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To spoil Katie Hopkins holiday by giving her a piece of my mind

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S0ph1a · 02/07/2017 19:34

I'm on a family holiday in a Mediterranean resort and guess who else is staying here?

I'm sorely tempted to go up and tell her what a horrible, hate filled, divisive person she is and that most educated and intelligent people in the country despise what she stands for.

OP posts:
StickThatInYourPipe · 02/07/2017 20:12

She would love it why waste your breath? Equally she is more likely to ruin your holiday than the other way around

Lynnm63 · 02/07/2017 20:13

Could you say I think I know you aren't you, weren't you on Jeremy Kyle.

abtnurse · 02/07/2017 20:13

I don't think there is ever a reason to invade someone's space like that. Don't lower yourself to her level. Write comments to her articles, etc. but leave her alone. She is on holiday and entitled to her privacy.

S0ph1a · 02/07/2017 20:14

Sadly not by the pool, it's 10pm at night here and we are all in the bar listening to the "entertainment" . It's full of middle class families with young kids, we will all be tucked up in bed by 11pm. No chance of a photo of her dancing on the bar at 3am Grin.

The British bar staff etc know who she is . Apparently they were assuredly by their manager that she's a nice person really and not to judge her by what she writes Hmm Hmm. The ones I spoke to said "if that's true, it makes it even worse " . They may be in their twenties but they are not stupid.

Pretty sure the local staff don't give a flying fuck.

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 02/07/2017 20:14

Yes she's with her DD

Where are her other 2 children?

Maxandrubyrubyandmax · 02/07/2017 20:15

Walk up to her and say would she mind doing a picture, hand her you phone when she's goes to do a selfie of you both look horrified and say no I meant of me and DH walk away shaking your head. Tell her she looks vaguely familier then mention something about mil older sister! Trip over near her sun longer and throw a very sticky cocktail over her (if you can collect some DH canthrow some ants over her too)

PopcornNRedwine · 02/07/2017 20:15

Don't give someone a piece of your mind unless you can afford it

squishysquirmy · 02/07/2017 20:15

Only if you have the strongest of stomachs:
Pretend to be a fan. Gush over how much you agree with her, how she is the only one telling it how it is and isn't she brave etc. Then start slipping in your own controversial, right wing opinions - all the time as though you 100% assume she agrees. "Ooh Katie, you were so right about the final solution! I can't believe you were silenced, stupid libt*s etc" Get steadily worse and worse, really channel the most insane, paranoid infowars/Breitbart rants until you are singing the praises of Hitler, just to see at which point she starts to become uncomfortable.

NameChanger22 · 02/07/2017 20:15

Dog poo in shoe.

justanotheryoungmother · 02/07/2017 20:15

Jealous, wish I could tell her with you!

kateclarke · 02/07/2017 20:16

It would be great fun, but I would leave it.
I would worry it would put her in a bad mood and affect her dds holiday.

muckypup73 · 02/07/2017 20:17

I agree with others pretend you do not know who she is.

Orlantina · 02/07/2017 20:18

just to see at which point she starts to become uncomfortable


LucieLucie · 02/07/2017 20:19

What a horrible, nasty hate filled thread.

Leave the woman and her family alone Angry

Look at yourselves...what exactly is it you hate about her again?
Double standards?

RaspberryBeretHoopla · 02/07/2017 20:21

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

GriefLeavesItsMark · 02/07/2017 20:22

Why not pretend to be an 'owner' of a multi-marketing business (eg Timeless Vie) and try to sell her a cure for her 'dreadful flatulance'

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 02/07/2017 20:23

No she'd love the attention and The fact that you knew who she was.
And She is on holiday, after all.

Ellisandra · 02/07/2017 20:23

She was at Mark Warner Rhodes, half term Oct 2015.
I'm your "holidayed in an overseas British with KH" twin Grin

BrexitSucks · 02/07/2017 20:24

She likes attention. Don't give it to her.

katronfon · 02/07/2017 20:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsTerryPratchett · 02/07/2017 20:25

What a horrible, nasty hate filled thread.

Leave the woman and her family alone

a) I assume people are joking; I was
b) She called for a Final Solution. Even dog poo in the shoe is fairly tame compared to wishing genocide on groups of people.

NameChanger22 · 02/07/2017 20:29

Dog poo in shoe is very, very tame compared to wishing genocide on people.

S0ph1a · 02/07/2017 20:29

You know lucie, I don't make hundreds of thousands of pounds spreading hatred and fear about the most marginalised members of our society.

So no, I'm not remotely on the same level as her. You have strange idea of moral equivalence.

disappointed the polonium was a joke

OP posts:
LucieLucie · 02/07/2017 20:29

Joking?! So that's okay then?!
So if KH was to call out some vile threats towards someone would it be excusable as she was joking? Hmm

And as for equating final solution to genocide, that's absolutely abhorrent.

Very twisted, hateful thinking.

NashvilleQueen · 02/07/2017 20:31

I would try and engage her in friendly conversation in which she confesses that everything she spouts is utter bollocks just for the Britain First gobshites and that she only does it for the fame because she's become so dependent on being in the public eye that she will literally say and do anything to keep it going. That really she knows Trump is a maniac and that Sun and Mail readers are utterly revolting. And I'd record it on my phone. Then I'd make her promise never to tweet, write in a newspaper or appear on tv and radio again or I'd send the recording to The Guardian 😬

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