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To be really worried I have 3 points and a fine on the way?

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upsidedownfrown · 01/07/2017 17:02

I'll explain as best I can so apologies if it's long. I'm an overthinker and getting cbt for that precise reason. I'm a new driver and whilst points at any time aren't good, points in the 1st 2 years could lead to having to resit tests etc (understandably so, if the driving is bad!)

The other morning I was driving on an unfamiliar road, the road was wet as it had been raining earlier. Its a busy road into a city but not too busy when I was driving.

Lots of traffic lights and I'm normally pretty good at anticipating when they've been green for a while.

Approached a set of lights on green, travelling at about 25mph in a 30 limit with a car up my rear end. As my car gets about 1 - 2ft over the stop line it changed to amber. There's a fairly large box junction with yellow hatching so as I was already slightly over the stop line, I proceeded. There was nothing blocking my exit on other side of box. As I'm just about to clear the box I come about level with the next set of lights (not sure the technical name. The one's that are linked to the lights at the stop line but set on the far side of junction) and they turn red.

I've now found out that this particular junction has red light camera.

Am I likely to get a ticket?? I'm not even sure if it's my side/other side/both sides that the camera is on. I drove the same road again today and the only camera my passenger could see was in a central island, angled slightly down, but not in the direction I was driving. Do these cameras take front shots? I don't even know what they look like.

I feel really stupid. (And yes, I take on board all advice about slowing down approaching lights etc. This is the first time I've felt unsure about a driving decision)

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gandalfspants · 01/07/2017 17:07

I think if the red light you passed was part of the same set, and not a new set with a new line, then you've already started crossing the line at amber, so you should be fine.

We might need a diagram.


LottieDoubtie · 01/07/2017 17:09

Sounds like you'll be fine. If you entered the box junction on green or even amber you had no choice but to clear it.


Catsize · 01/07/2017 17:09

I've seen cameras flash at lights so you'll probably be okay.


gaggiagirl · 01/07/2017 17:10

Oh I did this on Thursday. This exact thing. Let's wait and see if I get anything through the post.
Sorry not helpful but I'll hold your hand 🖐 until we find out.


namechangefox · 01/07/2017 17:11

Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong - that's the point of the amber light. Even if you were clocked, I think you have the option of a drivers awareness course for a first offence.


EastMidsMummy · 01/07/2017 17:15

There is nothing to worry about. It's the first set of lights that you mustn't jump. You haven't done anything wrong.


Gunpowder · 01/07/2017 17:15

I did this! Also worried about it. Didn't get anything in the post. I texted my old instructor and she said you just mustn't go through the first set of lights on red. As you have to clear the yellow box once you have entered the second lights don't apply to you at that point.


3isthemagicnumbersoimtold · 01/07/2017 17:17

No ticket. You did not go through a red light.

You went through a green light that changed to amber. At no point was red involved.

You'll be fine


EastMidsMummy · 01/07/2017 17:17

(In fact, the only thing that worries me about your story is that you are worried you did anything wrong. How on earth could you have done anything differently? As you have told the story, you went through the lights on green!)


upsidedownfrown · 01/07/2017 17:21

Here's the diagram! Can't believe I forgot it! I'm the green square. Amber just over stop light, light turning red at end of hatchings. The line down middle is central reservation island thingie. The blue square on it is where theres a camera but its pointed in opposite direction than I was travelling.

To be really worried I have 3 points and a fine on the way?
OP posts:

upsidedownfrown · 01/07/2017 17:23

Thank you so much everybody! You're calming me down! I'm just so awful at always second guessing anything that I don't think was 100%. I know I need to stop that!

OP posts:

AHobbyaweek · 01/07/2017 17:26

By your diagram, you would not get a ticket as you didn't cross the stop line on a red light, only an amber one. For the camera to trigger, the light has to go red and then someone has to cross the line.


WorknameJimEllis · 01/07/2017 17:30

That period of time you are describing as the lights change is called the Intergeen Period.

It is there to allow you to clear the junction safety.

Use it to clear the junction! Not like the fucknugget I saw yesterday who panicked , jammed all on in the dead center of a busy and very tight junction and blocked all traffic for a full cycle of the lights because no one could get past from any direction.


IStoleDipsysHat · 01/07/2017 17:34

You stop at the stop line. The other set of lights is to ensure all traffic can see what state that particular lane should be in if sight of the original set is unclear. Saying that I have seen someone stop at one of these after the line lights on a huge roundabout, they nearly caused a few accidents as unsuspecting traffic rounded the bend and they refused to move.


Sallystyle · 01/07/2017 17:37

OP when I first passed I thought I was going to get points for all sorts of things Hmm When the two years were up I breathed a sigh of relief. I still haven't had any points Grin I just have OCD and anxiety and at that time it wasn't well controlled. I wasn't a bad driver, it was just my head.

You will not get a ticket for this. You are ok.

I actually did run a red light the other week. It was the first time I have ever done it and I made my husband drive there one evening to check if there was a camera- there wasn't. I still can't believe I done it.


PetalsOnPearls · 01/07/2017 17:37

You're fine, you cleared the stop line lights on Amber.

The second set of lights are often not present on many junctions.


nocampinghere · 01/07/2017 17:47

you did the right thing. you're fine.


upsidedownfrown · 01/07/2017 17:51

Phew! Seriously, you lot are brilliant. I've been getting myself in such a flap! Fingers crossed for all of you who've done similar recently

OP posts:

AtHomeDadGlos · 01/07/2017 18:06

No, you'll be fine. You went through on amber not red. Also the camera seems to be for the other side of the road I'd say. Good diagram!

I've seen some twonks do you what did but then stop before the set that had turned red, and refuse to move forward thus stopping joining traffic. Never do that.


alfagirl73 · 01/07/2017 20:14

You'll probably be fine - those cameras flash - so if you didn't see a flash, you'll likely not be getting a ticket.


Nectarines · 01/07/2017 20:34

I got points for red light. Was turning right at a hideous junction, saw a gap
, panicked and went.

There was a definite, obvious flash.


myusernameisnotmyusername · 01/07/2017 20:40

I once did something similar but stopped in the box junction. I had panicked and actually caused an obstructions with cars beeping me on all sides. It was horrendous but I had just moved to London and hadn't had much experience with box junctions. Anyway I got a fine with no points for sitting in the box junction. If your exit is clear you have to keep going.


viques · 01/07/2017 20:47

On a wet road , approaching lights with an idiot up my exhaust I think I would have touched my brake lights to show him I was prepared to stop and hopefully get him to hold back in case I did have to stop. I think you will be fine, but remember that a wet road can change your stopping distance by quite a bit.


GeorgeTheHamster · 01/07/2017 20:54

It's about the stop line not the lights. You went over the line on amber not red. It's fine.


childmaintenanceserviceinquiry · 01/07/2017 21:01

Are you in London ? If so the yellow box infringement could get you a fine. I am. A driver of over 30 years. I started a new job in a London borough and fell foul of the London yellow box junction fines 3 times before receiving the penalties, so far the local council have refused to listen to anything. I will be paying. 3 £65. So I am going to complain to the local council. They have ignored all reasonable representations, to be frank by the time I am done it is going to have cost them a lot more than 3 * £65. I am a good safe driver, they are doing nothing to sort out the junction I am crossing other than put up cameras,

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