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How many threads have you hidden?

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KungFuEric · 07/06/2017 22:30

I've spent the day clicking on active topics, scrolling and hiding at least 3 election/political posts each time. I think I must have done so about 20/30 times today, and it's only going to scale up from tomorrow on isn't it?

I'm bored by the handwringing of it all, vote or don't vote for whoever you choose, I just come here for parking threads, embarrassing anecdotes and light relief!

OP posts:
TheRealLemonLyman · 07/06/2017 22:33

Are you me? I hide all political threads as I don't think they are healthy debate, more shouting down those that dare to have a different point of view.

SerfTerf · 07/06/2017 22:37

I'm about five minutes away from joining you both.

Sparklingbrook · 07/06/2017 22:39

I have hidden loads, it's reaching fever pitch. I voted by post days ago.

x2boys · 07/06/2017 22:40

But at this rate there won't be any threads left but yes I get your point

KungFuEric · 07/06/2017 22:42

Yeah, everyone is coming from it with their own ideology or standpoint and it just descends into name calling or low level insults.

People will obviously disagree with one another, it's just so tedious how formulaic it's become, and how constant the stream of new threads to go over old ground.

OP posts:
PenguinOfDoom · 07/06/2017 22:42

All of the omg how do I vote ones.

All of the aibu to tell you tories/labour/libdems are baaad and child eaters ones.

All of the omg I am so scared ones. About anything.

And many others.

KungFuEric · 07/06/2017 22:43

There aren't any 2boys! I've resorted to getting lost in Wikipedia page Narnia.

I know now lots about pirate radio stations.

OP posts:
x2boys · 07/06/2017 22:44

Its incessant very boring and yes there s no debate just name calling .

Sparklingbrook · 07/06/2017 22:45

I am a bit surprised that people actually go to the Polling Station to vote any more when you can do it by post well in advance then forget all about it until the results.

Smellbellina · 07/06/2017 22:45

Oh so tempting to link all these threads mwahahahaha.
Luckily, I have no idea how.

x2boys · 07/06/2017 22:46


SerfTerf · 07/06/2017 22:49

All of the omg I am so scared ones. About anything.

Penguin that just cold hearted. They're ALL "holding their children close" and "weeping". Think of the poor moist bosom-suffocated children nationwide.

KungFuEric · 07/06/2017 22:52

Just refreshed active topics. Just hidden another 7.

Does anyone have any good Wikipedia pages they've read lately to direct me to?

OP posts:
SimonsPies · 07/06/2017 22:52

All the strident election ones. Loads.

Sparklingbrook · 07/06/2017 22:53

Another one has just popped up. It's like Whack-a Mole out there.

SerfTerf · 07/06/2017 22:55

The Wikipedia page about gas chambers was grimly fascinating (don't ask). Also the one about the Zinoviev letter (bit political that, albeit 100 years old).

TheMonkeyAndThePlywoodViolin · 07/06/2017 22:55

Its a luxury for the threads to be a mere irritation and not about something that could seriously affect you and your family.

If people are passionate they are usually terrified.

I wish the Tories were just a subject for irritating debate on MN and not a party who has fucked up my kids future. Really. They have (see disability cuts thread)

Still, if it's a bit irksome.. hide the threads, I agree

TheMonkeyAndThePlywoodViolin · 07/06/2017 22:56

Am hiding this insensitive one

Sparklingbrook · 07/06/2017 22:56

Hide Thread and Hide Topic are great functions. Grin

SerfTerf · 07/06/2017 22:56

Its a luxury for the threads to be a mere irritation and not about something that could seriously affect you and your family.

It hasn't dawned on you that for many people, they're BOTH and they'd like some light relief?

Sparklingbrook · 07/06/2017 22:58

Some people are actually using the correct Topic. Shock

PenguinOfDoom · 07/06/2017 22:58


Threads where people kick off about something massively trivial then drip feed that they have anxiety and depression as soon as other posters start to tell them they're being irrational.

Threads where people are screaming, wailing, sobbing, weeping, distraught, traumatised, fuming, livid about not being able to buy the correct cucumber and the shop assistant was brusque. Bonus points if said assistant didn't smile at their super cute DC.

Threads titled 'triggering' when they mention a fucking hole in some bread or something.

I'm not feeling very patient or tolerant at the moment.


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GiraffeorOcelot · 07/06/2017 22:58

Its incessant very boring and yes there s no debate just name callin


I read some of them then get really wound up, am tempted to post and then usually avoid. But my blood pressure is already higher by that stage!

Although I'm loving this thread as I forgot you can hide threads!! So thank you OP!

FoxyRoxy · 07/06/2017 23:00

I've got about 6 posts showing now 😂 I come to AIBU for parking threads and mil issues!

On a serious note I'm all for discussing politics but it's just too much, I don't know which are real and which aren't.

Bunbunbunny · 07/06/2017 23:00

I had no idea you could hide a thread Grin going to hide some of the political ones now

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