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Does this hack anyone else off?

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powder28 · 23/03/2007 10:29

When I park my car somewhere that i can open my doors wide enough to get my kids out and someone comes and parks right next to me.

The car park could be completely empty and someone will want to park next to me.

I had an argument on a car park with a stupid woman who stood in the space next to mine and her husband was waiting in his car to come into it stopping all the cars behind him. I was giving my babya bottle at the time. There were loads of spaces and i pointed this out to her. She got quite aggressive. Another lady came over and had a go at her, and the woman got funny with her too.

Also the other day my husband was getting my son out of the car andthere was a woman BACKING into the space. I thought she hadnt seen him but she obviously had cos she just sat there as if we were in her way!
The car park wasnt full.

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OrmIrian · 23/03/2007 14:47

Kitty - but wherever you stop your trolley will get in someone's way. When mine were little enough to go in trolley seats and they needed nose/wiping/a drink/talking to you could bet wherever I stopped there was someone 2 milliseconds later tutting at me because I had chosen to stop in front of the taco/honey/Yaksmilk butter stand. Stopped once in the lobby bit of Asda and got in the way of an old lady with a zimmer frame trying to get the the toilets.....

powder28 · 23/03/2007 14:49

Tesco is the worst for trolley rage

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rowan1971 · 23/03/2007 14:52

Trolley rage not helped by supermarkets' policy of restocking shelves from something the size of a Golf, which they helpfully park in the middle of the aisle and leave there until the end of shift.

lizziemun · 23/03/2007 15:08


Not only do have to open the wide to put dd in her seat, but i am a short a*se (only 5ft) i have to open my door wide so i can get in my seat as it's quite far forward.

I move the door mirror's so when they get in to drive away they have to adjust them.

Me and my sister have been known to put things or move trolley which have been abandoned in supermarket isle's

handlemecarefully · 23/03/2007 16:55

Ah but lizziemum, if your pre-schooler needs the loo whilst you are shopping you don't take your shopping trolley with you do you! - you leave it in the aisle

deepinlaundry · 23/03/2007 17:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

powder28 · 23/03/2007 17:04

I was sitting in my car once and the man in the car next to me got out of his car and banged my door with his. When he noticed i was in the car giving him evils he nearly jumped out of his skin. He said sorry though.

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lizziemun · 23/03/2007 17:12


Luckly for me she takes after her dad and only can last for hours, she only goes 4 or 5 times a day.

But yes if i need the loo i do take it with me and leave outside the loo where there is space.

losty · 23/03/2007 17:17

similarly, when sitting in a restaurant/cafe on on a bench in the park etc - I can guarantee someone will come and sit next to us even if there are ample other tables nearby. And the worst thing is when they then tut loudly if my children make some noise

I went to Bluewater on the day it snowed heavily. It was completely empty. We had lunch in John Lewis. There were about 5 tables in use. Out of the usual 200. And then a delightful retired well to do couple came and sat right next to us. And proceeded to talk in not so quiet voices to each other about the fact that my DS2 was eating his lunch with his fingers


powder28 · 23/03/2007 17:21

Did you remind the couple it was rude to eat with their mouths open?

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ProfYaffle · 23/03/2007 17:41

Morrison are the worst for the trolley-aisle-blocking thing. They insist on putting huge baskets of 'special offer' stuff in the aisles, causing huge trolley jams. It's the only reason I don't do big shops in there.

powder28 · 23/03/2007 17:43

Prof, have you seen the thread i started the other day? aibu:this will make you laugh...

The morrissons debate goes on!

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Babyramone · 23/03/2007 17:59

This once happened to me as I was being violently sick.
I'd did something to the cartledge in my knee was on dihydrocodeine for the pain, Unfortunatly they made me very whoozey. I'd gone with my mum to homebase and informed her I was about to be very sick, so she parked away from the all the other cars and low and behold the next person to enter carpark parks right beside us in next space on my side.
They got out too be confronted with me vomiting on the tarmac.
Best thing is we where about as far from entrance as you could get,so I've no idea why they had to park there.

handlemecarefully · 23/03/2007 23:12


Clearly you haven't thought this through. It is not possible to take your trolley to the loo with you unless you first take it to the checkout and then pay for your half completed shopping; and by that time my (2 year old, recently potty trained) child would have pissed his pants.

I could of course rush past the cashier with my trolley without paying for the goods (to avoid offending people like yourself and your equally public spirited sister by leaving the trolley in an aisle - god forbid! shudder!)but then I would risk being strong armed by the security guard for shoplifting, ...after having persuaded him that we aren't pinching our groceries but my child merely wants to use the facilities (again, by which time ds would have pissed his pants)I could steer it into the toilet cubicle with us(hygenic - nice)

Ah a thought has just occurred to me - alternatively I could catheterise ds before grocery shopping so that we are future proofed against trolley in aisle leaving eventualities

Btw, what planet are we on atm?

kimi · 23/03/2007 23:17

Lizziemun, LOL I have been known to do this to the people who leave their trolly's in the middle of the alse and wonder off to look at stuff. I have also been known to move the trolly's

handlemecarefully · 23/03/2007 23:18


CristinaTheAstonishing · 23/03/2007 23:48

I'm not very confident about parking. When I get the car into the car park at the back of the block I will park near one that's already there rather than another space nearby as I find it easier to guide me in than parking between two white lines. Never thought it odd. If I'm on a half-empty train I don't sit near another person, that would feel odd.

lizziemun · 24/03/2007 07:47


The loos in the asda near me have the loo's by customer services so you don't need to go through the till's.

handlemecarefully · 24/03/2007 09:20

I am sure that you will appreciate that not all supermarkets have an identical layout to your local Asda!

Elasticwoman · 24/03/2007 17:35

Many car parks are v mean with width of spaces.

I favour online shopping to get round parking rage problem.

Rubybees · 26/03/2007 21:31

lol I cause trolley rage by taking time around the shops!!

LowFatMilkshake · 26/03/2007 21:37

Agree peple can be a**holes in carparks. We have a car seat each side at the back. Easy for DD to get in either side and climb if ness. But DS is in a baby car seat that has a base unit in the car - not easy for DH and I to pass him through one side to the other - but we have done it on occasion.

However in Tesco last week a stupid white van parked so close to use that we could'nt get the car seat in and DD was already in the car and it was not the nicest weather, so DH had to reverse before DS and I could get in. What made it worse was the git or a driver still sintting in the drivers seat pretenfing to read the paper as we struggled trying to get our two young children in the car in the wind and rain

2shoesonanegghunt · 26/03/2007 22:03

normaly I avoid these threads(ok not all the time) as I haven't got little ones. BUT today i parked my big van in the asda carpark. I parked it all on it's own. came back and some twat had parked so close i nearly had to climb on their car to get in mine. made me realise how hard it must be when you have little ones with you.

runkid · 26/03/2007 22:34

If we where all a bit more considerate the world would be a better place

A lady parked next to me at an angle in her space so that the side her child was sat was very close to my car. So she proceeded to open the door banging it against my wheel arch and wheni asked her to be careful of my paintwork she replied well i cant get my child out !! I did point out to her politely that maybe she should park straight.
I also have children so i no how hard it can be but i wouldnt dream of damaging someones car

powder28 · 26/03/2007 22:37

She parked next to you and then made out it was your fault she couldnt get her child out? Thats messed up.

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