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laffymeal · 05/08/2015 21:02

I've tried, I really have. I cannot stand it or understand its enormous appeal. I wish it would fuck off back to BBC2 and that radio times would stop featuring it every bloody week.

OP posts:
The5DayChicken · 05/08/2015 23:10

If it makes it any better, I occasionally cry when characters on the Walking Dead die Blush

LatinForTelly · 05/08/2015 23:25

See tonight, when the walnut cake example was shown, DD and I looked at each other and said together 'laaaaaaiiirs'. Very funny it was too. We love the bake off in this house, all piled on the sofa like the Simpsons.

Still, yanbu, OP, horses for courses and all that.

Summerisle1 · 05/08/2015 23:33

I'd never seen it before tonight but one of my friends is in this series. Got to say I could get used to GBBO quite easily. It's mindless entertainment with cake. What's not to like?

Cocolepew · 05/08/2015 23:34

Seeing Bee cancelled!? Nooooooooooo.. I love it and Patrick Sad

MrsBigginsPieShop · 05/08/2015 23:35

Too much kirsching in this evenings episode. I felt quite ill.

Summerisle1 · 05/08/2015 23:38

Black Forest Gateau is about the only cake I'd decline. 12 versions of it were 12 more than necessary in my opinion. Especially the one made by the buffoon who put beetroot in it.

CrystalMcPistol · 05/08/2015 23:42

People who put beetroot in cakes should be driven out of polite society and forced to live alone in a cave.

MrsBigginsPieShop · 05/08/2015 23:42

Too much cream and stodge. Stu was a bit hopeless anyway. The beetroot was the tin lid.
Ps - Mel referred to Mary Berry as Bez. My Grandmother would be spinning.

BlueBananas · 05/08/2015 23:45

But ... Cake! Cake

msgrinch · 05/08/2015 23:46

yanbu I've heard from friends it's like plucking your eyelashes out with added lame humour and yeast.

MrsToddsShortcut · 05/08/2015 23:51

I don't mind GBBO and quite enjoyed the celeb version for comic relief, but the presenters are just awful!

Mary Berry is horrid. I read an interview with her in my
Mum's DM in which she decried feminism as 'silly' and said that she would never ever call herself a feminist. I couldn't take to her after that.

And Paul Hollywood just makes me heave after all the 'smart n charm' affair with Marcella Thingywotsit and the poor cheated wife. Then the realisation that his young bit on the side presumably didn't want to be saddled with a middle aged lothario with no career to speak of, leading to the humble return to his wife. The tears, the promises...Yeeeuch. Horrible man.

So yeah. New presenters? No problem!

MrsToddsShortcut · 05/08/2015 23:52

That obviously should have read 'smarm n charm'!

UrethraFranklin1 · 05/08/2015 23:55

There are other channels you can watch. Thousands of them. Or you could even turn the TV off.

What I don't get is people slagging off and complaining about a tv show. It's not compulsory to watch, so what is your problem?

TelephoneIgnoringMachine · 05/08/2015 23:55

I agree with you, OP. I quite like Mary Berry, but detest that arrogant smarmy Hollywood berk.

CrystalMcPistol · 05/08/2015 23:55

Being irritated by the twonk that is Paul Hollywood is half the fun of watching GBBO for me.

MrsBigginsPieShop · 05/08/2015 23:56

Did PH actually have the affair then? He was on Desert Island Discs a few weeks ago and it was sort of glossed over.

Sparklingbrook · 05/08/2015 23:56

I don't know what's more tedious, baking or watching people baking.

msgrinch · 06/08/2015 00:00

of course you can turn it off Hmm doesn't stop the dire adverts or people constantly talking about bob from Bromleys cream cake. Yawn.

MrsToddsShortcut · 06/08/2015 00:01

As far as I know, he definitely had an affair, he split from wife (I think she left him?) and then he came crawling back mumbling about 'huge mistakes' when it became obvious his career wasn't going to take off across the pond.

MrsToddsShortcut · 06/08/2015 00:05

Thing is, yes, you can turn it off, but you still get assaulted on all sides in the media about 'ovengate' (it was bloody everywhere when someone tried to sabotage another contestant's soufflé or whatever) or Paul's love life or Mary being a National Treasure.

(Where was Marguerite Patten's TV moment? Eh? She was a genuine bakery legend)

HuftysTrain · 06/08/2015 00:05

I don't get it either. Never seen it but have seen articles online regarding it, like most people. It wouldn't interest me but then I don't bake and don't really eat cakes!

Anyone in possession of a two ring hob thinks they can bake nowadays though. I dread the homemade birthday cakes at children's parties - dry sponge under a mountain of sickly frosting. Just buy a tasty one in Waitrose you show off!

Sparklingbrook · 06/08/2015 00:07

Yes Supermarkets sell cakes. Saves all the faff.

UrethraFranklin1 · 06/08/2015 00:09

Also not compulsory to read the articles in the paper or online.

Sparklingbrook · 06/08/2015 00:10

Unavoidable here asDS2 is a bit obsessed so have had to listen to him going on about it, and I did sit through it tonight as he wanted it on. I just tutted a lot and did the Hmm face.
DS2 thought Black Forest was the New Forest Grin

MrsBigginsPieShop · 06/08/2015 00:17

Fewer ponies in the Black Forest perhaps! not so many elephants though,apparently

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