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Deborah Meaden seems very unpleasant

94 replies

LauraGrooves · 17/08/2015 22:14

Just sat there on her high chair, acting like queen bee and stroking her nails.

Seams like a horid woman. Someone here must of worked with her. Is she?

OP posts:

Janethegirl · 17/08/2015 22:16

She seems ok to me but I'm really not that into Dragons Den.


ArendelleQueen · 17/08/2015 22:17

She seemed nice enough on Strictly Come Dancing. I think they act it up on Dragon's Den.


amothersplaceisinthewrong · 17/08/2015 22:17

Don't you think she is doing just that: ACTING! As in all "reality TV", aren't all dragons/judges/whatever given a role to play, and this is the one she is playing.

She is probably a pussycat in real life


SchwarzwalderKirschtorte · 17/08/2015 22:17

She possibly knows when to use have and when to use of.


SaucyJack · 17/08/2015 22:17

She always seems like one of nicer ones to me.

I'd watch Peter Jones burn. And I'd laugh. He's an arsehole.


TheSpottedZebra · 17/08/2015 22:19

She's worked with a friend of mine - she said she was ace. Clever, funny, very hard-working, but also very nice.

They're not actually dragons, you know that, right?


VulcanWoman · 17/08/2015 22:22

Goes with the territory, I wouldn't expect anything else.


fancyanotherfez · 17/08/2015 22:22

Yes what a bitch, daring to be a powerful successful woman and showing it off in a TV advert!


LauraGrooves · 17/08/2015 22:25

Well on the latest dragons den she has turned into an uber bitch.

I'll happily stand corrected if its all an act. The show is very fake these days.

Just wish she would stop stroking her nails.

OP posts:

FarFromAnyRoad · 17/08/2015 22:26

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheSpottedZebra · 17/08/2015 22:28

You could write to Points of View regarding her nail-stroking?


DefinitelyNoWay · 17/08/2015 22:28

I've always thought that she comes across as a lovely person when she's on other TV shows, but on Dragon's Den she clearly has her business hat on.

Peter Jones used to seem really nice but he's more and more miserable each week on DD, like he doesn't want to be there.


LauraGrooves · 17/08/2015 22:29

Oh I'm not bitter just hate that stroking her nails. Came on here as I knew someone would know if she's a bitch or not. Its sounding like not

OP posts:

Sparklingbrook · 17/08/2015 22:31

I think she seems like a nice person.

Is Dragon's Den still on though? It must have had it's day.


ChilliAndMint · 17/08/2015 22:31

It's called entertainment for a reason..

I actually like her persona.


SlaggyIsland · 17/08/2015 22:31

Must have, not must of.


LauraGrooves · 17/08/2015 22:31

Her buisness was just taking control of her parents campsite. At least peter Jones is worth half a billion.

She had a right strop last week and withdrew an offer because she felt she wasn't respected enough.

OP posts:

gaggiagirl · 17/08/2015 22:34

She's funny, clever, wise, smart.....delightful. Sorry if that breaks your heart.


Salmotrutta · 17/08/2015 22:39

You came on here to find out if she was a bitch?

Okay then.


lilifer · 17/08/2015 22:40

She had a right strop last week and withdrew an offer because she felt she wasn't respected enough.

..and i know quite well the woman who was pitching on that one, she runs the hotel in our town, i felt really sorry for her she was really savaged unnecessarily by Deborah middenMeaden, it was OTT.


ToastedBanana · 17/08/2015 22:42

Today 22:17 SchwarzwalderKirschtorte
She possibly knows when to use have and when to use of.



cremedecacao · 17/08/2015 22:44

She's not that bad. I nearly spilt a glass of red wine on her white dress once, she pretended not to notice.


ilovesooty · 17/08/2015 22:44

For goodness sake. Nail stroking is now an indication of possible bitch (unpleasant word) qualities?


jenenberry · 17/08/2015 22:47

I love watching Dragon's Den.
They have a good mix this time.


Koalafications · 17/08/2015 22:48

I think she's great.

My favourite dragon by far.

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