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Not to expect someone to park next to me in a huge empty carpark?

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lidoshuffle · 13/06/2017 09:23

Went to supermarket at 7am., huge carpark was almost empty. I parked in the middle (not near the entrance/disabled/parent spaces). As I'm just about to open the driver's door and get out someone parks in the space immediately adjacent. AIBU (probably) to feel slightly irked?

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AmserGwin · 14/06/2017 20:12

I love this thread! Have no idea why people do it though - so bloody annoying!

QuinoaKeen · 24/06/2017 10:12

We were in a national park, miles of empty space in every direction and it happened to us.
Convoy of cars pulled up and parked right on top of our picnic.
The weirdest part was that we had a cricket game set up and they still parked their new looking cars right there, risking a cricket ball to the windscreen.
We gave them a 'WTF' Hmm look and left.

lidoshuffle · 24/06/2017 17:32

My first ever thread start, and I've made the Daily Fail!

OP posts:
VeryButchyRestingFace · 24/06/2017 17:37

I just saw this on the DM online front page. I came armed for a 400 post deep thread, this seems rather tame in comparison. Easter Smile

DailyFailAreCunts · 24/06/2017 18:25

It's because they don't have actual journalists and have to resort to pinching stories off here.

Sad bastards, and massive cunts.

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