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to think my farts are ruining my life

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Fartproblem · 29/08/2015 22:24

They are very smelly and I don't know why I do so much, I also burp excessively but this is easy to control and also don't smell.

I don't drink gassy drinks and have a normal diet. Have see gp who wasn't interested - can anyone help?

OP posts:

NoArmaniNoPunani · 29/08/2015 22:25

Try shreddies fart proof pants


NoMontagues · 29/08/2015 22:26

Lactose intolerance?


Aqualady · 29/08/2015 22:26

Are you eating to fast and gulping down air.

If i eat wheat my trumps are evil


Aqualady · 29/08/2015 22:27

Op is it the same smell ?


Fartproblem · 29/08/2015 22:27

I don't think I am Aqua - I've wondered about lactose intolerance but to be totally honest it seems quite bad whatever I eat. Awful as it sounds the only way not to fart is not to eat -- and even then I still burp.

It's embarrassing and uncomfortable.

OP posts:

Fartproblem · 29/08/2015 22:27

What do you mean same smell? Sorry?

OP posts:

purplewhale · 29/08/2015 22:28

I find bread makes me fart a lot
Garlic makes them smell vile
Try eliminate them for a couple of days, see if it helps


CalmYourselfTubbs · 29/08/2015 22:28

you may have an intolerance to wheat or dairy etc.
that will give you gas.
yes - eating too fast will make you fart too.
try another GP, its worth investigating, not dismissing.


SonjasSister · 29/08/2015 22:29

aha what aqualady said, I fart a lot less since I drastically cut down on wheat. apparently there's a sugar in it some people can't digest, which gives a feast to the fartmaking bacteria who digest it instead of you


FesterAddams · 29/08/2015 22:30

Intolerance of FODMAPs ? -

With me it's onions in particular.


trixymalixy · 29/08/2015 22:32

Do you eat sugar free mints? I've just narrowed my digestive problems down to sugar free mints like smints. They give me terrible smelly wind.


Hornydilemma · 29/08/2015 22:34

Probiotics really help my digestion in general (including really reducing my farts) - I've mild IBS.


firefly78 · 29/08/2015 22:51

onions affect me and i agree probiotic drinks really help. charcoal tablets help too.


Aqualady · 29/08/2015 22:55

If I eat wheat I have a really eggy sulpher smell. Exactly the same. I noticed it first on holiday and thought I'd eaten off prawns as it was a bit fishy (sorry tmi) but it's carried on since I got back. Totally vanishes when I cut it out.

Intresting it could be sugar...


WhatifIdid · 29/08/2015 23:02

Try herbs with your food.

Fennel is very good, bulbs and seeds for neutralising excess acid.

Marjoram/oregano are very soothing in your stomach

Mint, sage, parsley and thyme are all good too to aid digestion.

Ginger helps an upset stomach calm down.

Otherwise I would try to improve the gutflora by eating a varied diet including garlic, probiotic yoghurt, oats and lots of fresh green veg.


Titsywoo · 29/08/2015 23:10

I did low carb and stopped farting entirely. Rubbish though as farting is so satisfying. Wheat likely to be the culprit.


AdoraBell · 29/08/2015 23:11

It probably is something you are eating.

If you think it's lactose you could try cutting it out and see if it stops.

For me it turned out to be gluten, but I didn't realise that until my mid forties. Until then I was just mortified and spent my life thinking there was just something wrong with me.


trollkonor · 29/08/2015 23:36

It's worth experimenting and seeing if there is something particular that sets it off.

My dp comes from a farty family and a few of them has been given the ibs diagnosis. My dp does find that cutting back on dairy helps, his brother onions. I was never a farty person until i reached 40, I had no understanding of gas and acid.

I have no idea what happened but I can no longer tolerate garlic. If its an ingredient in a shop bought jar then its not so bad. I often do batch cooking or leftovers for my work lunch meals but I now have to leave out garlic , it makes me fart an odd sweet burnt odor.


Blodss · 29/08/2015 23:47

Like Titsywoo cutting out high carb foods stopped me farting, completely.


Trumpton · 29/08/2015 23:52

In the mean time charcoal tablets can reduce the ferocity.
Bread makes me bloat and fart but I think that's the yeast rather than the wheat.


Osmiornica · 30/08/2015 02:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wolpertinger · 30/08/2015 03:03

Likely to be FODMAPs - onion and garlic are major triggers, as are wheat and some forms of dairy. Each FODMAP sensitive person will have high FODMAP things they can tolerate more than others. It's not the yeast or the gluten that does it.


Junosmum · 30/08/2015 04:44

Things to try (in order of price/ ease)- a tablespoon of molasses every morning for 2 weeks e.g. a tablespoon of black treacle, on its own before breakfast or your morning brew.

Charcoal biscuits- 2 a day first and last thing until you stop smelling so much.

Probiotic drink every morning. For ever.

If you genuinely suspect a food intolerance then you should have other systems- bloating, loose stools, indigestion and mild confusion/ bleurghness.

The treacle worked for me like a miracle I tried it about 13 years ago and I've done it again since if my digestion has got bad again, about every 4/5 years. The charcoal worked for my brother.


takemetomars · 30/08/2015 05:19

please don't take the advice above to consult with another GP. This does not need further investigation at all, perfectly natural to fart a lot. It WILL be what you are eating and others have given good advice here about FODMAPS. It is going to be a process of elimination.


Nonnainglese · 30/08/2015 06:18

process of elimination Grin

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