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AIBU/WWYD re school holiday fines?

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Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 12:53

I suppose this is more of a WWYD, but the traffic is good here. Just a quick survey of your thoughts and opinions?

When my DD was in yr 6 and my DS was pre reception, we took a wonderful family holiday to florida, My DD missed the last 4 days of primary school before finishing forever (pre year 7). This was before school fines!

Roll forward 7 years exactly (2018), My DD will be 18 and just finished yr 13 and my ds will be 11 just finishing yr 6, we want to do the same again, (my DS cannot remember the previous holiday at all Sad) DS finishes school for good on fri 20th july 2018. I have checked the prices for that week, If we go on the tuesday (16th) it will be £700-800 cheaper!!!

Now, Apart from the previous holiday 7 years ago as mentioned, we have NEVER taken the kids out of school for a holiday, and I am very conscious that this will likely be our last proper family holiday together before my DD goes off to uni in the september and potentially starts a whole new life. DS attendance has always been very good.

£700-£800 is a huge saving and would go towards a hire car and park tickets and as this holiday is already uber expensive, I would obviously like to avoid paying more than needed!

I guess what I am asking is, AIBU to take DS out for his very last 4 days before going up to secondary? would you do it and If any of you have experience with fines, what is likely to happen If we do?

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Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 12:53

Sorry... should have said long post! Blush

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WaaWaaWaaa · 07/07/2017 12:55

Do it. The fine cant be as much as you will save surely and if hes leaving anyway it cant hurt...

caffeinestream · 07/07/2017 12:57

I would do it, honestly.

Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:02

Thanks guys! I always get 'white coat syndrome' over these things and hate breaking any rules, but as it is just his last few days it seems so pointless to pay the extra! Would you ask permission from the head/lie (feign illness) or just fess up at the time? Confused

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Angelicinnocent · 07/07/2017 13:03

We have to do it every year as the only school holidays where we can have time off is in February and it's only 1 week school holiday. We miss 3 or 4 days before the term finishes but the DC have always been and got any holiday homework from their teachers in advance so they don't really miss much.

Your DC won't miss anything. DD will have finished and DS will not still be working. Check if he will miss any transition days etc for settling into secondary.

If you do get fined, it's still cheaper just make sure you pay it as soon as it arrives.

grasspigeons · 07/07/2017 13:03

I doubt you'd get fined.
Is your child happy with missing the last day with all the shirt signing etc

CotswoldStrife · 07/07/2017 13:04

Does your DS want to go on the holiday or stay in school - they do tend to do things for the leavers in that week.

Check your local council about the possibility of a fine, it may be 10 sessions (5 days) that is the trigger.

Firenight · 07/07/2017 13:05

Just ask the schools. Our headteacher is very good about it and gives permission. No fines so long as you aren't taking the piss all the time.

Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:06

Yeah, he is thrilled, we live in a village so he will still see his friends, plus we gave him the option, leavers bbq/assembly (all thats really happening) or disney/universal. Guess which he chose? Grin

OP posts:
minionsrule · 07/07/2017 13:07

My only reservstion is what your dd will miss, not education wise but last day ever at primary? Leavers party? My ds is in year 7 now and leaving primary was quite a big thing esp as a lot if his best friends were going to diff secondary schools.
Might not seem a big deal now but be prepared for upset dd if she misses these things

minionsrule · 07/07/2017 13:07

X post

Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:08

Thanks firenight I would always prefer to be honest, but wasnt sure If I would be putting the head in a difficult position you know?

OP posts:
Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:09

I might offer him the option of a little summer bbq at home for him and his closest school friends when we get back...

Maybe that would help.

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user1495884620 · 07/07/2017 13:10

Assuming that they will be moving schools, deregister them for the last week, no worries then about losing your school place.

Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:11

Interesting idea User, hadnt thought of that!

OP posts:
4sausages · 07/07/2017 13:13

Yanbu. We took our lot out 3 days before the end of the school year a couple of years ago. I filled out a school holiday form and it asked for reasons for taking the children away during school term time. Cost was one reason, big once-in-a-blue-moon holiday another, also having to be home in time for DDs big exam results. It was approved by the headteacher, though our letter stated that he expected us not to do it again during their time at that school!
Sounds like you have pretty much the same reasons so may not get fined if you apply properly.

grobagsforever · 07/07/2017 13:13

5 days is the fine trigger. Do it. I took DD (year 2) out this year for three days. Meant we could have an otherwise unaffordable break.

Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:19

"also having to be home in time for DDs big exam results."

This is a bloody good point/reason that I hadn't even considered! Thanks so much!

OP posts:
bruffin · 07/07/2017 13:25

Is it really that much cheaper.we were in a similar position a few years back with dc leaving school and flights were the same price all the way from late June onwards, no savings at all. We ended up going last year on 20th August for 3 weeks to california as the flights were cheaper by about £400 each
If you look on BA its cheaper on the 19th than the 16th and on Thomsons the 18th is cheapest. Virgin atlantic flights to Miami are the same price every day in July

pilates · 07/07/2017 13:28

Yes I would do it. They don't do much the last few days. Will he miss leaving party?

Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:28

Genuinely bruffin,

14 days in a hotel we have previously stayed in and loved, plus flights was £6850 on all other days that week and up to 7k the following week. On the tuesday of that week, it was only (Shock) £6078 ish.

OP posts:
one2three4five · 07/07/2017 13:29

Go go go go go! Definitely go, and don't even feel bad about it! We just got back from Florida with our four year old, it's such an amazing place! Grin

Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 13:29

I say ONLY through gritted teeth... lol.

OP posts:
Maxandrubyrubyandmax · 07/07/2017 13:32

GO - in all reality what will they be doing in those last few days?? We have taken our son out for a few days - here and there - (although if mid term we made sure we did a bit of catching up at home). As I'm the parent I am quite capable of making decisions as to what is best for may child and how to manage it. I suspect this might be the last family holiday you have (I guess after this your eldest will be too busy larging it up in Ibiza) that is so much more beneficial to you all than the outside possibility of your youngest learning something in those last few days of primary (anything learned then will be forgotten by September anyway). Go book it

moobeana · 07/07/2017 13:32

My only thing is, most schools round here use he last 3 days to go to their new secondary schools. Kind off a crossover/ introduction day. It might be worth finding out about the induction days before booking!

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