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Does this hack anyone else off?

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powder28 · 23/03/2007 10:29

When I park my car somewhere that i can open my doors wide enough to get my kids out and someone comes and parks right next to me.

The car park could be completely empty and someone will want to park next to me.

I had an argument on a car park with a stupid woman who stood in the space next to mine and her husband was waiting in his car to come into it stopping all the cars behind him. I was giving my babya bottle at the time. There were loads of spaces and i pointed this out to her. She got quite aggressive. Another lady came over and had a go at her, and the woman got funny with her too.

Also the other day my husband was getting my son out of the car andthere was a woman BACKING into the space. I thought she hadnt seen him but she obviously had cos she just sat there as if we were in her way!
The car park wasnt full.

OP posts:
fortyplus · 26/03/2007 22:42

I used to have a Metro, which as you know is a very small car.

TWICE I came back to it in Sainsbury's car park to find that someone had left a trolley parked behind it in the handy 3 foot long gap.

I had child seats in the car at the time.

What sort of lazy arse would not bother to take their trolley back and leave it behind someone else's car so that they had to deal with it?

ThrowbackTo07 · 10/11/2022 23:46

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