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Two week holiday. Could you manage with one cabin sized case per person?

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NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:30

I say yes, my Mum says no way and I am being ridiculous?

I will be able to do washing on the holiday. I just find massive suitcases really stressful and they slow us down.

Could you manage? Would you?

I know it's boring but it's consuming my planning for my Hols!

OP posts:
Bonsoir · 28/07/2015 13:46

Yes, definitely (providing I can do laundry). I find I can get 7/8 tops, 4 pairs of trousers, two elegant outfits and 3 swimsuits in one of those carry-on cases.

helenahandbag · 28/07/2015 13:46

DP and I are doing nine days in two cities with just carry-on luggage. I'll be warm and I can wash stuff if I absolutely have to. I'll wear my jeans and a jacket to travel.

The whole point is a "cheap" city break, which becomes a hell of a lot less cheap when you start checking in big suitcases. You can also just set off on your way as soon as you're through immigration, no need to wait for luggage. We've done it before it was fine.

helenahandbag · 28/07/2015 13:46

It'll be warm*

cece · 28/07/2015 13:46

Interesting how some downsize to go on holiday and some seem to take the entire contents of their house.

I am in the downsize group. Why would I want to burden myself with loads of luggage? But then I am quite happy to do a quick load in the machine every night - it dries overnight. Hardly any bother at all.

cece · 28/07/2015 13:47

I back packed for 14 months and my luggage was usually somewhere between 9 and 10 k for most of that time.

Coconutty · 28/07/2015 13:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NickiFury · 28/07/2015 13:48

I do wear make up but minimal and would buy other toiletries once there.

OP posts:
justmyview · 28/07/2015 13:49

We did 3 weeks on one cabin bag each. It's fine in warm weather

Anon4Now2015 · 28/07/2015 13:49

I've done a two week holiday with one cabin-sized bag between four people!

We took three changes of clothes (wearing one of them) - all separates so we could mix and match - three days worth of underwear, a pair of flip flops (and wore another pair of shoes) and a swimsuit. It was no problem at all.

shinyempire · 28/07/2015 13:49

Yes, we do this on our holidays. I bring a lot of toiletries/make up but decant into tiny containers, and rinse clothes out every night. Prefer to bring my own toiletries than buy random brands at the airport/destination. There are three of us, 2 adults 1 teen. Just a cabin bag for each of us, sometimes we can bring a laptop sized bag/handbag as well, but depends on the airline as some of them insist on packing it all into one case.

SleepIsOverrated · 28/07/2015 13:50

Wear your warm things and coats.
Handbag for stuff you actually want on board.
Everything else in cases - for us that'd be 3 tops, 2 trews, 1 spare set of shoes, and a spare cardi. 3 sets underwear, 3 pr socks, 1 spare bra and a small bag of toiletries. Shared hairbrush and shampoo/shower gel. 1 swimming cossie each and assume towels provided. Couple of decent books and done!

Trickier if going somewhere cold cos thermal stuff bulkier.

DragonMamma · 28/07/2015 13:52

Hell no.

Beach towels take up half of my hand luggage as if is.

PestoSwimissimos · 28/07/2015 13:57

I don't think there would be much room for anything else one I'd packed my mask & snorkel and fins Grin

ThatBloodyWoman · 28/07/2015 14:00

So long as its a temperate climate,and there's no bedding needed,no specialist gear (sports etc) I can't see why on earth you'd need more.

catrin · 28/07/2015 14:06

Will be doing exactly that for a beach holiday in 2 weeks. Much easier. And no need for tons of stuff - underwear, swimming stuff then shorts/tshirts etc. I have no interest in dressing up on an evening - it's a holiday in a European hotel, not a clubbing holiday.

TheRealAmyLee · 28/07/2015 14:17

Personally we could. Depends how much stuff you want to take like make up/hairdryers etc and if kids are small enough to need bottles/hairchairs etc.

NickiFury · 28/07/2015 14:22

Kids are old enough to pull own cabin cases.

OP posts:
sinclair · 28/07/2015 14:45

On a two week holiday city hopping in Spain at present with one carry-on per person (2 adults, 2 teens).

It is in the 40s here tho so don't need anything bulky.

We bought sun cream etc once through security and will abandon at end. We did make sure there was a washing machine available half way through. We don't have towels (mostly not s/c) and portable tech rather than laptops/ books. I say go for it!

whois · 28/07/2015 14:48

Obviously it completely depends.

Ski trip - no.
Beach holiday - yes.

whois · 28/07/2015 14:49

FYI you can do an online order on boots and pick up airside in most UK airports for toiletries :-)

TheClacksAreDown · 28/07/2015 14:51

If you're going for a fortnight then presumably you'd need to wash clothes several times. So any time gained in not waiting for luggage will be quickly wiped out in washing time.

QuizteamBleakley · 28/07/2015 14:51

Always, always. 3 weeks in Spain, Dh, 2 x DCs and I. No fannying about waiting for stuff to be unloaded, no lugging about (all cases with wheels on) and - luxury - no mountain of washing to do on arrival home.

lighteningirl · 28/07/2015 14:51

Did this once had to buy loads of stuff and a suitcase to get it home would have been ok if weather had held and it made flight out a doddle

Maryz · 28/07/2015 14:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ASorcererIsAWizardSquared · 28/07/2015 14:55

i used to when we had our own caravan as i knew there were washing facilities on site and i wasn't restricted by having to arrive or leave on specific dates, so spending a day doing washing really didnt phase me! It also meant that if i only packed for a week, i could still stay for 2, 3 or 4 if i felt like it (And did last year, dh came home for a bit, i didnt want to!)

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