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AIBU/WWYD re school holiday fines?

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Flumpernickel · 07/07/2017 12:53

I suppose this is more of a WWYD, but the traffic is good here. Just a quick survey of your thoughts and opinions?

When my DD was in yr 6 and my DS was pre reception, we took a wonderful family holiday to florida, My DD missed the last 4 days of primary school before finishing forever (pre year 7). This was before school fines!

Roll forward 7 years exactly (2018), My DD will be 18 and just finished yr 13 and my ds will be 11 just finishing yr 6, we want to do the same again, (my DS cannot remember the previous holiday at all Sad) DS finishes school for good on fri 20th july 2018. I have checked the prices for that week, If we go on the tuesday (16th) it will be £700-800 cheaper!!!

Now, Apart from the previous holiday 7 years ago as mentioned, we have NEVER taken the kids out of school for a holiday, and I am very conscious that this will likely be our last proper family holiday together before my DD goes off to uni in the september and potentially starts a whole new life. DS attendance has always been very good.

£700-£800 is a huge saving and would go towards a hire car and park tickets and as this holiday is already uber expensive, I would obviously like to avoid paying more than needed!

I guess what I am asking is, AIBU to take DS out for his very last 4 days before going up to secondary? would you do it and If any of you have experience with fines, what is likely to happen If we do?

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Mulberry72 · 07/07/2017 15:06

My DS is Y5 going into Y6, we're taking him out of school for the last week of term as the cost of our flights increased by £1k if we flew when school had finished.

Even if we get fined it's still cheaper than going a week later.

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