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To make a plea ahead of election results...

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OvariesForgotHerPassword · 08/06/2017 18:27

... for no smug crowing, whoever wins?

People who are upset tomorrow are not "drama llamas". They aren't hysterical or whiners or "sore losers". This isn't a football game; it's not about being "gracious in defeat". Tomorrow there will be people terrified for their jobs and homes and lives. People will genuinely be wondering whether they'll survive another five years, with good reason. People aren't bitter or bad losers, they're scared.

So rather than crowing and mocking them and smirking, if you're convinced that you have voted in the right person for the country, why not reassure them? Tell them what your chosen party is going to do to help them, and why you've voted for them.

This place was awful after the Brexit referendum because of the smirking and sniping on every thread started by anxious remain voters. If you feel that your choice was the best choice for the country, help to calm their fears rather than creating more division and hatred between people.

This applies to whoever wins tomorrow. People will be scared whatever the outcome. Just don't be a dickhead tomorrow.

OP posts:
Okite · 08/06/2017 18:28

Well said!

Scrowy · 08/06/2017 18:29

Well said

GlitterGlue · 08/06/2017 18:29

I think that's a very sensible post.

VladmirsPoutine · 08/06/2017 18:30

Famous last words OP.

I agree but can bet my house on it being completely the opposite.

Madbengalmum · 08/06/2017 18:31

Absolutely agree, but we all know like brexit thats not going to happen, particularly if what i think will happen does.

namechange20050 · 08/06/2017 18:31

Hear hear

Slightlyperturbedowlagain · 08/06/2017 18:31

Fantastic post Smile

Whileweareonthesubject · 08/06/2017 18:32

I agree. For me, the choice was about the least worst option, rather than the best. My heart sank as I held the pencil over the voting slip. Whoever wins, it's not going to be pretty.

SlaveToDisney · 08/06/2017 18:32

Here here! This is the only political thread I have agreed with in the past month.

Ceto · 08/06/2017 18:32

YANBU. Definitely.

DonaldStott · 08/06/2017 18:33

Bloody fantastic post OP.

BabsGanoush · 08/06/2017 18:38

Well said. A poster yesterday pleaded for folk not to 'leave the country if X wins' like Brexit, and s/he had a point.

Tiredemma · 08/06/2017 18:39

Great post OP.

I know as a voter I am going to be disappointed (and scared for my employment future)

Iseesheep · 08/06/2017 18:40

I don't think that a bunch of grown ups will appreciate being told to 'play nicely'. It's not going to make a blind bit of difference anyway judging by the tone of 99.9% of the political threads in recent weeks.

VintagePerfumista · 08/06/2017 18:41

Nice idea, but it won't happen.
MN implodes post-elections. Always.

I used to get involved, and spend days bishboshing on my keyboard.

Now I shall just stick to talking about perfume for a while.

Bluedabbadee · 08/06/2017 18:41

Conservatives tend not to crow!

But I am expecting Labour voters to be over-dramatic! See for example the posts about having booked the day off work so they can go for a walk and a scream Confused

imip · 08/06/2017 18:41

You're right OP,

Regardless of the outcome, I hope we can all focus on how fortunate we are to have a working democracy, one we can celebrate.

I've been reinforcing this fact to my dc today....

Justanotherlurker · 08/06/2017 18:42

It's a sensible post but its not going to happen, the site hasn't been as bad as it was in 2010 or even 2 years ago to be fair as it's slightly more balanced and that could be because it was a snap election so not much of the slow build up of brow beating to anyone other than labour.

There has been many/many threads and posts where the mindset is just one of being morally superior, so when the hyperbole threads inevitably happens tomorrow there will be no introspection on why or how Labour lost, it will be because people are just uncaring that the nhs wont last until the weekend and everyone who didn't vote how they wanted was all fooled by the "evil right wing press".

But I do admire your optimism

StillDrivingMeBonkers · 08/06/2017 18:43

Who ever wins tomorrow, there will be redundancies.

Love or loath MPs, they are self employed, they haven't got any redundancy notice and neither have their staff, who are directly employed by MPs, they aren't civil servants and transfer to the next constituency incumbent.

I had two friends, one was a constituency secretary, the other was a researcher in the Palace of Westminster. Both single parents. A nasty shock for both the following morning.

MyBeloved · 08/06/2017 18:43

Totally agree. Let's hope for some decorum.

Hulababy · 08/06/2017 18:44

I agree, no nasty smugness from those voters who like the way it ends, and also would add that there ought to be no aggressive nastiness from voters who don't like the way it goes too.

it won't happen - on either side. But it would be nice if it did, for everyone's sake.

sparechange · 08/06/2017 18:44

Very well said

I hate how divided this country has become since Brexit and how political views are now so incendiary

Saucery · 08/06/2017 18:45

It's a strange place this, during and after elections. Completely different to discussions in rl . Probably an internet disinhibition effect of some kind. Or I've just been lucky not to have people screaming in my face that I should vote Labour or I'm a stupid heartless witch.

MyFavouritePlace · 08/06/2017 18:46

Totally agree.

BillSykesDog · 08/06/2017 18:49

But I'm guessing you'll be totally fine with whoever loses dishing about abuse then?

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