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Does this hack anyone else off?

52 replies

powder28 · 23/03/2007 10:29

When I park my car somewhere that i can open my doors wide enough to get my kids out and someone comes and parks right next to me.

The car park could be completely empty and someone will want to park next to me.

I had an argument on a car park with a stupid woman who stood in the space next to mine and her husband was waiting in his car to come into it stopping all the cars behind him. I was giving my babya bottle at the time. There were loads of spaces and i pointed this out to her. She got quite aggressive. Another lady came over and had a go at her, and the woman got funny with her too.

Also the other day my husband was getting my son out of the car andthere was a woman BACKING into the space. I thought she hadnt seen him but she obviously had cos she just sat there as if we were in her way!
The car park wasnt full.

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 23/03/2007 10:31

it hacks me off if we are trying to getinto a space when someone does exactly what YOU do

you get one space not 2. Not up to you to decide where ppl park

powder28 · 23/03/2007 10:37

I only take up one space.

OP posts:
hippipotami · 23/03/2007 10:39

Of course people can park wherever they like, but surely people can use an ounce of common courtesy? If the carpark has plenty of spaces, why would I squeeze my car next to someone else? Especially if I see them getting in or out of the car or putting children in buggies.

powder28 · 23/03/2007 10:40

Thank you hippi. Someone with some sense!!

OP posts:
wanderingstar · 23/03/2007 10:42

I agree with you too powder. It's a stupid herding mentality that does things to people. Why all crowd in together when there are spaces elsewhere ? Doubtless in summer they set up their beach camp in someone else's face rather than walking along an extra 20 feet.

kittywaitsfornumber6 · 23/03/2007 10:56

Have you noticed that people in say supermarkets will always chose to stop their trolley at the narrowest point possible, usually right oppostie another trolley ?
They could stop anywhere but it has to be at the point which causes the most inconvenience.
I have also noticed that if I am standing waiting for someone say outside a shop I will always try and tuck myself out of the way, but someone will ALWAYS come and want to get to where I am standing, even if it is in some corner where there is nothing to look at.
It's as if in their subconscious they think that because someone is standing there there must be something really interesting that they are missing out on.

powder28 · 23/03/2007 11:02

Kitty that made me laugh. I find in supermarkets i can be looking at something on a shelf and there wont be anyone there and suddenly a whole flock of people will want to get where i am making me feel like im in their way!
My husband is alway saying things like 'just stop in the middle of the aisle then' under his breath when we are out shopping. I had to laugh though cos the other day i stopped in the middle of an aisle to look at something and i heard a man behind me say exactly the same thing.

OP posts:
powder28 · 23/03/2007 11:22

Sometimes if i park, and the carpark isnt full, i do park in two spaces if there are no mother and baby spaces, and, shock, even if the kids arent with me. Only really on supermarket carparks cos you can get a ticket on other car parks.

OP posts:
millysimmons · 23/03/2007 11:52

p28, I shout at people who park in parents & kids spaces when they dont have them with them!! If on a very bad mood will go on & on & have got some people to move!!! God I really sound like no life!!

DominiConnor · 23/03/2007 11:57

We have a narrow road, and getting DS into a car seat can take a minute of two.
People try honking at me.
This is a mistake.
Tpyical response is to finish putting DS in. Wait a minute. Then stand arms folded for a while.
Then I invite them to get out and apologise to DS, pointing out that they are in far more if a rush than I am.
Part of me feels bad about it because it's almost always women, and I was brought up not to use my size and rather forceful way of putting things against ladies.
And yes, a good % of them have kids in the car.

powder28 · 23/03/2007 11:57

I have seen people shouting at people who do that.

OP posts:
powder28 · 23/03/2007 12:00

I really couldnt give two hoots where people park. I just want to be able to get my kids ion and out of the car without someone giving me grief in any way.
Yes, it is mainly women, in my experience that do it. Although the day i had the argument with that woman her husband was sat in the car revving his engine. I actually stood in the space andhe drove at me.

OP posts:
Bambiraptor · 23/03/2007 12:10

I hate the fact that people will shout at complete strangers. Maybe they are in a genuine hurry to get somewhere and you are deliberately being slow. Talk about being the centre of your own universe..... the world must wait while I go about my business. Not nice IMO.

mamhaf · 23/03/2007 12:18

There's probably a psychology thesis in this - it really hacks me off too when the car park is empty and there are plenty of other spaces available. I also hate being followed closely around a car park by someone else trying to park when they have a choice of loads of other spaces and lanes to drive down. Btw reversing into a space is much safer - apparently most car park accidents happen when people reverse OUT.

MagicalMay · 23/03/2007 13:59

millysimmons - so im not the only 1 then
I get so so so so annoyed when a fancy car parks in a Parent & child space. I had my dad walk off with my DD the other week as i had a go at a guy who parked nxt to me in the last parent space, there was a mum wanting to park and he went to walk off. I made him move
Most places have only a few parking spaces for us. I would much prefer someone taking up 2 normal spaces then them parking in Parent place.

alittlebitshy · 23/03/2007 14:04

mamhaf - thanks for telling me that. I only passed in august and i hate driving and parking. (I have had 2 little scrapes in a car park (only one with a car).....) and i find it so much easier being able to drive straight out. I know i take my time reversing in but i feel a lot safer doing that than trying to reverse OUT!!!!

pansypants · 23/03/2007 14:17

my dh has that herd mentality, but without impatience, i otoh, prefer to park away from the herdeven with a baby, however pity the fool that parks near a child and parent spot, if these people in expensive car thougt twice they would realise that buggy, shopping trrolley , toddler full of e nos may not constitute a safe car
my angt is people who park on doulbe yellows in supermarkets to use the cash machines , blocking car and pedestrians from using the road, whenthey could walk 2 metres and get a car parking spot

Ripeberry · 23/03/2007 14:31

One day i was parked in a regular space in a Tesco car park and my DD2 was on the drivers side.
After shopping came back to find someone had parked DIAGONALLY in the space next to me so there was no way i could get the rear door open to get my dd2 in.
And on the other side someone had parked really close to the passenger door.
Lucky i'm not too fat so i just managed to squeeze in and had to move the car forward just to get DD2 in.
Left both car drivers some choice words scribbled on some paper and stuck on their window.
Next time i'll use some Tesco potatoes and stick them up their pipes!
Sorry, feeling evil today.

handlemecarefully · 23/03/2007 14:33

Oh for heaven's sake, most people have more on their mind than to try and have to determine whether or not you have a child seat in your car before deciding whether to park next to you or not!

friendlyedjit · 23/03/2007 14:38

most of the time its ok...but the rest of the time...........arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

i'd quite like a car with slide doors for that very reason.

The other thing that drives me bananas is when you're patiently waiting for a spaace when car park full and someone nips in and nicks it... I just wouldn't have the gaul to do that.

compo · 23/03/2007 14:40

do you have a posh car?
Dh often parks next to a more expensive car than ours so that it is unlikely ours will be the one to get nicked

handlemecarefully · 23/03/2007 14:40

Oh I agree with your last point. That's just rude!

I've had people park next to me when I've had to get 2 year old into car seat. It's irritating yes - but I they've done nothing wrong so I just get on with it the best I can...

handlemecarefully · 23/03/2007 14:41

meant agree with friendly edjit btw!

friendlyedjit · 23/03/2007 14:43

yep you're entirely right- sometimes you just have to say "what the hell" and stick pins in the voodoo doll later!!!! ( only joking)

handlemecarefully · 23/03/2007 14:45
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