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AIBU? expect people to use their indicators?

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emsiewill · 04/02/2007 14:23

Why oh why oh why oh why do people not bother to indicate any more?

It drives me absolutely stark raving bonkers when I am driving and the person in front stops unexpectedly and then indicates. Do they not remember "mirror signal manoeuvre"?

Or at roundabouts. Am I supposed to guess which exit they are taking? I spend all my time saying "oh you're going that way are you?"

Or on dual carriageways. I want to overtake, I check behind me, indicate and then pull out. At exactly the same time as the car behind me who isn't indicating decides to pull out...

I haven't been involved in an accident yet, but the way I see people driving, I don't think it will be long...

I'm not perfect, I know that, but I do use my indicators in the correct manner.

I think people should be retested every 5-10 years to ensure they HAVE A BLOODY CLUE. And bear in mind I took 5 tests before I passed on my 6th attempt, failed every time because of nerves, so really would not relish taking another one. But I would do it, for the sake of road safety...

rant over!

OP posts:

Freckle · 04/02/2007 14:32

I'm with you there. Although my bugbear is when I check behind me, indicate and then pull out the car in front who isn't indicating suddenly pulls out.

And don't get me started on people who overtake queues and then expect all the cars they've just overtaken to slow down so that they can pull in before they hit a bollard or something....

And people who can't be *rsed to say thank you when you stop to allow them past when you have right of way....


emsiewill · 04/02/2007 14:37

OH yes, all of those as well.

I couldn't understand why people got road rage until I started driving (fairly late in life - 29), but now I completely understand.

OP posts:

Pinotmum · 04/02/2007 14:43

I really think it's such a larf when I indicate to change lanes and the car in that lane speeds up so I can't get over. Oh how I larf. Also when I put my reverse lights on and some lovely pedestrians walk straight behind my car and glare at me - hillarious. Had a horrible bloke in a yellow vest call me all sorts for that - he went purple in the vest when I said "do you know how ugly you look?" and drove off quickly. I'm thinking of getting loud speakers on the top of the car to shout out my manoevres (sp) - reversing, turning right etc.


Freckle · 04/02/2007 14:43

At the end of the day, it all comes down to common courtesy and manners, doesn't it?


Pinotmum · 04/02/2007 14:44

They are sadly in short supply here in good ole Greater London.


RustyBear · 04/02/2007 14:50

I really hate it when people don't use their indicators properly at exits - and my DH is one of the worst offenders! He'll indicate right, but doesn't change indicator at his exit - it drives me nuts.


emsiewill · 04/02/2007 14:53

I'm wondering whether it's just not "cool" or "street" to indicate, and everyone else is sitting in their cars laughing and pointing at me, shouting "look at the geek with her silly flashing lights".

I know this is not an original rant, but these things really do drive me demented.

OP posts:

Catbabymummy · 04/02/2007 14:55

Apparently BMWs and Mercs have indicators as optional extras. And they have a special button which allows them to move from a sliproad into Lane 3 on a Motorway in 5 secs at a 45 deg angle....


JillybeansNW · 04/02/2007 14:56

And some drivers don't seem to think it is necessary to indicate if there are no other cars (pedestrians need to know if you are turning into the road they are trying to cross). I have been known to stand in the middle of the road infront of them pointing at their indicators on occasion


emsiewill · 04/02/2007 14:56

I had a gap of 12 years between my first 4 tests and my last 2, and the later lessons I had were much better than the ones when I was 17 - the instructor gave me much clearer information about indicating etc.

My dh passed when he was 17, and has no clue at all about indicating at roundabouts etc.

This is why I think people should be retested every 5-10 years.

OP posts:

Pinotmum · 04/02/2007 14:57

And they always get right of way and don't hve to stop at red lights


bran · 04/02/2007 14:58

It annoys me most when I'm a pedestrian walking along a main road and crossing side streets, how am I supposed to know I'm in danger of being run over if drivers don't indicate that they're going to turn down the side street.


RustyBear · 04/02/2007 14:58

Anyone less 'cool' or 'street' than my DH would be hard to find. I can only assume he was never taught to do it, as he's pretty safety conscious in other ways. It just seems to be a blind spot in his driving.


Pinotmum · 04/02/2007 14:58

my reply was to catbabymother


emsiewill · 04/02/2007 14:59

Yes, I have had passengers laugh at me for indicating when there is no-one around at all. But I think it's better to do it all the time, and then it becomes automatic.

I am also quite a militant pedestrian - we have a zebra crossing near us, and I shout and point at cars that don't stop when we're waiting to cross - the dd's are absolutely mortified.

OP posts:

Catbabymummy · 04/02/2007 15:06

Pinotmum - yes I guessed, and you are absolutely right!


JillybeansNW · 04/02/2007 15:15

ems - I do that at crossings too


3andnomore · 04/02/2007 15:24

OH yes, really bugs me, too....I mean, no I really like standing about at roundabouts for ages, because those idiots can't be bovvered to indicate, sigh!


3andnomore · 04/02/2007 15:27

emsie...oh I am just like you, with indicating everytime and making it an habit, rather then having to remember specifically when it's needed....and yeah, cars not stopping at zebracrossing really pee me off, too.


fizzbuzz · 04/02/2007 15:27

Indicators drive me mad too, but what I really hate as a pedestrian is cyclists who ignore all rules, and drive on pavement etc to mow you down


LittleBoSheep · 04/02/2007 15:47

This is one of the things that drives me mad too...specially when I have been waiting for AGES at a roundabout and could have pulled out if some idiot had been indicating.

I agree Merc, BMW and AUDI drivers dont seem to feel they need to indicate OR give way on country roads. Its as though the drivers think "look at the car im driving im obviously far more important and busy than you...get out of my way" GRRRRRR

I even indicate when im the only person on the road - then I tell myself what a muppet I am.


LittleBoSheep · 04/02/2007 15:48

Cyclists who go on the pavement when a pelican crossing stops the traffic on the road!

Horses..."get off the bloody road and go canter in a field"


RustyBear · 04/02/2007 15:52

Ummm - horses do have to get to the field .....


LittleBoSheep · 04/02/2007 16:02

LOL - yes I know but it doesnt make it any less annoying!


NotQuiteCockney · 04/02/2007 16:04

No no, if you're driving properly, you don't need to indicate, it should be clear to everyone around you what you want to do. Obviously.

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