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To not want to take Mil on holiday with us?

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CatthiefKeith · 13/08/2015 13:07

Dh and I renewed our vows abroad last year, and really want to go back to the same resort for a holiday with dd next year.

Last year was lovely, but it was a bit exhausting making sure all of our guests (20 plus us) were enjoying their holidays and having a good time. The up side though was we did get a fair amount of time to ourselves while dd was off on sleepovers with mil, my parents and my dsis and her children. This time round it will just be the three of us, and we will hae time to really make the most of the resort. (It is an all inclusive Holiday Village)

I mentioned the holiday to Mil last night, and that we were really looking forward to it. I've just spoken to DH and apparently Mil rang him this morning and has asked of she can come too. Shock DH thinks this would be a great idea, she has apparently offered to babysit dd for a couple of nights so we can go out.

AIBU to think that actually, this sounds like a really bad idea and say no?

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MagicalMrsMistoffelees · 13/08/2015 16:44

Oh Lordy I've just read about the full size cut out of him at another wedding.


Glitteryarse · 13/08/2015 16:45

cat this is what I did when this happened to me.

I told them we wasn't going away. Then I booked it. Then they forgot. I told them two days before we went away that it was an amazing last min offer that I would be stupid to pass up !

I was really chuffed with myself on the plane sipping prosecco Grin

duffcake · 13/08/2015 16:52

I think you should invite, purely for the entertainment factor on MN. I loved your Tunisia postings.

Just say no. Really, no.

Skiptonlass · 13/08/2015 16:52

Ashes. Half the family (not dh) have little vials of fils ashes on chains round their neck.

Keith, take my advice and go and write some sitcom scripts... I don't think my pelvic floor can deal with this thread....

Indantherene · 13/08/2015 16:55

We made the mistake of taking my DM on holiday after she was widowed. The first few years were OK but she has got more and more awkward with each passing year. The last 2 holidays were spoilt by her, so for the last 6 years we've just gone off somewhere in the UK for a week in a Travelodge and not told her.

My DB goes all over the place and she never expects to go with him, but if we mention going anywhere she wants to come with us. He finds it hilarious that we can't tell her we are going away and says "just say no", but he doesn't get the sulks and whines.

Don't do it.

Inertia · 13/08/2015 17:19

Ah fair enough, it just seemed that the babysitting argument was being used to persuade you.

I'd be annoyed with dh in your shoes.

Can you not take Mil away for a weekend instead as a compromise?

olbas · 13/08/2015 17:35

I'm sorry, I really want you to go so I can follow your live holiday feed. I love a good mil thread, and this one would be amazing!
Sometimes a mumsnetter just has to take one for for the team.

Totally agree Grin

CathiefKeith Honestly in a non stalkerish way, your threads make my day!
Everytime I watch British Bake off I remember your cake for instance Grin

Goldmandra · 13/08/2015 17:49

Good grief!

Catthief, do you not think you've earned a decent stress-free family holiday, just this once?

Tell your DH you're not prepared to do this. Soften the blow by offering to take her on a weekend away at the seaside another time instead.

Although a bit of me would probably be greatly entertained by you taking her and running a live thread, I really think you deserve a proper break with just your own family.

Two weeks in the same apartment? No way! I couldn't even do another Christmas with my MIL staying, never mind taking her away for two weeks.

No is a complete sentence

ethelb · 13/08/2015 18:27

Inthebox really? OP just wants to go away with her immediate family. She has spoken fairly fondly of her MIL but doesn't want to go on holiday with her on this holiday. She is not reviled.

Got some rellies not keen on you?

pigsDOfly · 13/08/2015 18:36

I'm a MIL InTheBox and I think OP's MIL inviting herself on holiday with them is completely out of order.

From my pov I can imagine nothing I'd like less than being a spare wheel on someone else's family holiday. Just because they're related doesn't make it any more acceptable. Why would she imagine they'd want her there? You don't just invite yourself somewhere like that.

When I had a MIL I would rather have stuck pins in my eyes than go on holiday with her.

Andrewofgg · 13/08/2015 18:41

I would never in a million years have gone on holiday with MIL - not for a free babysitter every night we were away.

And it's not personal - The last time I went on holiday with my parents I was eleven.

Pins in your eyes, pigsFDOfly? Let me give you a male equivalent. I would rather have sliced off my own gonads with a rusty knife previously soaked in the urine of a rabid rat.

Andrewofgg · 13/08/2015 18:43

Soften the blow by offering to take her on a weekend away at the seaside another time instead

And leave her there . . .

ScrambledSmegs · 13/08/2015 18:53

Was it not your wedding photo, Keith? Who was it who posted the photo of the three of them then? Beautiful bride (brunette), groom in his suit and groom's mother in a long white dress, snuggled in closer to her son than his new wife?

Anyone remember?

FryOneFatManic · 13/08/2015 19:01

I was close to my late MIL, but holiday?

Not. A .Chance!

Our tastes were so different it simply wouldn't have worked.

quietbatperson · 13/08/2015 19:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quietbatperson · 13/08/2015 19:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whatsagoodusername · 13/08/2015 19:19

I love your threads Grin

If you must take MIL, do misunderstand "2-bed apartment" as 2 apartments. DD can stay with MIL and do some quality babysitting.

PrimalLass · 13/08/2015 19:24

Tell him there will be no holiday sex if you are all in the same apartment.

pigsDOfly · 13/08/2015 19:24

Tell you something folks, there are some bloody weird MILs out there.

Isn't that wedding photo with Sophia Loren Quiet. His new wife does not look happy.

ScrambledSmegs · 13/08/2015 19:35

Haha! Close but no. The bride was dark haired and the MIL was in white. I think it was just as revealing though.

IIRC it was a photo of a photo. Damn this is bugging me!

CatthiefKeith · 13/08/2015 19:39

magical he ended up on a side table with a candle and flowers Smile

Olbas I would love to post a pic of that cake for you, but unfortunately it was on my old phone, which was stolen a couple of weeks ago. :(

I will see how the land lies when I drop dd off tomorrow.

Goldmandra a stress free holiday? What's that then? Grin

Quietbatperson yes, that's her.

ScrambledSmegs definitely not me, I am blonde, and mil wore an outfit extremely similar to Mils.

OP posts:
Redshoes55 · 13/08/2015 19:42

Loving this thread sorry op. Seriously hilarious. No no no just don't.

Love the link to the wedding. Jesus Raquel had on white and black. What a mumsnet no no. And definatly meaning to upstage the bride.

pigsDOfly · 13/08/2015 19:53

Sorry Quiet you're right, it's Raquel.

olbas · 13/08/2015 19:55

CathiefKeith I found it, my first ever advanced search, now I do sound like a stalker Blush

CatthiefKeith · 13/08/2015 20:02

Grin. It was a truly awful cake!

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