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To wonder if anyone has a nice manager?

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malificent7 · 16/06/2017 22:07

Aibu to think that there id s gertsin 'type' who thrives in management.

Ive had many managers who have dubious characteristics... intimidating stares and confrontational , patronising, victimisation. There havw been the odd nice manager.

Does anyone have a genuinely lovely manager? Xx

OP posts:
SnowWhiteTan · 16/06/2017 22:26

Mine's crap.

boggedoff · 16/06/2017 22:26

Same as tippitoes but unfotunately still stuck it's really crap

Judashascomeintosomemoney · 16/06/2017 22:26

I've only ever had nice managers, three to be precise. The last one was so nice, I married him! I have also been the manager and been told I was a nice one! I've been lucky enough to work in the most awesome companies.

user1495915742 · 16/06/2017 22:27

I think it very much depends on the sector. There are goods ones out there but loads of awful ones!

minionsrule · 16/06/2017 22:28

Mine is lovely, very flexible, trusts me to do my job and always has the teams back whilst protecting us from the politics at the top...i dread him ever leaving

Moomoomango · 16/06/2017 22:29

Mine is lovely and I have learnt so much from her in work and out. She has become a life mentor. She is so kindness and wise and a real woman for women

Grilledaubergines · 16/06/2017 22:30

Yes, I have a great boss. 15 years of working together. Very supportive.

DrDreReturns · 16/06/2017 22:30

My current manager is very good. In the past it's been 50 / 50 between good and bad ones.

StealthPolarBear · 16/06/2017 22:31

Me.. Inspiring

Hassled · 16/06/2017 22:31

Mine is lovely - I think if she wwere my mate, she'd be a really good friend - she's the type who'd be there for me regardless, a good laugh etc. However - she is a bloody awful manager. Doesn't give feedback - it's like working into a void - doesn't praise the positives, makes rash, panicked decisions. But she's such a nice person - it messes with my head on a daily basis.

MissJC · 16/06/2017 22:33

My manager is lovely and is now my best friend outside of work too. We are both on maternity leave at the moment so get to meet up for lots of afternoon teas and feel all naughty about being off work at the same time (I was the supervisor so we couldn't both take annual leave alongside each other).

ChasedByBees · 16/06/2017 22:34

My last two have been wonderful. Really caring and helped me to achieve my best.

user1480459555 · 16/06/2017 22:35

I have had mainly lovely managers in my 40 plus years of working. My last one though was awful - unorganised, terrible people skills, shows favouritism to a couple of staff and speaks to others as though they are about 5 years old and she is also a liar.

I hated working for her and most days she managed to make me feel like I was going mad. I walked out last week and gave her a piece of my mind as I left.

Crumbs1 · 16/06/2017 22:35

Mine is nice - but I don't see him very often. I like to think I am nice to my staff too.

Icklepickle101 · 16/06/2017 22:36

My manager is amazing, his kids are older than me but we still have a lot of banter and makes me laugh all day. He is incredibly supportive and I feel comfortable being 100% honest with him, I told him I was having a miscarriage and he couldn't do more to help me. He is a true gent Grin

ShoutOutToMyEx · 16/06/2017 22:36

I do. I adore her, she's a great friend too.

YellowLambBanana · 16/06/2017 22:37

5 years ago I had a horrendous manager - verging on bullying but no one would call it out or stand up to them.

Manager after that was ace - director level but took time to get to no everyone and was very supportive and gave me opportunities to progress.

Manager now also ace - empowering, supportive and challenging in a positive way and has improved my confidence significantly.

Don't know where I'd be career wise without my last two, both very different but both done wonders for me in different ways

IllBeAtTheSpa · 16/06/2017 22:38

My manager and THEIR manager are amazing. My little girl has recently had a big operation meaning a lot of recovery at home time and I've been given a month off work no questions and fully paid. I'm extremely lucky. I also ran out of the office with about 5 minutes notice when we were asked to get to the hospital 2 hours from our home for the op to take place the next day due to a cancellation and no one batted an eyelid-I got messages of suport from senior manager instead!
It's made me very loyal

KenDoddsDadsDog · 16/06/2017 22:38

Mine is lovely and I value her as I've had done really really awful ones. One who was almost paycopathic .

myusernameisnotmyusername · 16/06/2017 22:39

Yes my manager is lovely and very understanding when I have to take a bit of time off due to childcare etc. Unfortunately upper management are horrible and aren't very nice to her.

Onetedisbackinbed · 16/06/2017 22:40

My manager is a witch, the people I manage think I'm Mary poppins in comparison

Goldmandra · 16/06/2017 22:41

Lovely company with lovely managers.

Lovely job that I really enjoy and a great set up where nobody actually tries to manage me. They just ask me to do them favours when they need my particular skills. It makes for a relaxed and interesting job which I'd probably do for free.


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MeganBacon · 16/06/2017 22:42

Mine is. Doesn't over manage, trusts, guides, takes the company policies seriously, funny, puts himself out for people, knows what's important, doesn't sweat the small stuff. And is single at 45 which I can't figure out. Never a hint of the relationship in the six years he's been my boss. Not much of a looker but has an awful lot else to offer, I would think.

MaisyPops · 16/06/2017 22:43

I've had a few lovely managers. They were awesome.

I'd also like to think I'm a nice line manager. I try my best to be, even though I can't keep everyone happy all of the time.

WillowWeeping · 16/06/2017 22:43

My manager is great - we don't have a great deal of contact (based on a different continent) so perhaps that helps?!

I've learned an enormous amount from him in respect of how to manage my own direct reports simply on basis of our working relationship.

My previous manager was a total bitch. For someone so senior she had no clue how to manage appropriately and had a string of senior hires leave because they couldn't deal with her.

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