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To think my neighbour has some balls nicking my cat in front of my face

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basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 22:22

So, standing outside calling my cat to come in for the night. Next door opens her window, sees me and shuts the window again. 5 seconds later she re-opens the window, calls my cats name, he runs in her house and she shuts the window (at this point her cat had ran to her house and was sat outside on the windowsill watching her feed my dam cat).

She saw me, heard me call him and blatantly stole my cat right in front of my face.

Why am i such a wimp that i haven't even gone and knocked on her door and demand my cat back. I have considered walking up to her window and taking her cat and seeing how she likes it but no. I have walked back into my house, shut the door and thought, did that really just happen.

OP posts:
ChaircatMiaow · 27/07/2015 11:11

OP did you ever get your cat back?

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