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To make a plea ahead of election results...

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OvariesForgotHerPassword · 08/06/2017 18:27

... for no smug crowing, whoever wins?

People who are upset tomorrow are not "drama llamas". They aren't hysterical or whiners or "sore losers". This isn't a football game; it's not about being "gracious in defeat". Tomorrow there will be people terrified for their jobs and homes and lives. People will genuinely be wondering whether they'll survive another five years, with good reason. People aren't bitter or bad losers, they're scared.

So rather than crowing and mocking them and smirking, if you're convinced that you have voted in the right person for the country, why not reassure them? Tell them what your chosen party is going to do to help them, and why you've voted for them.

This place was awful after the Brexit referendum because of the smirking and sniping on every thread started by anxious remain voters. If you feel that your choice was the best choice for the country, help to calm their fears rather than creating more division and hatred between people.

This applies to whoever wins tomorrow. People will be scared whatever the outcome. Just don't be a dickhead tomorrow.

OP posts:
TheLegendOfBeans · 08/06/2017 18:49

Hear hear OP.

I think social media's influence on political outcomes has a lot to do with the "noise volume"; namely that it's definitely true that a strong social media momentum can influence political outcomes for good and for bad.

So seeing a (outsider?) political "victory" that you can say you've been a part of means the grain of hope rolls into a pearl and the volume gets louder and louder on FB, Twitter etc as the two "camps" battle ever harder on a public platform to a so-called victory.

I used to enjoy elections. Now I can't stand them thanks to the inevitable twat battles online.

Justanotherlurker · 08/06/2017 18:50

I hate how divided this country has become since Brexit and how political views are now so incendiary

I would say the brexit referendum was a direct result of political views becoming incendiary, not the cause. The fall out from that with the whole racist/xenophobic/thick response has only entrenched it more.

And I say this as center left leaning remainer

FlippinNorah · 08/06/2017 18:50

Nice post OP but going by past form, it'll be dickhead central whoever wins.

It'll be a good time to have a little break from MN.

HotelEuphoria · 08/06/2017 18:51

Nicely said OP, I though that this was going to be a "you still have time to vote for xx thread"

But fair play to you. This is how I hope MN will be tomorrow but sadly I don't think so.

OvariesForgotHerPassword · 08/06/2017 18:51

But I'm guessing you'll be totally fine with whoever loses dishing about abuse then?

Um, no. Confused what a weirdly aggressive reply.

My "don't be a dickhead tomorrow" request applies to everyone.

OP posts:
MackerelOfFact · 08/06/2017 18:52

Very well said.

Being one of a majority doesn't make you more intelligent, more correct or more important. It doesn't validate every view you hold. It doesn't even mean that lots of people agree with you. It just means that on election day, a lot more people decided that your choice was the least worst option compared to any of the other choices.

OvariesForgotHerPassword · 08/06/2017 18:56

I think "the least worst option" is the general theme of this election isn't it? :(

I'm trying to be optimistic that this election could bring about a shift as people become tired of having to choose the least worst option. I considered not voting this time. A year ago I would have been horrified at the idea of not voting. I don't know what sort of shift could happen, but I'm trying to be hopeful for it. Something to come along and be a good option, rather than the least bad, anyway.

OP posts:
Fiddlefaddle2303 · 08/06/2017 18:56

I agree with what you're saying.....

However it's a shame this rule hasn't applied over the past few weeks, I have been appalled at some of the disgraceful posts slagging off the views, position and policies of the conservatives and supporters.

It goes both ways!

LiviaDrusillaAugusta · 08/06/2017 19:01

Could we have a limited number of 'we are all going to die' posts as well? Literally every post on Active after Brexit was people saying how gutted they were. Surely not everyone has to start their own thread to detail their own anguish?

AdultHumanFemale · 08/06/2017 19:02

I think I am having a wee internet holiday as of tomorrow, irrespective of the outcome, for this reason.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta · 08/06/2017 19:03

And the aggression from the losers was appalling

TabascoToastie · 08/06/2017 19:04

I think the problem is politics have been turned into a competitive sport, with people getting very emotionally attached the their side "winning". To the point where anything negative about their side (May's attack on disability; Corbyn's antisemitism) is perceived as a personal attack, rather than as an opportunity to ask questions and genuinely explore the issues and come to the conclusion that no party nor politician will ever fully represent us and that we don't have to agree with everything our party does.

We all need to remember that most people wants what's best (whether that's for the country or for their own family) and is voting the way they believe will ensure that. Being happy because you believe the party that will be the best for Britain or for your family won (or vice versa) is understandable. Crowing because your "team" won and you kicked your rival's arse is childish -- people's lives are on the line, it's not a bloody football match.

Justanotherlurker · 08/06/2017 19:05

It goes both ways!

It does, and is already trying to frame that any criticism of the inevitable hyperbolic threads that will pop up tomorrow as gloating.

HangingRock · 08/06/2017 19:06

Good post op.

DJBaggySmalls · 08/06/2017 19:08

Absolutely support this.

BillSykesDog · 08/06/2017 19:17

No OP, your initial post was very clear. You were lecturing the 'winners' only and didn't say a word about the losers apart to portray them as being 'anxious' and 'scared' and bringing up remain voters and saying how terribly they were treated when we all know they came out with some absolutely vile abuse last time.

You can dress this all up as some pious plea to be nice, but actually all you're really doing is just suggesting that all those evil horrible Tory voters are going to be nasty tomorrow and upset all the poor, noble, suffering lefties.

So in fact you're just as guilty of what you're accusing other people of.

BertrandRussell · 08/06/2017 19:18

"But I'm guessing you'll be totally fine with whoever loses dishing about abuse then?"

That's a bloody outrageous thing to say!

Nikephorus · 08/06/2017 19:19

What goes around, comes around. I would support this if it weren't for all the vicious crap that some Labour voters have been spouting on here. I have no desire to rub Lib Dem noses in it, or Green, SNP, the Welsh lot etc. or even the decent Labour voters, who I'm sure outnumber the twats on here. But I'm not promising; if I do feel the need to gloat it will be aimed solely at the tossers who gave it in the first place and everyone else can ignore it. I'll try and be a better person but after the recent Tory-bashing threads.....

BillSykesDog · 08/06/2017 19:20

Yeah Bertrand, like you're not going to be first out of the traps for that one.

PacificDogwod · 08/06/2017 19:20

Just don't be a dickhead tomorrow.

Good advice in any situation Smile

VladmirsPoutine · 08/06/2017 19:21

BillSykesDog Reaching that conclusion must have taken a huge amount mental gymnastics.

ForalltheSaints · 08/06/2017 19:21

I agree no smug crowing.

Though I wonder if there will be a moment similar to Michael Portillo's loss in 1997 or Ed Balls loss in 2015, which will bring a smile to many?

LucyTheLocalBike · 08/06/2017 19:26

Bill Sykes
So in fact you're just as guilty of what you're accusing other people of.


Justanotherlurker · 08/06/2017 19:26

That's a bloody outrageous thing to say!

No it's not, not Bill, but I can guarantee that there will be posts tomorrow calling people thick/uncaring/im alright jack masquerading as morally superior.

As for OP saying try and convince why people didn't vote labour (because lets be honest, thats why this thread has been made) is just laughable as most of the respondents so far who are saying its such a good idea have been on many of the political threads insinuating such things I previously mentioned and some have been spamming canary links as source material as to why the "tories are evil"

BillSykesDog · 08/06/2017 19:32

Exactly Lurker. And I think we all know if it's a hung parliament or a Labour victory tomorrow half the posters on this thread would suddenly find they weren't averse to a bit of crowing.

This thread is just another thinly veiled 'aren't the Tories horrible and the left virtuous thread'. It's blatantly obvious that's what it is.

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