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AIBU? ask what the hell this is? (picture)

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killitwithfiiiiire · 30/06/2017 10:56

This is worming its way across my living room. It moves a bit like a caterpillar but it's a maggotty colour. Tell me it's not a maggot? Bleeurgh. ask what the hell this is? (picture)
OP posts:
MusicToMyEars800 · 30/06/2017 11:34

It's A maggot My typing is rubbish today.

PenguinsAreAce · 30/06/2017 11:35

Put it in a ziplock and take a close up

killitwithfiiiiire · 30/06/2017 11:41

We don't have a cat! Just a (human) toddler. There are no funny smells as far as I can tell. And it's a tiny house so I'm really not sure where this abomination is going to be hiding.

Ugh I feel sick.

OP posts:
killitwithfiiiiire · 30/06/2017 11:43

(have done a google image search and it's definitely a maggot)

OP posts:
ILikeyourHairyHands · 30/06/2017 11:45

Bottom of the bin? Anything lurking there?

Orlandointhewilderness · 30/06/2017 11:52

maggoty mcmaggot face. sorry!

WomblingThree · 30/06/2017 11:52

It's a very big maggot! Does it have a brownish head? It might be a cockchafer grub.

Katedotness1963 · 30/06/2017 11:54

Have you been out to the bin today? Maybe picked it up on your clothes? Our bin is moving with the bloody things recently. I give it a quick sprat with bleach...

killitwithfiiiiire · 30/06/2017 11:57

It had a thin black line at the top of its head - kindof inside it if you see what I mean?

OP posts:
ShotsFired · 30/06/2017 12:00

@Katedotness1963 Have you been out to the bin today? Maybe picked it up on your clothes? Our bin is moving with the bloody things recently. I give it a quick sprat with bleach...

I once threw out some cat food that flies had laid eggs on. Didn't think of it again till I went to put the bins out for collection. Lifted the lid and was confronted by the biggest, most foul writhing mass of maggots I have ever seen. Full on wet mouth and stomach churning.

yourcarisnotadiscovery · 30/06/2017 12:02

bleugh! Was just about to take rubbish out.. now armed with rubber gloves and spray, just in case!

killitwithfiiiiire · 30/06/2017 12:03

Diagram of this whole sorry mess. ask what the hell this is? (picture)
OP posts:
TentUpFirstBunkUpLater · 30/06/2017 12:04

If it had a black bit at the top it could be a moth larvae.

We had a few and found that some bird peanuts we had bought were infested. Binned them and they stopped

upperlimit · 30/06/2017 12:05

I had no idea they got so big. Best of luck Op.
Rumtopf · 30/06/2017 12:08

Loving the diagram!
I'm sorry to say but you'd rarely get only one. You're going to have to pull everything out and do a deep clean.

PetalsOnPearls · 30/06/2017 12:09

I cna't see the diagram?!

PetalsOnPearls · 30/06/2017 12:09

Ps. Has anyone had itchy bums in your household?

reuset · 30/06/2017 12:10

Yes, maggot.

PatMullins · 30/06/2017 12:11

I don't mean to alarm you but AAAAARRRGHHHHHHHHHH

junerat · 30/06/2017 12:12

Food waste bins in warm weather were our maggoty culprit last year. Now any meat bones go outside within24 hours of being chucked.

hesterton · 30/06/2017 12:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CherriesInTheSnow · 30/06/2017 13:22

It's not a maggot, it's a grub :)

They're like moth caterpillars, not the gross plague of maggots you find in festering food which are fly babies. Don't kill him just put him outside! Moths are fluffy

BlowMeDownWithAFeatherMissis · 30/06/2017 13:40

I think it's a maggot. I found one in my shower once but never again so fingers crossed you have just got one?

reuset · 30/06/2017 13:59

What sort of moth larva do you think, cherries?

Agerbilatemycardigan · 30/06/2017 14:10

Yup - looks like a maggot. At least it's not a carpet beetle larvae

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