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Two week holiday. Could you manage with one cabin sized case per person?

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NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:30

I say yes, my Mum says no way and I am being ridiculous?

I will be able to do washing on the holiday. I just find massive suitcases really stressful and they slow us down.

Could you manage? Would you?

I know it's boring but it's consuming my planning for my Hols!

OP posts:
museumum · 12/08/2015 19:42

I could but I'd rather not bother with washing. A larger wheeled hold-all for the hood is no more hassle in the airport than a small wheeled carry-on. Also once checked in you're travelling to the gate far lighter and if there's a bus on the runway at either end etc.

Caboodle · 12/08/2015 19:45

There are 5 of us flying this weekend... imagine if we all took the largest size bag allowed..... then refuse to put at our room for anyone else Grin

NickiFury · 12/08/2015 19:50

I've never across this. If anything people are helpful and do their best to help everyone fit their bags in. There's room for them all or they wouldn't do it, if it gets too much to fit them all in then they put them in the hold free of charge.

OP posts:
SuperFlyHigh · 12/08/2015 19:55

Caboodle I agree re Nicki generally you just put your bag in your allocated locker space and if there's space for more then that's what is left for extra items.

My parents fly all the time to France to their holiday home and never have this problem nor me when I go abroad with a carry on or not case.

Also you're quite within reason that if someone does put more than their fair share there and you are left with no room to politely point this out so they can use other locker space or ask flight attendants what to do.

NickiFury · 12/08/2015 20:05

It's actually making me Grin to think of all these silently seething fellow passengers watching me pack my hand baggage (of the requisite proportions) into the top locker. I was honestly oblivious.

OP posts:
Glitteryarse · 12/08/2015 20:12

Locker rage ! Grin

I've never witnessed it either !

MrsMook · 12/08/2015 20:46

We tend to travel light. On our last (package) holiday we had half the luggage of families with similarly aged children (2 pre schoolers). We did a little hand washing rather than take all possible combinations of just in case.

When we went travelling we had to live with what we could carry for 3 months for a temperature range between 35oC to sub zero, so we had to lug warmer layers around.

Not wearing makeup or being fussed about particular toiletries seems to be an advantage.

Caboodle · 12/08/2015 21:29

Grin at locker rage.

Twowrongsdontmakearight · 12/08/2015 21:51

We're currently on hols in Spain. DD (12) packed loads but has actually worn 1 dress and 1swimsuit for nearly 2 weeks! It keeps being rinsed and hung out. So yes. 1 small bag would probably have been more than enough!

Sgtmajormummy · 12/08/2015 22:44

I quite like the challenge of beating Ryanair at their own game, so I have a collapsible IKEA cabin suitcase which is as light as possible (fragile things well padded) and one of those ultralight down jackets which folds up into its own pocket as a travel pillow in winter.

We pack multiple 100ml bottles of some products (DD uses special shampoo) small versions of others, then buy big versions after the first night. ROLL clothes instead of folding them, packing well into corners and stuffing shoes etc. Microfibre or v.light beach towel (I'm looking at Sleep and Soak hammam towels for next year) and Saress style cover-up for me, plus flipflops as house AND beach footwear. I sometimes wish I had more shoes, but not often.

I will not compromise on a second set of PJs and more than enough underwear, but we only take one good outfit and the rest is shorts and tshirts. We even take worn out clothes to chuck after use on the last few days, so there's room in the case for souvenirs. Grin

Chargers plus a multi-outlet extension lead (French at the wall, English outlets) cannot be forgotten.

Having a washing machine at your destination means you only need to bring about 4 days' worth of clothes, plus whatever you travel in. I do this system in all seasons (shorts and tshirts change to trousers and tops) without feeling deprived and if the worst comes to the worst, you can always buy what you've forgotten!

Doobigetta · 12/08/2015 23:28

I wouldn't even try. I don't want to spend any of my precious holiday time shopping for toiletries or doing laundry. It's bad enough having to rinse out bikinis! And while you can buy suncream in resorts, it's three times the price.

SillyStuffBiting · 12/08/2015 23:45

I think any cost savings are wiped out by the time wasted rinsing your knickers, hunting down a laundry, decanting shampoo into tiny bottles and buying all the lightweight items and packing gadgets that you need.

That and the sheer indignity of wearing the same 3 outfits for some fortnight!

LBOCS · 12/08/2015 23:47


I manage with one hold-sized case for four of us (2x adults, 2x DC)and there's no way it's 4x the size of a cabin bag.

glitteranddust · 13/08/2015 00:12

Shock Are you kidding??? never in a million years. I need hats/belts/purses/shoes/jewellery/cosmetics and clothes of course...
...cabin size Grin Grin Grin i couldn't

but if you are alreasy thinking of doing it then it means you'll be fine.

CatMilkWoman · 13/08/2015 00:19

Toiletries in Boots in the airport (or the local supermarket: you have to pay for them at home, you know) suncream at Aldi in the resort, and one 3 euro washing machine load is a heck of a lot cheaper than €70 euro return for one bag. Much less a bag each, which is what some people seem to want to bring.

NickiFury · 13/08/2015 00:28

Long maxi dress
2 x shorts
One pair linen cropped trousers or jeans, which I will travel in
4 vest tops in different colours
Cardigan or wrap
Cover up for beach
2 x shorts and vest PJ's
Trainers, which I wear to travel in
Running gear - leggings, sports bra, vest


4 x shorts
1 pr long trousers - he will travel in those
5 x t-shirts
I hoody
2 x PJ's
Swimming costume
Trainers, travel in


2 x leggings
2 x shorts
5 x T-shirts
2 x PJ's
Swimming costume.
Trainers, travel in

Toiletries bought on arrival.

That lot will easily fit in hand luggage. Dd's clothes fold up,very small.

Don't you big packers find you don't wear half the stuff you take?

OP posts:
RedSoloCup · 13/08/2015 00:39

We're a family of 5 and do 3x cabin suitcases and 2x rucksacks for ten nights, no problems....

Sgtmajormummy · 13/08/2015 07:56

I'd take more swimming costumes if I were you. I have a thing about (whisper) chafing...

MrsSchadenfreude · 13/08/2015 08:14

Our former neighbours used to go to Spain for two weeks with their two boys and take two carrier bags full of clothes. As she reasoned, the boys spent most of the day in the pool or sea, so just T shirts and shorts for the evening, she took a couple of dresses, and her DH shorts and tee shirts. All toiletries bought at resort, beach towels either from hotel, or bought cheaply and dumped at the end of the holiday.

Caboodle · 13/08/2015 10:08

Never thought I packed a lot but compared to you lot I do. We wear everything. Only take 2 pairs of shoes each (trainers to travel in and crocs for the pool). I refuse to wash clothes or shop on holiday so we probably take more clothes than many of you and toiletries do take up a fair bit of space. I refuse to pay resort prices for suncream etc. For 5 we are taking 1 large and 1 medium case for the hold - plus a bag type thing on wheels full of the lilos / beach stuff so we can dump and get to the pool fast after travelling. This will also go in the hold. Then DCs (3 of them) have a rucksack each for the plane (but these are nowhere near full and are small anyway - they have 1 each because I insist they carry their own stuff); they keep these at their feet on the plane so they can easily get to books / colours etc. Finally my handbag with passports etc. Once checked in it really is no bother.
As far taking stuff in carrier bags that has made me Grin

Bunbaker · 13/08/2015 10:18

What about towels? Not every place we stay at provides towels for the pool, and if they do you aren't allowed to take them to the beach.

I prefer to take my own toiletries/sun cream etc and always take emergency medication.

I have never seen an Aldi anywhere I have stayed, but we tend to choose quiet, low key resorts.

And I haven't flown with Easyjet/Ryanair etc. Mainly because they don't fly to where we want to go to so paying extra for hold baggage doesn't come into it.

NickiFury · 13/08/2015 10:24

Pretty much every hotel I have ever stayed in does separate towels, nice white ones for in the hotel and them different ones you can take to the pool or beach.

OP posts:
Blueandwhitelover · 13/08/2015 10:34

People saying about putting bags at your feet are confusing me! Every time I have tried (Thomsons flights generally), I've been asked told to put it in the locker.
(I did point out that I couldn't due to the large bags in there already and my handbag was then smilingly put about four seats away behind me where there was space. That stressed me out no end as I like to be able to have my possessions in view or close!

Sallyhasleftthebuilding · 13/08/2015 10:34

I plan on doing this next year with the kids. They wear the same shorts and tshirts if not in swimwear, leggings and a too for night time and a fleece they wear on the plane.

revealall · 13/08/2015 10:42

How can some of you physically get so much in?
I have a cabin bag that meets Easyjets cabin limits. It's 55x40x20 and tiny!
A pair of shoes, 2 small tops, thin bottoms, nightie and a dress and that's it. I can ram some knickers in a pocket and my see through liquids bags in another and it's bulging.
Do you all have tiny shoes or something?

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