretofuckspiders · 19/12/2017 13:01

Do you have a growth chart? If you start to plot much higher on that chart than you did previously, you get referred for a growth scan. It’s very routine and not a big problem, I promise! The concern is mostly that small babies get missed (and they do often need induction and/or extra support after birth) so measuring large is much less of an issue, they’ll just check your fluid levels and do a few measurements on baby. Most units won’t even offer induction for ‘large baby’ unless there is other concerns. They might ask you to measure your blood sugars (sometimes ladies get later onset gestational diabetes) if baby seems big.

There is a big discrepancy in measurements so it might be worth getting your usual midwife to re-check?

YorkieDorkie · 19/12/2017 13:05

I have a BMI around 30 and my bump was too small so I had a growth scan and all was bang on normal. I don't think that overweight necessarily means oversized baby but a higher risk. Fingers crossed all is okay anyway OP. Your midwife is just doing her job, try not to be upset.

YorkieDorkie · 19/12/2017 13:06

Sorry tried to RTFT but it hadn't loaded! Thanks for the update Smile

Sleepdeprived91 · 19/12/2017 14:17

I was sent in for a growth scan as they believed DD was too small, came out 2 weeks later at 8lb 11oz!

crackerjacket · 19/12/2017 14:20

Crikey op, so it's all systems go chez toi eh Grin

LittleRen · 19/12/2017 14:54

Don't worry, it's often inaccurate. I have always had really small neat bumps but I have had an 8lb and then a 9lb baby... I am also 37 weeks, due 10th Jan, carrying the same again but I fully expect a 10lb baby to come out.

Also if it makes you feel any better my 9lb baby came out without a scratch, I even had suction - no tear or anything, so a big baby isn't always more difficult to get out. Good luck! When is your due date?

LittleRen · 19/12/2017 14:55

Just realised total zombie thread!

Stickerrocks · 19/12/2017 14:59

My baby was expected to be a little boy weighing at least 9lbs according to the scans and midwives. She arrived 12 days late weighing just over 5lbs.. Her first sleepsuits (red, navy blue & lime green) had to have knots tied in the legs as they were so big compared to her. They can get it horribly wrong!

Stickerrocks · 19/12/2017 15:00

Spotted the zombie post. Now I'm desperate to know what she had & how big it was.

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