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Two week holiday. Could you manage with one cabin sized case per person?

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NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:30

I say yes, my Mum says no way and I am being ridiculous?

I will be able to do washing on the holiday. I just find massive suitcases really stressful and they slow us down.

Could you manage? Would you?

I know it's boring but it's consuming my planning for my Hols!

OP posts:
budgiegirl · 28/07/2015 13:33

I could as long as there are washing facilities, and I'm going somewhere warm, so only need light clothes. Just wear the bulky items to travel in.

froggyjump · 28/07/2015 13:33

we did last summer - probably depends where you are going, if it is just swimwear and shorts you'll be fine. If you are taking hiking boots and arran jumpers, maybe not Smile

GoingToBedfordshire · 28/07/2015 13:33

If you can wash stuff, of course!

These are great too packmate bags

MaxPepsi · 28/07/2015 13:34

Depends on the type of holiday, who you are going with and what type of hand luggage you have.

Sorry, not much help!

Birdsgottafly · 28/07/2015 13:34

I could, if I could buy make up, shampoo etc out there and there was hair dryers etc.

It's the restrictions on what you can carry on that would stop it from being possible.

I wouldn't do it though, pre bookable luggage isn't much.

DownWithThisTypeOfThing · 28/07/2015 13:35

I could, but I wouldn't want to.

NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:35

It will be warmish, around 23 degrees. Will probs need a hoody and waterproof, can wear hoody to travel.

OP posts:
NotYouNaanBread · 28/07/2015 13:36

We're on a 9 week trip in two countries (continents, in fact!) with just carry on. 2 adults, 2 small children. 1 bag is mostly just My Little Ponies.

MegCleary · 28/07/2015 13:36

God I hope so, 2 dds and I going for 3 weeks and having two cabin bags between us. Have washing machine there and there are shops if needed.

HighwayDragon · 28/07/2015 13:36

Not a chance in hell.

miffytherabbit3 · 28/07/2015 13:37

Yes I could. We used to take one suitcase, admittedly bigger than cabin size but not huge, for 5 of us, 2 adults, 3 kids and that was for 2 week holidays. I used to wash stuff out and it was fine.

firesidechat · 28/07/2015 13:38

Not a chance in hell.

This ^

SnapesCapes · 28/07/2015 13:39

We do every year; the DCs, DH and I each have a cabin sized case. DCs toys, books and iPads go into a rucksack they each wear, I buy shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and suncream at the airport in duty free and we're out through the other side as quickly as possible.

After years of lugging around huge suitcases, it is like a miracle when you realise that actually, you're not going to need 8 different pairs of shoes for one holiday.

Mamiof3 · 28/07/2015 13:39

If you don't mind doing laundry on holiday go for it. Are you going to buy shampoo and shower gel and deodorant when you get there?

firesidechat · 28/07/2015 13:39

Who wants to wash on holiday? Not me that's for sure.

firesidechat · 28/07/2015 13:40

Clothes wash I meant. I do shower.

Birdsgottafly · 28/07/2015 13:41

If you wasn't going with your children, so wasn't "stuck" with bedtimes (giving time to wash clothes etc), having to stay in etc, would you want to do it with just carry on luggage.

I do appreciate that some people don't have to consider what they spend and don't wear make up etc anyway.

NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:41

Interesting Snapes so you take backpacks as well as cabin sized cases? I was hoping to be able to do that as I usually take a handbag and a cabin size case usually filled with snacks drinks and other crap so kids could have back packs and their small cases.

OP posts:
NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:41

Oh sorry just re read, ruck sacks not cases as well.

OP posts:
User100 · 28/07/2015 13:42

Not even slightly. But it depends on so much; temp, what you are doing (do you need to take any toys/entertainment), what ages you all are etc.

Onamissionfor2015 · 28/07/2015 13:43

I much prefer washing on holiday and quickly hanging it out in the heat to dry than coming home with loads of dirty washing

NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:43

The place we are going has laundry facilities. We have been before. You wash, go away for an hour, come back, put in the dryer, go away for half an hour, fold take back to room. It's not that much of a pain.

OP posts:
GeorgeYeatsAutomaticWriter · 28/07/2015 13:43

Totally doable. One long sleeve, one long legs per person. One pair of trainers. Wear these travelling.

3/4 tops, 2 pairs of shorts, a few dresses and 1 pair of flipflops/sandals each. If you're somewhere warm, your clothes will dry in no time.

Buy shampoo etc over there and dump whatever is left at the end.

We were restricted to a carrier bag each of clothes when I was younger Grin

SinglePringle · 28/07/2015 13:44

Lord no! My cosmetics / toilettries take up that much space alone!

chicaguapa · 28/07/2015 13:45

Definitely. We always take a cabin bag each though sometimes I have to put a pair of shoes in DC's case. Hammam towels would help maximise space too instead of taking bulky beach towels.

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